NCC - 77447 - B
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Hope For the Best, Plan for the Worst...

Posted on Thu Jun 3rd, 2021 @ 10:22pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: General

Ra was helpless to do nought else but watch as flight after flight of shuttles escorted by fighters left the ships 'airspace' in transit to the planet carrying their precious cargo. The collapse of the Agincourt's magnetic clamp and the subsequent damage was a cause for concern but reports from his Chief Engineer indicated to him the situation was well in hand.

With the entire arsenal of the Dreadnought and its vast capabilities at his fingertips he would only be able to sit and wait while the away teams did what he tasked them to. However things on the surface while progressing were starting to be noticed by the local population centres. The frequent flights of shuttles sweeping through the sky all leading to one point would soon draw people to it and see for themselves what was going on.

With such attention however came darker, more sinister thoughts and with those came plans for opportunity. Those that Starfleet was sent to help, while a cease fire was in place Starfleet was not part of that, which meant to some they were fair game. Sooner or later the marine defence rings would spot curious civilian groups, makeshift transports moving but who was to say was friendly or foe?

The situation was far from ideal, the hospital was far from perfect, the area they found themselves in was open with little cover. None of this was in Ra's control so he could only depend on the men and women he had deployed to make the best of a far from ideal situation. Though confident there was much he'd change if he could but unfortunately that was not an option open to him.

Flight after flight made a run for the planet, supplies and equipment alike in one shipment or another. Just as he said he would, the starboard side of the ship was out of view of the planet so in the 'shadow' of the ship almost all of his fighter wing floated motionless ready to leap into action at a moments notice. A transit to the planet took little over 10 minutes but he knew just as well as those on the surface that a lot could happen in 10 minutes. As much as Ra wanted to cut that time down by having regular flights of Zan's combat craft in flight above the hospital he knew that he was there to help, not intimidate or escalate the situation.

He'd already linked the Dreadnoughts vast array of sensors into Major Snyder's Command Post. A net of probes also provided live feeds of the surrounding area so even the Major and her team would pick up movement from those keen to take a look.

Rubbing the bridge of his nose he sighed, hardly the first mission he was hoping for but the side that interested him most was the chance to see his crew work. That to him would tell him more than what a service record or word of mouth could provide. From what he had observed so far each member had talents unique and yet combined with others worked well and produced results. There were some that he knew he'd have to get used to like the Husband and Wife pair on the Bridge, the non Starfleet Engineer, the freshly reinstated CAG that until recently was mostly an unknown to him.

While there was no denying that he'd hoped for a mission a little more interesting than Humanitarian, he knew that this would be one of many missions under his mastery of the Dreadnought and the future was yet to be written.

However at this very moment even as he sought for a peaceful mission there were those on the planet already planning otherwise and would soon move, then the test, the trial would really begin....under fire..


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