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Meeting the Ross Family

Posted on Wed Dec 8th, 2021 @ 10:08am by Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr. & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Various/Holodeck 04
Timeline: Concurrent

[Holodeck 04]

Ross had finished styling up his hair and then sprayed some cologne on. His parents wouldn’t be able to smell his cologne, but this was more for Reagan. Taking a look at Nanook, Gavin then patted his leg side. “Nan, common. Let’s go meet up with RJ.” He smiled as Nanook had immediately brightened his aura as he knew he would be leaving the quarters on a walk somewhere.

The Dreadnought was a large vessel, so there were many places one could walk, especially with a dog, and not have to run into other people. As he walked down the corridor, Nan was on his leash. All the while, Nanook kept his head lifted upward as if guiding the party, him and Ross, down the hall.

The historical sled dog was now out of his element. Yet, he still held his ground—a Husky with a strong attitude and character, enough to lead the team of Gavin and RJ.

Outside of RJ’s doorway, Nan lent his head to the floor near the crook of the door, his nose immediately smelling the carpet and the scent of a familiar friend in the quarters. Nanook immediately let loose a buffeted bark as he jumped up to seating posture and placed a sizeable right paw at the doorway. “Nan, I don’t think she hears you!! Call er! Call er!!” Ross had chuckled, getting Nanook excited.

He had hoped that RJ had enough heads-up time that Gavin was coming to see her and have a meet-up with Ross’s Parents on the holodeck. The Ross Family enjoyed now and then playing a game of golf together, this was their form of bonding. Each on their own a skilled player of the game and loved to see how each other was progressing in their own game.

"RJ. You in?" Gavin had knocked on the doorway.

Quinn stood on the other side of the room, inspecting her golf attire. The straight-legged khakis and polo weren't something she wore often, and the golf shoes were, well, different.

Satisfied enough with the look, she instructed the doors to open as Gavin knocked. Nanook was the first one in, running to greet her. RJ knelt as she chuckled at Nan's enthusiasm. "How's my favorite husky, huh?" She asked as she scratched behind his ears and gave him a thorough petting.

"Will this be good enough?" RJ asked Gavin as she stood up from the Husky. She had been golfing a few times in the past, but it had never been a regular hobby, so she hoped her attire was still acceptable. Then again, it was the holodeck, so maybe it didn't matter? Either way, Gavin's feedback would be warranted, she thought.

Nan immediately was placated as RJ had met his earnest need to be recognized and welcomed. Nanook then took a moment to indulge in RJ's scratch.

"You." He paused. "Wow, you look great." Gavin had nodded, and a big smile had formed across his face. "We're missing a golf visor for you. Plus, you'll need a drink pass. Here is your card." Gavin handed her a small card.

"A drink pass? Where exactly are we meeting them?" RJ asked with a raised brow as she eyed the foreign looking pass.

"It's an all-inclusive resort program. Dad, Mom, meet up here. It just seems easier for everyone. Plus, I think my Family drinks way more than yours." He paused. "You know. You dressed up like that. You're a literal wet dream for my Mother. Your Wife material in those clothes. That's what she has been begging for years. It's angering." Ross had grimaced.

RJ chuckled at Gavin's drinking comment, she wasn't sure who's family drank more, but her's definitely knew how to down a bottle. Part of that Marine spirit she always figured.

"Why is it angering?" RJ addressed Gavin's comment on his mother.

"Because now she will be getting exactly what she had wanted for years now. Handed to her in her lap." He looked at RJ. "You're perfect. You're…. So what I want." He looked downward at his hand and his drink card. "I need a drink!" He slapped his hands to his slacks and put on the silver wristwatch his Father Dane had given him.

Reagan's face flushed with Gavin's sweet comments. "You're pretty perfect yourself you know. Besides, would it really be that bad to give your mom what she's wanted?" She asked with a smirk before leaning in and planting a quick kiss on his lips.

She then pulled her focus back to the upcoming outing. "Ok, so give me the low down. What have your parents been up to lately?"

"Mom is arriving back from Paris. There has been an international Federation Inter-Agency Summit on the latest Senate report on Corruption within Ranks." Gavin had reported what his Mom was working on.

He smiled and walked out of RJ's Quarters, along with Nanook, who would be joining the holo suite all-inclusive resort, along with a Golf Course.

"Dad will be there. He has recently come back from Mars for an Intellectual Trade Convention. I have no idea what that is, so please let's not ask him." Gavin's eyes had bugged out.

Entering the holodeck, they had joined the patio outside on the Golf Course of the Banff Springs. Gavin had smiled and pulled out the patio chair among the sun, forested trees, immaculate grass, flowers, alcohol, and golfing.

"I've secretly been practicing my five iron. Suppose you can shoot a max on a 5 in a min of distance on a par thoroughfare. You might impress the rents." He winked. Just then, the waitress had come up to the table and taken down their drink order. Gavin had ordered a beer, and they ordered cold water for Nanook, as he slumbered around RJ and Gavin's feet.

Just then, the Ross Family had arrived into the virtual setting.

RJ had ordered a rum and coke. She'd need the hard liquor to get through tonight. As the two figures appeared, she stood up with Gavin to greet them. His parents seemed so much different than hers. Would they approve of her? Would they like her? She wondered as they approached.

What had been anticipatory quickly had become the present as Ross had stood, as soon as he visualized his parents. They had arrived in from their respective channels. Dane Ross, Gavin's Father, was a think tank operation for the Federation. Lindsay Ross, Gavin's mother, was a columnist and reporter for the Earth – Federation Journalism Institution in Paris.

"Gavin." Ross's Father, Dane had entered into the scene, standing tall like Gavin, yet older, mature, and weathered. Both Parents remained faithful, committed, and relatively benign, given radically different career paths across the globe.

"Dad." Ross had smiled, and wrapped his large hand, and gave a good, welcomed hearty slap on his Dad's back. Dane reached out and shook Gavin's hand, firm in grip. His father was getting older but more vocal in his working retirement. "You still writing nonsense about Ramos Five? How is that going for the colonists?"

"It's been one shitty disaster, but I'm not about to waste my time with politics." Dane had turned his attention to that of RJ. Surprised to see her, he paused. He noticed that this was not just a friend of Gavin's. "Who is this lovely young Lady Ross? What else have you been hiding from us?" He cheekily stated, stepping forward and greeting RJ.

"Dad. Mom. This is RJ. She is someone who I want you to be introduced to." Gavin had paused. God! This was hard. A presentation, Ross had done countless ones in his time. Nothing like having his parents as his audience, though.

Ross smiled broadly as he was flushed with the feeling of being around RJ. He was proud to bring RJ to his parents. Not that Gavin needed Dane or Lindsay's blessing, yet there was the underlying need to be respectful.

"Mr & Mrs.Ross, it's very nice to meet you," Reagan smiled and lent her hand forward. Shaking Gavin's father's hand with a firm grip and then softened her grip slightly as she shook his mother's hand. Meeting civilians wasn't something she did that often, with the whole of her family in Starfleet along with the large majority of her friends, but she hoped that she made a good first impression.

"This certainly is a pleasure." Lindsay stepped forward, wearing a pair of tailored dress wares shown as typically conservative—yet styled and bright.

She flashed her eyes at RJ as if scanning her for a split second. A glimmer of what seemed to be paternalistic hopes ignited. The face beamed as Lindsay secretly had approved of RJ's dress and kindness. She would listen to what Gavin had to say.

"I'm Lindsay. Gavin doesn't. Well. He has." She then shut up. "You are In Starfleet? Gavin," She had gestured and pointed at RJ. "Tell me about this Gorgeous lady friend here."

"Yes ma'am," RJ spoke up, feeling as though she didn't need Gavin to speak for her. "I am in Starfleet." She kept her response short, unsure of how much detail they'd want.

Sitting down at the table, Dane had ordered two drinks of coke and rye and some wine. "So tell us, RJ. That's lovely. I love that name, don't you think so, Dane?" She smiled and eyed her husband.

"Yes," Dane had agreed. "I think RJ should speak some more, Lindsay." Dane had subtly winked at his wife.

"RJ is the Chief Engineer of the Dreadnought. The ship I'm on." Gavin had to remind his parents it seemed. Not that they didn't care, their lives were just quite busy. Even to just meet all at once was tough.

"Of course, that massive vessel." Dane had replied.

"Yes sir, she's quite massive," RJ chimed in, unable to resist the opportunity to talk about the ship. "The dreadnought has six nacelles, multiple warp cores, a max speed of warp 7.9, and holds 7,860 personnel and civilians on board."

She took a sip of her rum and coke and thought perhaps it best to shift the subject slightly before she went completely off the deep end into engineering territory. "You know Gavin here is the Chief over maybe the largest medical department I've seen on a Starfleet vessel, and he does an absolutely fantastic job of running it all." She smiled at Gavin. It was the truth and beyond that, what parent didn't love to hear about how amazing their child was?

“Fascinating. That ship has been one of the more serious operations throughout the Sectors,” Lindsay had accepted her cocktail and then took a sip of it before setting it down, relaxing.

Lindsay pulled out a cigarette and lit it. “You are just a darling. Your parents. RJ, what do they do, if you mind me asking? Are they in Starfleet as well?” She had asked, her reporter assets surfacing. Ross had seen the pack and then reached for his pack and pulled out one, lighting it.

When he was too anxious stricken with his parents, there were times like this that Gavin could not hide the addiction that he had learned from his mother. The high-stressed reporter and the Intellectual Father always consulted and offered insights, be it career or otherwise, to Gavin.

He did not look at RJ as he took a drag inward and then released off to the left of RJ, not wanting her to get a whiff. “Sorry, I apologize. I need this right now.”

RJ didn't respond, she just looked at him for a moment. Everyone had their guilty pleasure, their weakness so to speak, and until now Gavin had kept his hidden. She had no idea he ever smoked or that it was really something anyone still did. Her gaze was broken as Dane spoke.

“Gavin. You're not still smoking, are you?! I thought Dr. Chambers had given you that excellent wellness relief program. Has he been negligent?” Dane inquired, concerned that his son was a Doctor and smoking.

“It’s only for the nicotine, I promise.” He paused and then took a drink of his rye and coke. “RJ, I promise you I am going to quit. It’s just been a bit busy of late.” Gavin had offered an apologetic look.

"I understand," she said, unsure of what the best response would really be at this moment. "And to answer your question Mrs.Ross, both of my parents are in Starfleet," RJ answered, diverting the conversation from Gavin's nervous habit.

"Gavin tells me that you're a reporter for the Federation Journalism Institution in Paris? That must be such an exciting position." RJ said with a smile, leaving the conversation open-ended for Lindsay to fill in with details.

"Thank you. I view my position as one of critical commentary. In the Paris InterWorld agency press I work. I have had great opportunities to streamline my career, and a few federation scandals I have personally brought to light."

"RJ. Please. Join us for dinner this evening. Dane and I like to eat at this one place here, at the resort. If you can reserve your holo link, we'd love to have you with us and Ross?" She had turned to look at the two of them.

"I'd be happy to join, thank you," RJ politely replied. Hoping that the dinner invite meant that she had been making a good impression so far.

"So, RJ. Exactly how many nacelles does a dreadnought employ? What Fleet Yards have been contracted for its upkeeping?" Dane was always concerned with federation logistics.

"She's got six nacelles, but I'm afraid I can't speak much on the fleet yards," Reagan tried to put it as lightly as possible. She didn't want to ignore a question from Gavin's parents, but it would've been against regulations.

"Dad that's a bit confidential. RJ can't give that out to you. She'd get in trouble revealing those sorts of details. You've asked me before plenty of times. I can't tell you since you're in the Private Sector, neither RJ." Ross stated to his Father.

Reagan took a decent size sip of her drink, but also made a mental note to not drink too much. His parents weren't the same as her and she needed to be more on her guard.

Change of subjects seemed to be the status quo for the evening so RJ once again tried to turn the conversation back to the other half of the table. "You work as a civilian in a think tank operation for the Federation, is that correct?" She asked Dane.

"I do. Thank you. It impresses me that you know that RJ. So Gavin DOES speak about us." He bellowed and laughed. Mr.Ross found it funny, and yet his odd way.

"Dear Lord, Dane, we're not the Darth Vader couple here. Why would your son not tell her about us? She already is, and she is wonderful.
Just incredibly cute. At my age, you don't want father time on your side! It's" She had laughed and then took a drink of the alcohol, "Gavin here makes us very Proud, RJ. I can see that you respect that as well. You're a remarkable Engineer, Chief of Engineering on a Starship the size of a Starbase. The Dreadnought, that is."

"You flatter me, Mrs.Ross," RJ chuckled and blushed. His parents seemed like nice people and clearly, they were proud of their son. Though she could see what Gavin had mentioned before, about his mother pushing him to settle down and whatnot.

"You both have such interesting careers. What's your favorite project that you've worked on?" She asked them both, actively trying to keep the conversation away from herself. Not that RJ minded answering questions at all, but the more she answered the more Lindsay seemed to interject with compliments. It felt more like his mother was trying to get Gavin to notice all of the good things so that he'd commit faster.

"Well. I work for the Federation Bureau of Journalism and broadcasting for our home here, Earth. I've just never been one for space travel." Lindsay had gestured with her cigarette outward. Ross shuddered. That's how he had looked smoking. He then butted out and took out some chewing gum minty fresh and sterilized his mouth.

"I work on Federation political interior stories. Both International and inter solar system impacts. Covering Federation news congress for over 21 years at Paris." Lindsay spoke with a hint of nostalgic pride of once being the top six named Federation, English Earth Coalition of Journalists based on UFP Headquarters.

"Wow, sounds impressive," RJ commented.

He was taking a drink of his next glass of alcohol. Dane had ordered a bottle of wine preserve from Earth, Niagara county. The drink profile was already analyzed and added to the program files, so they all generally tasted identical to the original bottle. "It’s a dry, german riesling. 0% in sugar.” The father had tasted it, enjoying that the wine was just quite cold enough.

“RJ, yes. It has been rewarding in and of itself, the service of institutional renewal and integration within the intergovernmental analytics sector.” He tipped his glass, not as nostalgic as Lindsay had looked.

“Let’s get to that golf swing of yours, son.” Mr. Ross then looked at RJ. “Do you like the game of golfing RJ?" Dane had no idea these days as there were so many alien sports taking audience and attention. He had studied RJ and smiled. She had looked like a decent and respectful young woman. Dane’s thoughts were somewhat moot, as he always knew he’d support Gavin the day he brought someone home.

"Yes, sir," RJ replied. "I'm familiar with the game of golf. My dad played it on occasion with his Marine buddies. I at least know the basics, though I never played much. Not that I didn't like it, just surfing was more my thing." It was the one hobby she shared with both of her parents.

They arrived at the first tee and RJ felt slightly nervous. She knew how to swing a club and had even snuck into the holodeck a couple of times to practice before this since Gavin had mentioned they liked to play golf. That didn't mean she was at a professional level and RJ always held herself to ridiculously high standards, especially when it concerned the topic of trying to impress Gavin's parents.

"So who tees up first?" She asked, hoping that the answer wasn't her.

Gavin's mother had stood firm and reached out of the back of the golf cart that had seemed to come from nowhere. There was a cart for Dane and Lindsay Ross and then a cart for Gavin and RJ. They had all lined up near the green and fairway tee-off.

Gavin had assumed position, placing on his white pair of leather golf gloves. He then slipped down his aviator shades, his eyes searching the distance, the wind speeds, and calculating his play.

Ross had set his golf shoes into the turf, and embedded his heels in tandem, placed outstretched, controlling his confidence. The first fairway of a nine-hole, executive game of golf. Gavin set himself. He was putting his best swing into a cracking action. He kept his back tall, facing the target through the downswing. He entered through with a complete turn behind the golf ball. With the club dropping to the inside, Gavin lets his swing out on the ball.

Stopping and stepping back, as he had rested his right hand on the club, he eyed downward toward the sunny maple tree-lined fairway to the first of 9 holes.

"Damn, that was a good shot, Gav." Reagan complimented him on his hit.

Turning back and nodding. "Your turn, RJ." Gavin had then stepped from the tee-off area to stand off the side and watch along the family. All interested in seeing each person's swing and the art of its experience. The Ross's enjoyed seeing their son's practice blossom in his middle youth, as he has come into the sport, now-so, more than that of his father, Dane.

"I hit the green by 4 ft, 5 O'Clock ish." He recorded his stats down on the white pad of papers and pencils in the cart under the front. Sitting and taking a drink of beer, he had crossed his forearms, and for the first time, was able to see RJ's golf shot. He knew that she was not entirely into the sport, but any sport that RJ had ever attempted, she excelled at. Gavin had then watched her intently, staring through his dark aviators as he leaned against the back bar of the golf cart, holding a beer in the heat.

Stepping up to the tee, RJ put her hands on the driver she had selected in the grip she had once been taught by her father. Left hand at the top, thumb pointing down. Righthand bottom with a slight twist. She shuffled her feet, adjusting her stance to point in the direction that she wanted the ball to go and then over-correcting because she knew that sometimes her swings tended to have a nasty hook.

Quinn looked once more out towards the flag and then returned her focus to the ball and bit her lower lip. It would be difficult to follow Gavin's excellent swing, but all she could do was try her best. Her arms came back and bent before she let loose all of her strength on the follow through and the ball soared off of the tee. It went slightly right of the fairway before that reliable hook pulled it back and landed her ball slightly left of center on the fairway. Certainly not as far as Gavin's shot had gone, but enough to keep her from looking like a fool.

Mid way through the soaring drive onto the fairway, Gavin had eyed RJ's form, follow through, sheer and surprising curve near the end... He had clasped his hands hard and whistled. "That's a shot, by god. That's a shot!"

"A shot indeed." Dane had replied, as he had watched from his perched mount. His hands over his sunglasses caught the view. "Lindsay's shot next. Then mine." He shuffled.

Lindsay had tee'd up, and spotted each point of her stance, accounting for her figure. Before long she had her driver lined upward, teeing off and swinging through a crack of the ball, sending it coursing through the air out into the greenway.

"Damn. It went someplace in the shrubs again..."

Reagan just watched in shock. She looked at Gavin with a raised brow. I thought his parents were supposed to be really good at this game? She wondered.

RJ looked back over at Lindsay with a thought. "Oh, did you already go? I didn't see anything. Maybe you should just go again." She said with a grin. Mulligans were a thing, right?

Ross and his mother then eyed each other. Lindsay set the shiny white Callaway down on the tee. She had assumed her basic stance. Feet wider shoulder width apart. Ball opposite her left heal. Left toe flared toward the target a little. Balanced weight, as she had lifted flair and cracked a swing sending the ball back out into the fairway. Oft into the distance the white ball had landed at the next green.

"Not bad, not bad." Gavin clapped and had smiled at his mom. He then turned to wink at RJ.

"Tell me RJ." Ross senior had got up and stood assuming control of the green area in front of him. His stance exercising back and forth his muscles opening up, and then flexing back downward with his driver, and then following through with a mock swing through and a few cracks through into the grass before planting the golf ball. He then completed a full swing with his driver cracking right to the carbide driver, as Dane had hit it hard down the fairway, further than Gavin and Lindsay.

"Nice work, Dad!" Gavin had stood and clapped along with his mom.

“RJ tell me. How is your family? What do they do my dear?” Mr. Ross had asked RJ, as they had assumed seats in their golf carts to the green with everyone's balls situated on the course.

"My family is doing well. All three of them are in Starfleet. My dad is a Marine engineer and my mom is an operations officer. They're both stationed on the USS Endeavour. My brother is a pilot on the USS Yorktown. All of my grandparents and their parents were in too. It's sort of the family business," RJ smiled. Her rich family history of service to Starfleet was something she had always been proud of.

"Might I ask where you learned to play golf? That was a spectacular shot you hit back there." She said referring to Dane's last first play at the tee.

Gavin had held his hand out nice and warmly, his fingers intertwined into RJ's not on full scene, but close as he looked around the beautiful course. He smiled at RJ. She was kind, caring, and had great conversation. Not to mention RJ's smile and easy going laughter.

"RJ. That is very commendable." Dane had nodded. "Your family's dedicated and remarkable service. Both of your parents on the USS Endeavour, and your brother, a pilot on the USS Yorktown."

"Thanks," she sheepishly smiled at the compliment. RJ then leaned into Gavin slightly. Just enough so that their arms touched as their fingers were intertwined. She knew that Gavin didn't want to make a big deal of things with his parents around, but she couldn't help always wanting to be closer to him. To feel the warmth of his touch. Only breaking off as they arrived at her ball, the farthest one from the hole, on the fairway.

Quinn visually estimated the distance and decided on a six iron, grabbing it out of the bag. She approached her ball and squared off with it, eyeing the hole and her stance.

"So about that golf swing of yours," RJ circled back to the earlier question as she made final adjustments to her stance. "Did you grow up playing or did you learn later in life?" She asked as she brought the club back, moving her hips with the motion of the club and then swiftly following through.

"I learned it in the days of the Colonial Infarction of Nigelus IV." Dane had sternly turned his eye with a wrinkled older man's finger lingering at RJ, playing for a moment before breaking the act with a big grin.

"I learned on the golf course, for Federation and Alien Allies alike, most work is completed and exchanged on these fairways. Anyone of business, anyone of patents, engineering, new ideas to profit and make the new trade-off of this catalog of life." Ross smiled and then clasped his hands together.

"Ahh, I suppose that makes sense," she replied with a smile.

Ross then sighed, and as an older man would clear his throat and then loosened his position. He then took a few swings, warming up again. Then Dane had hit an accurate top flight to the next fairway area, determining the next part.

"Dane is scrupulous. To an extent. He is ethical in his business. He, of course, needs to satisfy the Federation books and ledgers for the next contractual pie." Lindsay said and set down her empty wine glass. Mrs. Ross smiled at RJ. "Your swing is incredible, by the way, RJ. Well done. Where did you learn?" Lindsay returned the question interested in RJ's level of play and interest, which was easy to see as she had played well. She waited for Dane as another waiter had come around on the course and brought them both new glasses of fine wine.

"My dad taught me and forced me out on the golf course anytime I couldn't get on the water with my surfboard," RJ chuckled, only half-joking.

Gavin smiled, turning to RJ. "You've got great form." He stepped forward onto the greens and then walked to RJ and gently pressed up to her, mimicking her stance. Letting his large hands follow her grip and intertwine with her fingers as he spoke into her ear whispering something, as she had raised her hands mimicking a swing. She then brought it back around with Ross and they followed through together, popping the ball onto the green.

She blushed as Gavin drew close and whispered in her ear. "Keep this up and we'll have to abandon your parents and check out a room at the resort," RJ whispered back with a not so innocent smile.

She gave him a quick kiss, thinking it best to not go full out in front of Gavin's parents. "So you both reside in Canada, right?" RJ asked his parents as she neared them at the cart.

“Yes.” Lindsay had smiled, realizing that RJ had taken the time to listen to what Gavin must have been telling her about his family. It was nice that she had taken the time to care and to show it. “Well. We are all residents of the UFP. First and foremost, I’ve always assigned a slight nationality for my Canadian heritage. So has Dane and Gavin, here.”

“Ross tells us that you are from South Carolina. Now I know where she gets all that natural southern belle,” she winked at Gavin, meaning that to be a compliment.

As the game wound down and the evening had drawn to a close, the family was seated in white linen, candle-lit dinner at the golf club country house. It was a relaxing and reserved dinner on a lovely evening out.

“Cheers!” Dane had extended his glass of Rye and coke upward the table. “To Gavin and meeting, one of the loveliest young ladies this old couple has come across. Trust us. You could have brought home a few doozies there back in the day….” He gruffed, at the side of his drink, grinning as he had turned his eyes to Gavin.

RJ blushed and raised her drink to meet theirs. "Thank you. I've really enjoyed meeting you both. Gavin is certainly lucky to have you two as parents."

She took a sip of her drink, enjoying the view. RJ then picked up the menu and debated what to order for dinner. "What do you recommend?" She asked Dane, Lindsay, and Gavin since they had visited this program before.

Gavin smiled in between them, leaning inward speaking into RJ's ear. "Dessert. Hot, Sticky, Sweet. In a hotel room. After dinner, drinks. There's a private hot tub."

RJ blushed and then lightly kicked him under the table. His suggestion sounded amazing, but she didn't want to talk about it in front of his parents!

"Dad. Somehow here. I think RJ doesn't mind a good piece of steak now and then. Good rib eye, a porterhouse? Not sure what the club is serving lately. It's been long."

"Hmm, steak is good," she pondered her choices for a second. "Yea, I think I will go with the ribeye."

"Good choice!" Dane had smiled and held his glass up to RJ in cheers. "Where is that damn waiter now?" Dane had turned, looking around. So did Lindsay. The intrepid reporter was too busy nosing for any politicians or scandals in the room.

"I think I might have the ribeye myself. Medium rare." He licked his lips and raised his eyebrows up and down. The Holographic resort program has some of the most superior and exclusive taste proprietary technology of true 5 Star Michelin Chefs.

The waiter arrived a moment later and they all put in their order of steaks and drink refills. Just then, the bright orange suns in the distance of Mauritian Nebula had cascaded in glittery starlit fields over the course twilight of the early breaking evening. The club was notorious for its fantastical displays and artistry. The candle lights and white lights in the background had turned on gently. Along with the walkways, the lighted pathways gently began to glow.

"Wow, this is truly beautiful. I see why you guys like to meet up here!" RJ said as the lights danced in the sky. "How did you find this program?"

"Mom and Dad had it for years from one of their friends, who suggested we spend Christmas there. I said I couldn't imagine a Christmas away from a Spruce Tree, Skiiing, and a warm Fire Side!"

"Christmas at the Cabin always is special to us, cause we do get to meet there most times. At least in the past, we would make that the focal point of meetings. Everyone around doing their work, a transport away, but yet another sector over and then it becomes a distance thing." Gavin had shrugged and then took a drink of his whiskey and loosened his tie.

"You know, I am so into you right now." Gavin gruffed as he leaned towards RJ's directional ear, enclosing their conversation meant for two. "Easy, cowboy." Gav gruffed to himself.

A sly smile grew on Reagan's face and she secretly ran a hand under the table and up to his leg close to his nether regions. "Too bad you have to wait until after dinner for dessert." RJ tantalizingly whispered into his ear.

As if on cue, the waiter arrived just then with their orders. "This looks fantastic," RJ said as the steak was placed in front of her. She broke away slightly from Gavin, enjoying the fact that she was leaving him with a wanting desire. Making him wait for the dessert portion of tonight's events.

Just as the waiter was unloading his cart of dishes and orders for the table, he leaned inward and plated down Gavin’s medium rare, cooked rib-eye steak. “Yes. Thank you…” Gavin had been left with a warm sensation forming and thoughts filling his head, many, not quite the clean kind.

“Dinner! Wow. So good!” Gavin had then watched and smiled back at RJ. He winked, a slow one with deep desire and devotion like alcohol glazing his eyes of love for RJ. Even though he didn’t say it directly, she had known quite well that he did.

Eating with the family and enjoying the dinner and after dinner talks and more cocktails, suffice to say the day had been blown by, long since the sunset of evening dinner. Having completed their meal, the group decided to take a stroll along the greens of the resort.

RJ leaned in to whisper in Gavin's ear as they walked. "I love your parents, but do you think we can ditch them and head back to my quarters?" She said with a seductive smile. Although it had been a wonderful day with Dane and Lindsay, she now only wanted to be in Gavin's company.

"Yo. Mom. Dad. We're about bushed. We both have shifts tomorrow. RJ has four warp cores to take care of," Gavin chuckled looking to RJ and shrugged. "It's funny because it's true," he stated.

"Yes. We have taken up much of your evening. RJ," Lindsay had sincerely leaned forward and clasped her hands to RJs." She paused and smiled. "It was a pleasure meeting you this evening! Now you two go and have a good night! Go and make me a grandchild and then report back!" Lindsay had laughed as she jokingly accosted RJ, pulling her forward with her sash poncho and Italian Verok Design glasses. Verok being the very latest in Federation Couture inspired by Italian Designers and Vulcan monks.

RJ raised an eyebrow at the abruptness of Lindsay's statement. They had discussed children but weren't ready for that yet in their relationship.

"Please. Don't be frightened by Lindsay," Dane said. "She can be overbearing, but it is all out of her big heart. She is just happy to see, able to sense that you have made Gavin, our son, quite happy." He smiled, and then nodded slowly, and took RJ's hand and gentleman like had kissed it. He bowed.

"Thank you, sir. It's been a pleasure meeting you," RJ smiled at Gavin's father.

"Have a pleasant evening children!!" Lindsay had waived, as she began to wrap her shawl around her shoulders and then walked towards the pathway to their respective resort holodeck rooms.

Turning, Gavin and RJ walked as quickly as they could, until the sensors indicated that his parents' link had signed off the holo-sphere program, they then broke into a run towards the holodeck doors. "I want you so much," Ross sputtered out at RJ.

As soon as they entered her quarters, RJ literally jumped Gavin. Leaping into his arms and wrapping her legs around his waist. Her fingers wove through his short hair as her hand caressed the back of his neck and she pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Once in the bedroom, she pushed away just enough to get her hands on his clothes. Removing them piece by piece and then pausing to admire the view.

With a seductive smirk, RJ pushed the now bare-clad Gavin onto the bed and removed her own clothes. Before Gavin could react she crawled on top of him. Her silky brown hair cascading over her shoulder as she leaned in to kiss him.

Gavin accepted RJ's kiss, tasting her sweet, soft, tender sexy lips.
"Damn it, RJ." Ross had rolled over and on top of his girl. As he reached, running his fingers down through her silky hair. Ross passionately laid his lips to RJ's.

They locked in an embrace and RJ felt as though she would burst from desire. Pulling Gavin in closely, she whispered in his ear. "Don't make me wait any longer," she pleaded with him, wanting all of him at that moment.

Gavin embraced RJ on the bed, wrapping one hand along her thigh, another around her waist before moving his hips to meet with hers. He leaned inward as their bodies moved together. “You're so beautiful.” He said with an endearing grin.

In a swift movement, RJ hooked one of his legs and swung herself back upward to the top. With a mischievous smirk on her face, she grabbed his hands and pinned them above his head as her hips rocked against his.

Gav's eyes lit with passion, enjoying the perfect view of RJ's body and her silky skin against his. His staring eyes drinking in every supple line and curve upward.

They continued in a passionate embrace until they had both exhausted all that they had. With a satisfied sigh, RJ rolled off of Gavin to lay next to him. "Well, meeting your parents was fun, but I have to say I enjoyed the ending the most," she chuckled.

Gavin smiled. He was happy that RJ had seemed ok with his Family. They could be a handful in more ways than one. So he was relieved that the evening had gone relatively ok.

"Sorry. I promise. That cigarette thing.." Gavin shook his head. It's a habit I picked off my parents, an ancient coping with stress. It's truly ancient." He brushed it off.

"It's okay, I get it. Everyone has their thing, but I wouldn't mind if you swapped to one that wasn't trying to kill you," she chuckled.

"You are so understanding. How the hell can that be?" Gavin was as usual intrigued at RJ's simplicity at times. He sided up along her, wrapping his left arm around RJ so warmly, at his side of the bed. Leaning his nose in to RJ's hair, he couldn't help but enjoy the smell of his girl and her clean, fresh hair.

RJ shrugged. "I guess I just try to put myself in others' shoes. Then again, I'm probably less understanding with people I'm not in a relationship with," she smirked.

Thinking back to earlier in the evening, RJ remembered Gavin's mother's last statement before they left. To make her a grandchild. Reagan looked at Gavin curiously. "Your mom knows that we aren't like having kids right now, right? She was joking. I mean, I know we both want kids one day, but definitely not right now?"

Sitting there, Gavin had thought he knew what he had wanted out of his life. His career was paramount, but then, that was before. RJ was a revelation. A welcomed change in his pigeon-holed universe.

"I want a child with you, RJ. I want us to have a child together." He spoke as if his mind had a moment of clarity that was his soul speaking out, knowing that RJ was his soul mate. Gavin was shocked he said it out loud. "Whoah. I did say that." He looked coy from RJ.

She chuckled. "Whoa there partner, one step at a time. I want kids one day too, but I have to admit I'm a bit of a traditionalist," she stated.

Gavin bit his lower lip. "Oh, you thought I meant now?" Gavin grinned at RJ. She was very smart, but sometimes she was still getting used to him. "As in, like now or months from now?" Ross was finding this quite amusing that RJ may have thought he was passionate for a child at this very moment.

"As in, you know, get to know each other for a couple of years, then get married and enjoy each other's company for a bit and then have kids. Besides, we both have Starfleet careers. Don't you want to grow your career more before we think about adding little ones to the mix?" RJ asked. She knew his career was important to him, just as hers was. She definitely wanted kids, just not yet.

"Oh, RJ." Ross clapped. This was a delight. He grinned. "Because I am doing this to satisfy my Mother. It is a very dysfunctional relationship in my family. No, honestly. The fact that you thought I would jump to huge decisions, especially a Doctor... Would that not raise a flag for you?!" Ross was slowly watching back at RJ, to see if she was going to laugh or become embarrassed.

"Oh no, I meant, I thought," RJ fumbled for words before stopping the words coming out of her mouth. After a short pause, she chuckled and then smacked his arm playfully. "You knew what I meant."

"No. Nanook would definitely not appreciate a child getting all of your attention. And Frankly. I think I deserve just as much of your attention as Nanook, and even a bit more. You know, once you spoil a husky, it is done. It is game over. You do not want to see Nanook become a distressed diva. He has had his moments."

"Oh Nanook has had his moments, I'm sure," she raised an eyebrow jokingly at Gavin. "I have a feeling you're just as spoiled as he is you know," she laughed.

Ross relaxed enjoying, as he let his hand run along RJ's side, feeling her warmth to his as they talked. He liked their talks, it was intimate, it was close. It was Quinn!

RJ got up and started to put on a pair of pajamas before she suddenly stopped. "Oh my God. I think we left Nanook in the holodeck!" RJ suddenly realized that they hadn't returned with the husky. "You'd better go and rescue him," she chuckled. "Poor thing is probably sitting in there wondering what the hell happened."

RJ tossed Gavin's clothes to him. Once he was dressed, she gave him a quick kiss. "I'll see you tomorrow. Apologize to Nan for me!"

A single tingle had rippled through his lips, every time RJ had kissed him in that fashion. The times where a small peck, a little caring gesture was incalculable for Gavin. He blushed.

"You keep that up. You know... You just wait." RJ had a way of making Ross feel like the only man in the Universe. In a mood of pleasantness, he found leave of RJ's quarters.


Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn
USS Dreadnought


Lieutenant Gavin Ross
Chief of Medical
USS Dreadnought


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