NCC - 77447 - B
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Setting Up Shop.

Posted on Sun Apr 25th, 2021 @ 3:24am by Commander Mark Bawden & Amber Omier Dr

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Landing Zone
Timeline: Current

Word had it that the main cargobays were packed with supplies for transport down to the surface but it was only when Amber went to actually go see what was being transported did the quantity of supplies become all too apparent. It was said that Lieutenant Quinn was staying on board to coordinate with supply efforts, a reasonable position considering what needed to be done.

Amber found herself as part of the 3rd engineering team to go down, supplies would be beamed down right after. Each team had a section to work on and the initial teams would focus on the security fence. She was glad to have security going down with them and while the marines were already there it never hurt to have more protection when going down to a dangerous place.

Mark walked into the transporter pad with a small security detail, all of which were armed. "Dr Omier, mind if I join you?" He asked. He'd heard about the woman, her icy temperament.

"Of course Commander." Amber saw whom she recognised as Commander Bawden, word had it that he used to be a full bird Colonel in the marines but gave it up for his family. That was partly why she had no interest in a family just yet, she had a career to focus on.

***Landing Zone***

When the transporter cycle finished Mark found himself under a shelter, he could hear the rain hammering the roof of it. Mark always liked the rain finding it soothing, calming.

Absolutely crap to work in though.

Wet weather gear was handed out to everyone that had just arrived. Amber took her set and without a work slipped it over her head. Aside from looking like a tent with legs sticking out the bottom of it, it served its purpose and would keep her mostly dry.

Amber already had the proposed plan of the security fence in her hand and estimates had it being completed within 2 hours, that was the priority.

Mark looked over one last time the security check points, posts and entry exits that were discussed. Everything seemed to be in order. "Until we have something in place, my teams can help if you like?"

"Thank you Commander, my teams can handle it. Just watch our backs." Amber spoke then promptly walked out into the rain to begin working.

"Damn....that's just cold." Mark spoke more to himself than anyone else that was present. Oh well, there was a job to do. As more of his teams beamed down he dispatched them to their assigned points, they would stand guard but only help if asked. He didn't want his teams suffering the Dr's wrath even for offering to help.

He couldn't help but wonder the fun Sam was having right now doing marine things in a perfect setting to work in. If a marine was not getting dirty at some point they were not working hard enough. At least that's how he remembered it.

Amber worked on making sure that each part was in the proper place and that the fence was constructed in a manner that made for most productive assembly without the fuss of misplaced parts or wasteful manpower. She had a job to do and even if she was a woman from another world or didn't hold a Starfleet rank, she would show she could do just the same as her male counterparts could.


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