NCC - 77447 - B
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Anyone Call A Taxi?

Posted on Thu Jun 3rd, 2021 @ 10:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Low Orbit Transit

Zan was in formation with a group of 4 cargo shuttles carrying materials and equipment that were too sensitive for transport or storage was needed until space was available for it later. Zan figured the latter was probably more accurate. Already a number of trips had been made and this was Zan's third already. While it was good to be flying again doing what he'd trained to he couldn't help be feel the itch for combat, or something, anything that didn't require and auto pilot to do.

His sensors were keyed in to anything that might pose a threat from weather conditions to air munitions and once again his sensors displayed a whole lot of....nothing.

He wondered what Amanda was doing, was she down on the surface too?

As the formation broke through the high cloud cover they saw another under it, like a sandwich of clouds covering the surface which if it wasn't for sensors telling the way was clear then the risks were huge. A sudden mountain appearing would ruin any pilots day.

Orders were to escort and return, fly cover for a return flight if needed but otherwise linger till the shuttles were on the ground and then return. Each of his flight has sensors linked to the marine command post, figuring eyes were good but some air based once didn't hurt too. The only real downside from Zan's perspective was that the transit flights were brief, it limited the 'spread your wings' and fly feel to being a pilot.

Watching the shuttles power down Zan pulled a gentle turn left, circle the complex and then headed back into space with the rest of his wing.

No doubt another shipment was waiting and ready to go.

Zan keyed in comms to the Dreadnought. =^= Dreadnought, Flight Actual. Cargo has landed, everything is green and clear. Returning to ship. =^=

Looking at the others in his flight take up formation they streaked through the sky knifing through it at speed as they barrelled towards the first layer of clouds.

Already Zan could feel his legs start to ache from lack of movement, in part he knew because of being out of recent practice and living the civilian life a little of late following his stepping down. One of the orders he gave was pilots were to be rotated out of fighters into shuttles at regular intervals to combat such issues like cramp and other mobility restrictive problems.

As soon as he would return to the ship he'd take a stint in a shuttle, do a few cargo runs before hopping back into his fighter. Spicing things up never hurt anyone and it was only going to be for a trip or two at most before changing back.


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