NCC - 77447 - B
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Training Session

Posted on Thu May 27th, 2021 @ 10:56am by Lieutenant Constantine Ravenloft

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Dreadnought : Holodeck 5

New and totally different as this assignment took on several aspects of actually flying a ship. From maneuvers that weren't programmed to the pre-prepped ones. She had to be familiar with them and as she sat in the pilot's seat of the Defiant class ship, She ran through the menu of the pre-programmed flight patterns that would compliment and add more fire power and defense for the group of fighters supported by the Defiance. With heavy fire power, transporters that would a lot closer than the base ship, Dreadnought itself, for the quick rescue of the fighter pilots.

"Everyone ready?" Came the command voice of the commanding officer, snapping her out of her engrossment in studying the various flight patterns. "CONN! Flight Status?"

"All Green across the board." Connie responded quickly as she had done her preflight checks and diagnostics before switching over to the study of the various flight patterns already programmed it.

"Weapons?" Commanding officer snapped out as soon as she finished reporting, not waiting for 'sir'

"Phaser powered up, stand by. Torpedoes loaded, Reloads inline for fast loading, Sir!" Tactical spoke up speaking rapid fire to give as much info as possible.

"Defense?" Commander spoke as the sound of a cushion deflating taking up the weight as the CO sat.

"Shield ready for deployment, Standard SOP with oscillating frequencies." Tactical spoke up again.

"Sensors?" Came the next bark from the CO of the Defiance.

"Calibrated to 99% efficiency, Sir!" Came a feminine voice from her right side.

"Cleared to launch!" CO spoke, settling back in his seat, tone more relaxed.

Connie hands flew across the helm console. The view on the open space dock doors shifted a bit and then opening grew wider and disappearing as the Defiant entered full space after leaving the Dreadnought. "Clear! Clear for warp!"

"Warp 1 to designated assigned sector." CO responded sounding a bit pleased.

Aye Aye, warp 1" Connie spoke as she made the ship transition into warp 1 to the designated sector to give close to real time threats for the fighters if needed.

For the quick 2 minute warp flight, the bridge was silent for the duration. Connie relaxed back into her seat as this was getting to be routine for her. What came after that, only the Holodeck's AI knew.

As the Defiant exited warp 1 right into asteroid field. "Shields!"
Connie and the CO yelled at the same time as her hand flew across the helm console, making the Defiant dance through the field of planet size boulders on down to house size and a lot of smaller pieces all the way down to sand size.

"I give the orders, Lieutenant Ravenloft!" Snapped the CO at her. "Get us out of this field asap! The fighters are counting on us."

Connie just nodded her head in acknowledgement as she worked the Defiant out of the asteroid field into position out of range of the planetary defense satellites, but still in range of the Defiant more powerful scanners.

"On station," Connie spoke up as she began the flight pattern that would give a broader planetary scan for threats.

After the wake-up call of the asteroid field, it was pretty much boring routine of keeping the Defiant on course, which the ship's AI did a pretty good job.

Which gave her time to study up on more flight patterns of both the Air wing with the Defiant in over watch, ready to pounce or rescue a pilot in trouble.


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