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Neutral Ground

Posted on Tue Jul 6th, 2021 @ 5:10am by Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil & Commander Mark Bawden & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr.

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Planetary Triage Hospital
Timeline: Current TBA

The medical facility, if you could call it that, was really little more than a few modular shelters joined together. While it provided power and shelter from the elements, it definitely lacked the luxury of sickbay on the Dreadnought, not to mention the security and protection.

The area they were set up in had been declared neutral for medical purposes which meant there was no active warfare going on around them, instead it was silent, eerily silent. It sent an involuntary shiver down Nim's spine.

"Are you sure we couldn't just land the Dreadnought?" she asked, glancing around at the rest of the group.

Ross raised his hands upward. "Don't look at me. I was asked to work on the deployment of the hospital and the dreadnought resources.." He thought. "Although, perhaps landing the Dreadnought may have been an option." Gavin had agreed with Nim.

Checking through the stocks of the medical supplies and crates of unloading, Gavin had been storing and setting up the initial supplies to be put into use. The Medical Computers, the Lab analysis machines, the hypo spray resources, and the burns and surgical units had all begun stocking as well. Ross was moving along with the Nurses and other Doctors as good as could be expected on the rollout. Dr. Omier had done a fine job with the construction of the layout and rendering the hospital modules.

Without waiting for instructions, Nim sighed and picked up a storage crate. "We should probably start unpacking quickly and getting set up. We'll need to designate areas for triage. It seems there's no set outline for what's what in here, it's all just empty sections. Acacia, why don't you pick a section we can set up as an O/R. I'll help get triage established." She paused for a moment before glancing at Ross. "If that's alright with you Lieutenant Ross?"

Waving her hand in agknowledgement of the order, Acacia began to walk the perimeter of the medical area.

"Of course, please, Nim." Ross had acknowledged as he clasped his hands together. "I'll be with you in a moment to help." He had begun to add the data protocol processes into the Lab and Medical Computers. He set up a field width for the hand-held tricorders, padds, and portable diagnostic equipment to allow more mobile, decentralized patient care.

"Let me know if you find anything faulty. Now will be our only chance to get things checked." He added to Nim and Acacia.

Mark was making final checks on the gate system and secure access points, it was an otherwise simple task but one he knew needed to be done. As he looked around he saw patrols of marines and that prank of envy struck. He missed those days but he knew they were over, he couldn't go back even if he wanted to because he had a family now to consider.

One by one the checks were made, one by one he signed off.

Heading in to the area that was being set up as Triage, Ross had begun to help Acacia set up with the supplies and the beds that were on rollers for quick movement to the OR. "Ok. So we have about 8 beds for Triage it looks, unless there is another shipment I haven't seen on the supply pad. Wow." He shook his head. "Triage will be quick and clean. I want our nursing staff to operate on a Starfleet Guide check A107-8. That means we are accessing for critical care, and obvious fractures etc. Anything more than that, we will be working in the weeks ahead.

"Get me an orthopedic specialist, and we can subspecialize more, that way I am not pulled away from the true traumas by the smaller but no less serious orthopedic injuries." Acacia shot back.


"I've set up two large green staging areas on either side for incoming. If they can walk, they can go through a general scanner for injuries and set to a longer term staging area. If you drop say, an OBGYN specialist there, we can have them be useful without taking them too far out of their comfort zones. I'd like the initial green areas staffed with 2 marine medics for each proper triage nurse. They're used to battlefield triage more than we are. Masse and Erikr are good choices for charge." A green curl escaped her braid, curling charmingly around her cheek.


A moment later, Gavin had slapped his communication badge, as he looked around the room. =^= Lieutenant Ross to Commander Bawden. =^=

=^= Go ahead Doctor. =^= Mark replied tapping his badge.

=^= Commander. Do you any Intel regarding how many patients possibly could be on their way to us at this moment. Can you scan the vicinity that far? =^= Gavin had to ask, since he had scant information on the nearby planetary settlements.

=^= At this stage they could very well not know we are here yet. Yet being the key word there until the shuttles start a regular transit. Once they do however l suspect they will come by the hundreds, we can scan a ways but no way to tell between patient and someone who means to do is harm, cease fire or not. Especially if they are mixed in with genuine patients. =^= It was not an ideal situation and one that Mark didn't like, tactically it could go south very quickly.

=^= Acknowledged. Thank you Commander. =^= Ross had closed the com, as he had turned to the hospital. So far they were setting up things well.

In the other room, Nim had already unpacked several crates, with several more in various stages of unpack. Supplies were lining shelves and drawers with each item she removed. It was tedious work, repetitive and boring, but it was mindless, and it was that mindless tedium that she found relaxing in the current uncertainty.

Acacia had overheard the communication and smiled sadly at the uncertainty of it all. "Do we have any full Betazoids on staff, or in Security?"

"I'm not sure. Let's ask." =^= Dr. Ross to Commander Bawden. Acacia here has asked a good question. Do we have any full Betazoids on staff or in Security? =^=

=^= Not on my detail planetside, they were not exactly a requirement at the time. =^= While Mark could see the logic behind having them, none of his team were. =^= I can see about getting some down from the Dreadnought. =^= He knew there were some on board.

Gavin had turned to Acacia. =^= Thank you Commander. We trust that your security detail and operations is sufficient. Please, let us know how things are progressing. Ross out. =^=


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