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Does that come with a Nursery? [Backpost]

Posted on Sat May 29th, 2021 @ 9:25am by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Marine Commanders Quarters.

Officially, she was only the Trauma Surgeon. While that entailed a few perks by way of quarters, she hadn't used them since she'd met Jack. She'd moved in with him fairly early on in their relationship, and she found that staying in their quarters with the scent of him fading from the air was almost more than she could bear. The memories in these quarters were wonderful, but since he wasn't here she wasn't entitled to stay in these quarters.

Her fingertips traced over the wall of the shower, and sniffled rubbing her nose on a washcloth she was using for the purpose. The doctor was prone to outbursts of tears these days, and part of her was heartily sick of that aspect of her pregnancy. It was almost random, but in this case it was purely due to loneliness. Acacia missed Jack so much that she ached. Physically, mentally, psychologically, she ached.

Jack was missing it all. Jason. She reminded herself again, chewing her lower lip. His name is Jason. It was the millionth time she'd done so since he'd whispered to her that she could. She'd whispered it back that night that this child had been conceived. She'd known him as Jack for longer than she had known him as Jason. The young woman still screamed 'Jack' to the silent bulkheads in her nightmares, which had gotten so much more interesting since she'd discovered her pregnancy. She couldn't even snuggle into his arms after one and weep. He'd never questioned her need for him, but simply enveloped her in his strength. Those blue eyes losing some of their haunted-ness when she was in his arms. Both sets of them had, if she'd cared to notice.

However much these quarters meant to her, she knew she couldn't stay here. Regulations being what they were, technically they didn't belong to her anymore. Jack had been reassigned, and his squadron had not gone with him. So, she'd requested and been granted a set of quarters in the Medical Area. Quarters with no ties to her lover, no memories of him AND a set of side rooms that could become an office and a nursery.

She didn't know when Jack was coming back- or even if he was coming back. He could come back in a pine box and no-one would bother to give her the information. Actually that was untrue, however the marines had proved they were were less than inclined to share information with her. She had no way of knowing if the communication blackout was legit or not, and she had only their word on it. Anything official and of coruse she was being deffered. Because, as the two brainless twits behind the Comm station wherever he was were so fond of telling her 'Colonel Frost has no wife on file.'

She KNEW that she wasn't his wife. If she WAS his wife, there would be little issue with her actually getting to speak to him in the case of an emergency. Acacia had never really given any thought to being anyone's wife, however there was a part of her, an ever increasing part that would gladly take his name.
She was absolutely gutted that he didn't even know she was carrying his child. She'd found the document that he'd written, after their little tete-a-tete with his injury. It had a file date, and an acceptance date from the she knew they were just yanking her chain.

"Why?" she growled to no-one in particular. It was perhaps her most pressing sign of stress, when she spoke to the room as if someone would answer her.


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