NCC - 77447 - B
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Nought But Wait

Posted on Fri Apr 30th, 2021 @ 5:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Hanger Bay 2
Timeline: Current

Zan stood beside his fighters as the large doors slowly opened revealing to everyone present the vastness of space. There was a sort of eerie feeling watching the doors open, colossal doors in size, slow moving yet designed with function and purpose. Even some of the seasoned pilots stood in awe as they opened before they resumed climbing inside fighters or under them for final checks.

Zan had already conducted his checks in his time honoured and experienced tradition before signing off on its readiness. His ground crew chief had already gone over his loud out, any system updates, hardware changes or last minute maintenance that was done, his craft was indeed ready.

Climbing into his fighter felt like an age had gone by since he'd done it last. Everything was familiar yet felt new but comfortable. As he began the start up routine everything came to life, the readouts scrolled with initiation texts and information that was standard. What was new for him was the extra information that the centre console gave him, he was sure that would prove handy if the need arose. The mission would be simple, provide air support where needed, escort when required and intercept if the demand presented itself.

Estimates calculated that from orbit it would be a 3 minute transit to surface level, it had been a while since Zan had done orbital to surface combat but he was more than ready for the challenge. Orders were to be ready and being hidden from the planets view by the hulking mass of the ship it would be easy to launch and form up for action.

Surprise was on his side and he wanted to milk it for its all.

The canopy closed over and around him, check lights came on to indicate a good seal and pressure. Zan pressed the comms and requested a check in. All of his squadron leaders reported in, they were ready.

"Alright people, 6 wide, 2 high groups. Watch your spacings and intervals. We have the whole length of the ship to hide behind so lets make use of it." Zan spoke and once he was given clearance to launch he lead by example.

The fighter lifted from the deck with a slight sway before too her out. When the lights of the hanger surrendered to the dark volume of space it took a moment for his eyes to adjust a little as he veered away to clear the launch route. He positioned the ship near the bow of the ship close to the hull so he was completed hidden from the planets view. He knew that the two Defiant escorts were ready because his own briefing had indicated to keep the area clear.

Coming to a stop, angled down to fly under the ship if needed he waited for the word.


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