NCC - 77447 - B
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Docking Difficulties Part 1

Posted on Thu May 27th, 2021 @ 11:02pm by Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD 09 - 1300hrs

Reagan stood at the main pool table in engineering when she felt it. A slight shifting in the plates. Not a jolt so much as a subtle rumble through the deck. Immediately after which the table in front of her lit up like a Christmas tree. Failures were never a good thing, but RJ had to admit to being at least a little excited at the prospect of some actual repair work. It seemed like all she had done the past couple of weeks was to review glowing reports about how well the systems were working.

RJ quickly pulled up the diagnostic screen with a slightly renewed sense of enthusiasm. A mag clamp failure where the USS Agincourt was docked. Other systems were glowing in red too, a consequence of the docking failure no doubt, she thought. Some quick investigation revealed that as the magnetic clamp failed, the mag plating on the Agincourt reversed polarization. The opposing forces then causing the Defiant class ship to ram into the Dreadnought. Why would their plates have polarized? RJ wondered, having been told that the Agincourt was a top of the line new ship. She mentally filed the question for later.

“Hawkes,” RJ barked at the first engineering officer she recognized. “Help me stabilize these systems.” She pointed to the sea of red on the pool table and then looked up once more to find Galindez running in her direction. Reagan was relieved to see the familiar face, the only person she truly knew in the new engineering department. They had served together before and had a working chemistry.

“You always seem to know when I’m in trouble,” she chuckled slightly as she turned her attention back to system stabilization.

“Well, it wouldn’t be so easy if you weren’t in trouble so often,” Galindez said with a smirk before leaning against the table. “This doesn’t look good,” the smirk slowly fading as the full situation hit.

“Thanks, Captain Obvious.”

“That’s Ensign Obvious to you,” he joked once more but moved on quickly. This clearly wasn’t a laughing situation. “Tell me what you need, boss.”

“Round up three repair teams,” RJ gave the order without looking up from the pool table. She needed to get the systems at least in a stable state before sending in the repair teams, if possible. It was the safest order of operations and reduced the risk of injury significantly. “Assign them to repair the mag clamps, hull plating, and nacelle housing. Those areas are going to have the most significant damage. Check-in with me before you send them out.”

“Aye aye, sir,” Galindez didn’t waste any time, pushing himself from the pool table and sprinting to gather the right personnel for the job. A personality trait that she admired, efficiency and a sense of urgency to get a task done.

Hawkes had done an excellent job of securing systems, only two remained. RJ pulled up the hull plating grid as her counterpart looked at the docking system. No ruptures, only minor structural damage, and some inertial dampeners out of alignment. She initiated the realignment procedure and reinforced the structurally damaged areas with force fields. It was enough to hold things in place while the repair team did their thing.

Swapping back to the full system view, everything now glowed in yellow. Stable enough for now, but in need of repair. “Nice work, Hawkes,” RJ complimented the engineer. He grinned in response, happy to have impressed the new CEO. “Let’s see if the Agincourt needs some assistance. Send them a message, tell them we can assist if they need some extra hands. I’m sure they at least have damage to their armor plating after a mishap like that.”

“On it,” Hawkes moved like lightning, with a message sent almost as soon as she finished dictating it. The response came only seconds later. Maybe they had a clone of Hawkes on their ship? RJ jokingly wondered. “They said they can definitely use some help.”

“Galindez to Quinn, I have the repair teams ready,” Reagan’s combadge chirped. Before responding, she looked at Hawkes. “Get a support team together, yourself included. Take some repair kits with you and beam over to the Agincourt to assist their CEO. Let me know if you have any issues.”

“Understood,” he nodded in acknowledgment before leaping into action.

RJ tapped her combadge. “Quinn to Galindez, the systems are stabilized, for now, send the repair teams out. I want status updates every two hours.”

“You got it, chief.”

Leaning against the pool table, Reagan’s posture relaxed as she let out a sigh. She felt a sense of accomplishment in having her first incident on the Dreadnought successfully contained. Though, there was still more to be done. Coordination with the Agincourt for supplies and repairs, teams for the future repair shifts established, and of course all of the reports that came with it. Her mind rambled with the list of actions before stopping on a singular thought. Coffee first.

Reagan walked to the replicator, picking up a padd along the way. “Coffee, black,” she ordered. The steaming mug of liquid mental clarification appeared and RJ picked it up before strolling into her office. Sitting in the chair, she held the warm cup to her lips, letting a small stream of caffeine satisfyingly drip into her mouth. Smiling, she set the cup down, replacing it with the padd, and started tackling the tasks ahead.


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