NCC - 77447 - B
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Smooth Sailing

Posted on Mon May 10th, 2021 @ 11:13am by Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD 08 - 0600hrs

Reagan got up bright and early for her shift in engineering. It was a new ship and although she had practically memorized every schematic before arriving, each system tended to have a mind of its own. One could memorize theories and schematics as much as they wanted, but in practice, things were always a little different.

A warm sense of familiarity hit amongst all of the new surroundings as she stepped into her engineering uniform. RJ looked in the mirror, put her hair up, and made sure she looked presentable before grabbing a single picture and a padd from her table. A final look at the time confirmed that it was time to leave and she headed towards engineering.

The turbolift wasn’t too far from her quarters and Quinn entered, giving the command for the deck on which engineering resided. As the lift moved she looked at the photo in her hands. The one item that she always placed in her office, a photo of her family. A somewhat sorrowful smile crept onto her face. She missed them. It had been a while since they had video chatted, but at least game night was coming up soon, she thought. The turbolift doors opened a second later and she pushed the thoughts aside. There was plenty to do this morning without pining over her family.

The familiar and soothing hum of an engine greeted her as she walked through the doors into engineering. RJ quickly walked past engineers bustling away at their duties and entered her office. It was bare, but the family photo brightened it up a bit as she stood it up on the desk.

Coffee first, she thought as she eyed the large stack of reports leaned against the monitor. The warm liquid felt refreshing and the gears in her brain started to turn with enthusiasm as the caffeine flowed through her system. Too bad it wasn’t enough motivation to tackle the ridiculous number of reports laying dormant, waiting for her review. She shrugged to no one, and swiftly turned out of her office. The reports could wait.

RJ stepped towards the pool table. You couldn’t miss it, the largest table as you entered engineering filled with light displaying the status of every system that was engineering’s responsibility. She pulled up the status of the warp engines and then looked for a report on the QSD before remembering there wasn’t one. The QSD being the one thing she might miss about her last posting, though on the other hand it was less to worry about.

Every system seemed to be functioning without error. Smooth sailing so to speak. What was it her father always used to say? “If everything seems to be going well, you’ve obviously missed something.” With that in mind, she looked again. Nothing. Maybe a few areas that could use some efficiency improvements, but every single system was operating within tolerances. It was clear that Dr.Omier had run a tight department.

RJ pulled up a few diagnostics for systems that she felt could use some efficiency tuning and then started a walk around. The typical ‘Good Morning’ passed between her and her fellow officers as she went around, checking out each system. She asked questions here and there when she ran across a team performing a procedure she was unfamiliar with or working on a piece of equipment that was new to her. In her mind, a good chief admitted that they didn’t know everything and always asked questions. Better to ask and learn than to make assumptions and look foolish later, when it really mattered.

After inspecting every system from the pool table and through a physical walk around, Quinn arrived back at her office, having been unable to find anything off on a single system. She sighed as she sat and pulled the first of many reports from the pile. No repairs meant more time for reports, which came with the job, but her first love would always be getting her hands dirty and involved in actual work more so than ‘flying a desk’. Plus, there was the fact that anytime things looked perfect, trouble was just around the corner and that made her apprehensive. Another adage that her father had passed to her. “Always be prepared, because just when you think everything is going great, something comes your way to make everything go wrong.”


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