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Security Preparations

Posted on Sun May 2nd, 2021 @ 6:58am by Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr. & Commander Mark Bawden & Major Samantha Snyder

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Meeting Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day - 07: 1120 Hours


A notification had come through requesting a meeting between the new CMO and the seasoned MCO, Major Snyder. While the new CMO was exactly that, new, Mark was however willing to give the guy a chance. Major Snyder on the other hand was a known element having served under Mark previously.

There was little doubt in his mind that things on the planet were going to be dangerous inside and outside of the compound considering there were two rival factions within the gates, two rival factions outside the games and all it would take was a spark. As much as he'd rather stay on board and use the ships considerable sensor and weapons packages he knew he had to be down on the surface to coordinate things.

Sam walked in to the lounge brushing back a lock of her hair having spent much of the shift preparing everything for deployment. There would be nearly 800 marines going down to the surface in all manner of capacities but as the saying went.....

Proper Preparation Prevented Piss Poor Performance.

"Commander, it's good to see you. How is the family?" Sam asked with a warm smile as she slipped into one of the many vacant chairs.

"Do you remember those times when I'd have a detail to protect them when things got rough?" Mark asked.

"Yep, sure do." Sam replied with the same smile as before.

"Yeah well I think I might need one again soon. She's growing up fast and heaven forbid she will one day learn about boys." Mark joked, a day he was not looking forward to or a conversation to have.

"Children do that though, grow up faster than you expect. Look at it this way, at least she won't be stealing your clothes. Ayla gets that pleasure." Sam returned.

"Yeah suppose you're right on that." Mark replied, dreading the day when his daughter would cease to be this cute, innocent bundle of energy and grow into a young woman. "You met the new Chief yet?"

"No, guessing a recent arrival because they were not there at the briefing. I've been working to prepare the department for deployment when we arrive." Sam spoke placing the Padd she brought with her onto the table top.

"Looking forward to getting on real dirt, real air?" Mark asked recalling the times when he'd wish for the rain, or a gust of real wind to sweep by.

"God yes, I can't remember how long its been since we actually got dirty on a planet."

Then the doors opened and in walked the new CMO, Dr Ross.

Gavin had eventually found his way to the myriad of conference rooms onboard the Dreadnought. As it was a Starbase... Rather than a Flying Starbase with Nacelles attached, he was slowly but surely understanding all the critical centers of action and departments were located.

He was confident in the Medical Staff and the various other departments he had meetings with regarding the Medical Center Roll Out for the Planetary inhabitants. He would not, could not be blind because these were wore torn peoples, still in factions against each other.

He was not keen to require a considerable contingent of security within a Medical Facility. However, it was warranted to keeping his Staff safe and the patients safe as well.

Walking in with his white lab coat, Gavin wore a crisp white teeshirt underneath, with a pair of khaki cargo pants. When he was this busy, he always had to have cargo pockets for his numerous medical padds, etc.

"Good Afternoon." Ross had entered the room, holding his silver mug of double cream, double sweetener coffee. He nodded in the direction of The Major, Samantha Snyder. "Major. A pleasure to meet you. And, of course, Commander Bawden. Good to see you again. How is Miracle?" Ross couldn't help but ask since their appointment.

Sam watched the new CMO walk in, at first admittedly surprised at the 'uniform' choice. It was a brave choice and one she hoped the new Captain wouldn't catch the Dr wearing. "Doctor." Sam greeted, figuring the use of rank or title both suited the moment.

"I see we have some discussion regarding the security arrangements for the surface field hospital." Gavin had helped himself to a seat at the table, as he sat his forearms and clasped his hands together. His head focused on the table as he collected his pertinent thought. "Let me be clear on this. I believe the less amount of Marines, Security personnel the better. However, in this situation, I am deferring to your expertise in such matters as deployment and amounts of officers within and surrounding the operations of the hospital. You will not find an argument with me, Commander, Major." He had looked at them both.

"Well I intend to deploy the entire marine compliment on board." Which was nearly 800 marines. "Our job it external threat early detection and force denial. The area picked out for us is in an open field area with little to no hard cover available." Sam pulled up a holographic representation of the landing site. "My marines will layer in rings around the site performing covert observation and reconnaissance, threat assessment and reaction. My Command Post will be on a external fence outside the grounds."

Sam felt that with 800 marines in play she could react to most land based threats, CAG would have to keep the skies clear.

Mark chipped in next. "Security will form check points on all entry and exit points that connect the two halves of the compound. Roaming patrols along the interior side of the fence, guards at the interior main gate as well as power generation, supplies and fabricators." The aim was to make the presence clear but also a strong one. Desperate people would pray on any chance they could.

"Majority of the security detail would remain on board the ship but parties would be ready to beam down if required."

Gavin listened. Security was not his department, so he felt completely comfortable letting Commander Bawden and Major Snyder handle the logistics of that end.

“That sounds prudent.” Gavin had slowly nodded while looking at the numbers on the padd of the security personal and their contingents. “I have some areas of note.” He rubbed at the side of his temple, an invisible itch there. “The medical shuttles will be employed. At some points, we may need to bring up a few patients to the Dreadnought for intensive purposes. This would be rare. I can’t see the need this time. But if you both could work a way to allow that into your flight plans, I would appreciate that.” Ross then took a drink from his silver mug and then added as he swallowed. “Hot, hot. Oh, Fuck!” He had burnt his tongue for the second time in a week now.

“One last note.” He breathed in cool air and swallowed. “We will be locking out the replicators and laboratory fabrication replicators in the hospital to limit access for utilizing weapons. However, we need to have back-ups for contingency. I am certain it won’t come to that. But if you both could overlook the Security end of access to the replicators for weapons, mainly the medical staffers, lab staffers and of course Security and Marine Units to be privileged.” Ross then paused and waited for comments.

"Honestly I'd rather not. If there becomes a situation where staff are held hostages it runs the risk of additional weapons in the hands of the enemy especially in an overrun situation and to be honest I'm content with the only ones with weapons being us." Mark spoke. It was a fair request though. "If additional security is needed we can arrange it in the room, outside the doors or where ever but I'd rather limit weapons to Security and Marine forces only." Last thing Mark needed was a panicked friendly fire incident.

"I would agree, the less weapons in play the better and those that are be in our hands." Sam spoke. She had to wonder the position that could put medical staff in considering Doctors swore to do no harm. Perk of being a Marine was they were trained to harm, and protect.

"Agreed." Ross didn't like being the one in charge of his own Medical Department having to give away the decision for their access to weapons via replicators in the surgical units.

"My only nightmare situation is an unruly, and or, terrorist soldier under cover decides they want to blow up the wing of the hospital with the warring faction they don't meet eye to eye." He paused. "We will have advanced scanners in place at all times ensuring there is no subversive tactical weaponry?"

"All entrants will be subject to scans, vehicles will not be permitted on site. So you may want some anti-grav sleds handy for patient transfers." Mark would make sure there was a covered area available so that patients wouldn't get blinded by light, rained on or what ever the weather conditions would be once they arrived.

Ross thought about the arrangement. He looked at the plans on his padd and then slowly gave his own agreement. Not that he had the sole security approval, however, he had felt a large portion of his Medical Staff was directly under his care. Regardless. "I think this is good." He then reached up and began to absent-mindedly bite at his thumb, which he often did in grueling decisions.

Sam felt that the discussion had run to a close. "Well unless there is anything else, we all have work to do and not a lot of time left to do it."

"Agreed. Lets get this hospital working!" Ross had smiled and reached forward to shake hands of the attending officers, showing his appreciation and support of their hard work.



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