NCC - 77447 - B
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Arrival & The Show Begins

Posted on Sun Apr 25th, 2021 @ 12:52am by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Bridge

Ra had requested that he be informed upon arrival into the destination system. Full impulse would transit just over an hour till standard orbit. When he walked onto the Bridge from the many displays that lined the walkway he gleamed much of the available information. He was keen to see his crew in action, eager to see what the team could do.

"Helm, place us in geosynchronous orbit above our landing zone." First he needed position.

=^= All hands, this is the Captain. We have arrived at our destination. All departments begin preparations as instructed for deployment. =^= Ra had pulled the trigger, now he only need wait on the result.

"Helm, minimal aspect ratio to the planet. Operations, open all portside hanger doors for scramble deployment of the fighter wing. Open the rear hanger doors for our escorts too." There was no harm in being prepared, only in being unprepared which invited failure. He hoped not to use the two Defiant escorts, but he'd rather have them and not need them then need them and be delayed.

=^= Captain to Major Snyder, begin beaming down your teams. Secure the area, report all contacts. =^=

If the service records were anything to go by, this crew were competent, talented and able, this was the time to see it. Starfleet Command was very strict in the outline of this mission and Ra had zero intention of letting people down.

=^= Engineering, once the Marines have secured the area, beam down construction materials, supplies and assembly teams. =^= Ra wanted his Chief Engineer on board to coordinate everything from the Dreadnought considering the undertaking at hand.

Ra looked to Commander Bawden who had taken on the responsibility of Chief Security Officer. "Commander, as soon as the engineering teams begin to beam down, send your teams too. It's doubtful our presence will go unnoticed for long and our construction teams will need protection." Ra knew the marines were doing that, but they would be placed more distant than what security would be."

=^= Captain to Dr Ross, We have arrived in orbit, the marines are preparing to beam down and secure the landing zone. Once done, Engineering and Security will beam down and begin construction. Have your teams ready to follow when the word is given from the surface. =^= Ra didn't want to risk the key personnel in this mission before he needed to, there was little need to deploy medics to where they were not needed at that moment in time.

=^= Captain to Commander Luthar, we are positioning for scramble ability with outer doors open. You will be able to launch from the shadow of the ship. Have your pilots ready to launch at a moments notice in case of attack or surface support actions to the marines. =^= Ra had little doubt his fighter wing would be needed especially considering so far all they would have would be ground forces, Ra opted not to deploy the armoured units with the Marines in fear it would risk the position Starfleet had tasked them with.

It pleased him to see the Bridge crew leaping into action but at the same time it made him feel redundant beyond giving orders. He called up for a map of the landing zone to be put up on the incredibly large main viewer. "Commander Bawden." This time looking at Ayla. "I'd like you to launch 6 probes discreetly into low orbit in a pattern above the landing zone, route sensor feeds to the surface teams and marines also." Ra knew the importance of information and the supply of it in a timely fashion.

"Number One, I'd like you to be part of the initial teams going down. Take command there." While Ra would command from orbit, Caselli would do so from the ground, a command element present in both locations.

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