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Rome Built In A Day

Posted on Fri Apr 30th, 2021 @ 6:03pm by Amber Omier Dr

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Landing Zone

The rain sure didn't make things any easier but gradually section by section the outer fence was being erected while at the same time she had teams erecting the sections that would form the structure of the hospital complex. It wasn't easy work and it was time consuming but rain aside it was enjoyable to watch something being made from the fruits of hard work.

Amber had given regular updates to Commander Bawden about the status of his fence, his fence in that that was his line of defence but also continued to update him on the layout changes that were needed since the ground was not as flat as was 'indicated' in the initial information.

The changes were minor at most but it meant that two security check points were 4 feet further apart than planned.

Her teams worked quickly laying down flooring, setting up lighting, seals for the various sections once combined. It was like a large jigsaw puzzle being put together and one piece at a time it was taking shape.

=^= Dr Omier to Dreadnought. The external fence is almost complete. Estimated time for hospital construction is 1 hour. =^= The last minute alterations added time that was not accounted for, but easily managed.


Amber turned to see one of her team member helping another walk. "What happened?"

"Slipped, he's sprained his ankle, can't hardly put any weight on it."

"Alright, back to the ship with you then, go with him." Amber spoke as she took a step to the side next to the table. =^= Dr Omier to Dreadnought, requesting two to transport back to the ship, Sickbay. Non critical injuries. =^= Amber knew deep down this injury would be one of many, she didn't like it, but she knew. She watched as the two officers were transported to the ship.

It was just over the allocated hour when the last seal was put into place and the flooring installed. Her task was done and while she had tried to keep things as clean as possible for the medical staff she knew total sterility was impossible given the rain. Walking out into it she checked on the generators, ran a systems check on the power points to the many rooms.

She was confident they had enough for what ever the hospital would need in terms of power, Mark for security and Sam for protection. The outer fence had been completed, there was a audible cheer as the last connection was made holding it together.

=^= Dr Omier to Dreadnought, the landing zone is ready. Though you should alert medical to inform them that they will need to carry out sterilisation sweeps before operating. We tried our best but best to be sure. =^=

The word had been given, Medical was cleared to arrive.


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