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Real Air, Real Dirt....Real Rain Too

Posted on Sun Apr 25th, 2021 @ 1:24am by Major Samantha Snyder
Edited on on Sun Apr 25th, 2021 @ 1:24am

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Planetside - Landing Zone.

Sam was amongst the first teams of Marines to be beamed down to the surface, there was a pleasant rush of actual fresh air to the nostrils instead of that on board the ship. She couldn't remember the last time she set foot on a planet in a combat capability but welcomed the change.

If everything was going to plan she already had teams beamed into position several kilometres away for covert recon, teams for force denial and others for counter action. Her command post was already being established which would rest along the eastern fence of the complex, power would be supplied by the same generators powering the facility.

A small generator would suffice for the moment at least.

It had not even been 15 minutes before the first report came in. "Major." A wet marine spoke over the sound of the rain hitting the overhead shelter plate. "Advanced recon teams are in place, sensors don't detect any explosive ordinance in the area."

"Well that's something at least." Sam replied, it seemed someone had put the welcome mat out without putting something under it. "Continue the rest of the deployment, I want everyone on the surface and in position before I signal the all clear."

"Major, table is ready."

Sam waved off the wet marine who had reported in dismissing him and walked to the table. It was a holographic topographical map of the region with markers of her troops as well as other information. She could see on the corner of the table display that there was a feed connection coming from the Dreadnought. She was glad for this because eyesight was only good to a point.

As time went on Sam had spent all of it at the table absorbing the steady flow of information that was coming in. Everything was going according to her initial deployment phase and with no reports of their presence being noticed it would at least give the others time to get set up at least.

"Major, report from Team Eleven. They are observing a small population centre 19km from our position to the East. They report population movement, small fighting observed, unarmed and no fatalities. Few road vehicles spotted."

That report shed a lot of light that Sam needed. Movement meant activity was active and close. Fighting meant tensions were high. No fatalities to her meant same side factor, desperation, raiding for supplies. The snippet about vehicles was no surprise but it made her aware that there were some in the area so enemy mobility was also a factor now.

"I'd like details on those vehicles, types, configuration, layout. Anything that could reveal purpose or function." Sam wanted to know if these vehicles could be purposed for troop transports or refitted to makeshift weapons platforms.

It didn't take long for 800 marines to get settled in, everyone knew the stakes and the risks. This was someone eles turf and they were the visiting team.

=^= Dreadnought, Marine Actual. Area has been secured. Construction teams and security are cleared to beam down. =^=


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