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It's A Lot to Live Up To

Posted on Fri Jun 4th, 2021 @ 3:47am by Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Engineering

Just another day in the office, Reagan told herself as she sat behind her desk. The reports from the evening shifts had piled up, yet she found it difficult to focus on them. Her thoughts drifted instead to the surface below. They hadn’t heard much of what was going on down there and she wondered how the crew was holding up. More specifically, how was Gavin? Between the docking mishap here and everything she assumed was happening on the surface, they hadn’t had a chance to talk.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Galindez walked in.

“Oh, just wondering how things are going on the surface,” RJ snapped out of her thoughtful trace and picked up one of the reports on her desk.

“Uh huh,” Galindez smirked, “I think that’s code for wondering how your boyfriend is doing.” He chuckled having just recently learned about Quinn’s relationship status with Gavin. Truth be told he had always wanted a shot with the engineer himself but knew she had a hard rule against dating anyone in her department. So, he had settled for the role of best friend.

“You might be right,” she smiled. “It’d help if there was more to do than just review these reports. My eyes are gonna be bleeding by the time I get through this stack.”

“Coffee?” Galindez asked, moving towards the replicator in the office.

“Yes, please.”

“Two, coffees, black,” he spoke the command to the replicator and then picked up the warm mugs as they appeared, setting one in front of RJ. “Tell you what, I’ll help you get through this stack if you’ll help me purge the impulse manifolds afterward.”

“Purging the impulse manifolds? You know that’s like one of the worst engineering jobs.” She looked at him sarcastically.

“Don’t look at me! You assigned me the task on the daily roster!” He chuckled and took a quick sip of the warm caffeinated beverage. “Besides, someone has to do it and even you have to admit that it’s better than staring at these all day.” Galindez pointed to the pile of reports.

RJ held her hands up, feigning surrender. “Fair enough,” she chuckled. “Let’s get these suckers knocked out.”

They both picked up reports and started to review them. Galindez was one of the most detailed and talented engineers she had met and one of only a few she would trust to give her a thumbs up on a report that she would have to sign her name to. They worked in sync, with RJ reviewing the heavy hitters and Galindez providing go or no go summaries on the smaller reports to which she then signed her name. Two coffees later and their teamwork had paid off with every report having been moved to the completed pile.

“Time to hold up your end of the deal,” Galindez smirked as he hopped up from the chair.

“Alright,” RJ sighed. Was it really that great of a deal? “Let’s go,” she smiled as they left the office. Maybe purging the impulse manifolds wasn’t a very glorious job, but she couldn’t deny being excited to look at something other than the dull walls of her office.

“So how do you like the gig so far?” Galindez asked as they walked.

“I’m enjoying it, though it is a lot. I mean, I love a good challenge, but it’s also stressful. You know what I mean?”

“Yea, I get it. And I know you. CEO on a vessel this big is a coveted position. You have a family tradition steeped in engineering and you feel like you have to be the best at everything all the time. It’s a lot to live up to.” He gave her a gentle smile, knowing the pressure she must feel.

“If I’m being honest, I’m not entirely sure how I even snagged it. I mean, I haven’t even made full Lieutenant yet,” RJ shrugged as they arrived at the access panel for the system. “Let’s shut down one and three first, we’ll start there and purge in an every other sequence so that we’re not taking the whole system down at once. When it’s down let me know and I’ll start the purge.” She said as she kneeled down to crawl into the access tube.

“Aye aye,” Galindez immediately started working on the console. Shutting down the individual manifolds slowly and rerouting power where needed, taking extra care to not over-tax the system. “Okay, one is down. Starting the sequence on three.”

“Got it, starting the purge sequence on one.” RJ adjusted the appropriate valves to purge the first manifold.

“Three is down now and ready to purge.”

“On it,” RJ then started work to purge the number three manifold as well.

Galindez made his way over to the jefferies tube and knelt down to talk as RJ moved valves. “You know, you snagged the job because of who you are. You’re an excellent engineer, you work well under pressure and you’re a good leader.”

“Hand me that hyperspanner, there’s a clog in one of these lines,” RJ held out her hand and he placed the tool in it. “You flatter me Galindez, but I appreciate it. I know I’m good at what I do, but there are others out there that are just as good as me. I just know I need to keep on my toes and continue to perform at my best. There’s no room for error when you’re a junior grade parading as the CEO of one of Starfleet’s largest vessels, you know?”

“Well, I know you think that anyways,” he chuckled. “None of us are androids, we’re all bound to make mistakes here and there. I don’t think Starfleet will kick you out over a mistake. It comes with the job. Just, you know, don’t like blow up the ship or anything.”

“I’ll have to write that down. All mistakes are acceptable, except blowing up the ship.” They both laughed.

“You know what I mean,” Galindez added.

“Alright, these are good. Let’s bring them back online and then work the next set.” RJ wiggled out of the jefferies tube and walked over to the console nearby. “Enough about me. You never did tell me what brought you to the Dreadnought.” She said as she pulled up the two manifolds and started to reapply power.

“Well, I’m obviously a very talented engineer,” he smirked.

“Humble, too,” RJ chuckled.

“Right? Anyway, I was offered the position and who was I to turn down an offer like that? I went from an intrepid class to this monster. I enjoy the challenge just like do you,” he shrugged at the end of his honest answer.

“Hawkes to Quinn, the nacelle repair is complete. Are you free for an inspection?”

RJ’s combadge rang and she tapped it to reply. “Sure thing, I’ll be there in just a minute.” She then looked at Galindez with a smirk. “Looks like duty calls.”

“You planned this didn’t you?” He smiled, unable to be mad at his friend.

“Let’s just say that I had a suspicion that they might be done with it before we finished purging these,” RJ chuckled.

“You owe me!”

“I’ll buy you a drink tonight to make up for it,” she said as she handed the controls over to her counterpart.


“See you at 1800 on the Promenade then.” RJ waived over her shoulder as she exited towards the nacelles for inspection.


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