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The Doctor's Are In

Posted on Sun May 30th, 2021 @ 2:17pm by Amber Omier Dr & Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr.

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Planet Side - Constructed Medical Complex
Timeline: Current


Ross was down on the surface of the planet, in the whole chaos of medical management of a crisis. A humanitarian crisis. The planet had two factions currently in conflict with each other. The Dreadnought was assigned to facilitate their medical issues and help the wounded come to a truce in the hostilities.

In the meantime, Ross was directing the various triage departments, medical surgeries, virology, and medical biobeds. The problem was, between the two different races, there had to be a barrier between the two races.

Thus, a productive wall was a stopgap measure of security between the two wards of patients who were both different factions and victims of the war.

They ensured that supplies needed were to be placed and set up to the computers was a large part of the rollout. The sickbay was beginning to be stocked well enough to be able to take patients soon.

"Doctor," Ross had stated while trying out the surgical overhead unit placed on him.

Gavin had thought another Doctor of the triage unit was beside him since Ross had heard her called that a moment prior throughout the commotion of supplies and nurses lining the pods with medicines and Starfleet triage equipment. "Would you happen to have a triage list? We will need to ensure that we have the supplementals arriving soon from the Dreadnought." Ross had spoken, although unable to see with the head unit placed on it was Doctor Omier.

The 'Ice Queen' Omier would once again reveal her resulting attitude and perspective her upbringing nurtured and the challenges of what she had to do to get accepted for what she did, as a woman. "Doctor Ross, l am an engineer, not a medical professional." It was not the first time Amber had been addressed such given she was not Starfleet but, on an exchange program.

"I don't have a triage list, you will have to see your staff for such. As for supplies, I have already signalled the Dreadnought to dispatch the next flight which should be entering atmosphere in 13 minutes." Amber had up to this moment making sure that the makeshift hospital held up to the punishing weather and the power needs of the entire operation.

“My sincere apologies, Doctor.” Ross had feigned regret fumbled to take off the headset he was ensuring worked. Turning to Dr. Omier, he had then removed his surgical head unit visor which had blinded his sight for the time.

“I thought you were Doctor, as in another Doctor within the Triage unit.” Gavin was exhausted. “How are you, Dr. Omier.” Ross had a moment for once. He leaned to the nearest support bulkhead of the portable units they were inside.

"I am currently routing power supplies to the various rooms. My concern is power demand vs production. Power cells will work but short term and would need repetitive supply from the ship." It was an option but also fell down to just how regularly the cells would need replacing and an uninterrupted supply be maintained.

"I might be able to install a generator within the grounds to supplement what we have but that would need getting it down here by shuttle, built and connected." All of which would take time and man hours.

"If you think it is doable. We should probably act on it now Dr. It's only going to get busier in here as the days go by. What do we know about potential electrical storms on the planet? Anything that might be able to disrupt the energy generators?" Ross had felt it best to question.

"We know very little about the weather history, the generators are insulated but the issue is the hospital, it's not. A lightning strike could cause a disruption but the other issue with it is we have a limited power supply and the hospital will draw a lot. You are going to have to consider that in treating patients, we have limited space and finite power." Amber knew the Doctor would want more power to save more patients but space was a factor and only so much power to give considering the generators had to power the entire complex and its substantial equipment.

"Great." Ross was about fuming at this point. "So we have a set of Starfleet Generators for Planetary usage, yet the hospital has no shielding, no shielding at all from electrical storm surges. What are we? In the Dark Ages?" He had scoffed, he urgently searched his pack of Cigarettes in his white lab coat pocket. " I need a god damn..." Ross muttered.

"I'm sorry Dr. Omier. This is not your fault. You did not have a pre-planned hospital from the corps dropped on your lap. This is not your issue. Is there any way we can work to try and stop gap the generators from receiving a thermal surge as they are connected to the whole grounding of the hospital? This planet does have an active atmosphere." Gavin gestured, matter of factly.

"I might be able to install a low yield particle field generator. A projected shield of sorts, it would protect from adverse weather and act as an absorption medium." Power however remained the issue or more importantly, the supply and consumption of it.

"I would need the components brought down from the ship since it was obviously not standard equipment when it was brought on board, I would need a few hours to assemble and configure however." Amber responded.

Gavin had looked impressed. "That's. Ok, that is good then. This is something we can do and improve." He looked around, the Hospital was coming together now as a lot of the supplies had been finding their places.

"So, what help do you need? Do we contact the Dreadnought Ops Officer for the supplies?" He was unsure of the process as per the Engineering aspects.

"I'll put in a requisition request as soon as I get outside and make sure there is room for the generator and emitters." There was little point calling in gear if there was no place to put it. "If you will excuse me...I'll get right on it."


Dr Amber Omier
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Dreadnought


Lieutenant Gavin Ross
Chief of Medical
USS Dreadnought


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