NCC - 77447 - B
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Allergies and Itches

Posted on Mon Jun 7th, 2021 @ 1:37pm by Staff Sergeant Amanda Winters

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Planet side, SF Marines / Hospital Base

Amanda settled down in one of prefabricated buildings that housed the Marines. Doing duty as Supply, offices and barracks for those that weren't out on patrol to catch some sleep, a meal, and checking out their weapons, making sure they was totally 100% operational.

Once her troops had started on their weapons checks, She moved to her little cubbyhole of a room, which she shared with another SSgt. She wrinkled her nose at the dirty uniform and dug out a fresh uniform. She grimaced at her clumsiness as she was one of the few that slipped on the slick mud while crossing a stream and gotten soaked. At least she had the clarity of mind to keep her weapon out of the water. But then this was the life of a Marine. Getting dirty. Then getting soaked when it rained, not from a sudden unplanned swim or dunking in a creek.

She tore the dirty uniform off and did a quickie clean up and drying off. While she was in the process of doing that and hoping none would bother her from either direction of the Chain of Command as she switched out her clothing and uniform.

~~ Gonna have to burn that set of uniforms~~ She thought as she put on clean clothing. ~~All the way down to skin ~~ Making a funny face as she finished putting on the last of her underclothes.

At first the 'Itch' was minor and easily ignored once she was dried off and as she reached for her clean uniform pants. The itch slowly intensified to a minor irritant, but soon it would be an annoyance. She sighed softy as she sat down and took a look at areas of exposed skin were the 'Itch' was becoming a major annoyance.

The skin was beginning to get puffy and bright pink. "Oh this is friggen great!" Wondering if there was some microbe that she was allergic to. She thought mentally going over her immunizations and they was all up to date. She debated going on Sick-call. She smirked, knowing it'll pass. But it sure didn't feel like it as more and more skin began to get pink and puffy, itching almost to the point she wanted to claw the whole itchy area till it either bled or stopped itching.

Then she noticed that everywhere that she gotten wet, was flaring up with the Itch. She wasn't about to get undressed just to take a peek. Better to suffer and go on Sick Call. At least it wasn't far to walk to the hospital. Quickly bagging all the clothes she took off in a plastic trash bag along with her still dirty boot. Mud and all.

She yelled for her First Squad Leader as she left her small quarters. Hopping from foot to foot, as she watched him come jogging up. "You have the Platoon!" Handing him her rifle and keeping her sidearm and K-Bar with her.

She took off to the HQ (offices) Section. Bursting into the general lobby area and coming on up to the Senior Medic. "Sick Call. I got the 'Itchies." Showing her inflamed skin on part of her forearms.

The Senior Medic sighed as he ran the medical tricorder over her arm and exposed inflamed skin. "Looks like Fleet Medical is gonna have a new Guinea pig to work on..." He quickly saved the scan to disc and handed it over to her along with the authorization for her to head on over to hospital part of the base. "I'll let the Major know." Shooing her on her way out.


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