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Flight Control Considerations

Posted on Sun May 2nd, 2021 @ 6:56am by Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr. & Lieutenant Midori Kimoto

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: Mission Day 05: 1500 Hours


[Briefing Room]

Ross was getting used to the setting of the Dreadnoughts many briefing rooms over these past few days. Having been addressed with the Medical Clinic roll out for the two warring factions on the planet was no small task.

The second medical rollout of a hospital he had entirely helped to work order while in Starfleet. It would be the same for Lieutenant RJ since they had worked together on prior missions on the USS Shanghai.

Gavin twiddled his thumbs together while his mind had taken the free moment to think about other things. He wondered how Nanook was doing. His large male husky was spunky and always waiting for a walk. Would his new pair of sneakers be chewed to a pulp? Ross didn't mind as long as Nanook enjoyed himself.

Just then, Gavin had turned to see as someone was entering the Conference Room. Looking at his wristwatch, he checked the time to see if Lieutenant Kimoto, the ship's Chief of Flight Control.

When the door opened, Midori stood there for a moment to make sure it was the right room. Relieved, she stepped inside and walked over to the doctor, "Lieutenant Ross, I hope I'm not too late. I'm still learning the layout of this ship."

"Not at all. Please Lieutenant Kimoto, have a seat. Thank you for coming." Gavin had smiled.

Midori sat down, "Good." She observed him for a moment, "So, shall we begin?"

"By all means." Gavin was ready, with his padds at the ready. "So what I have here is the basic setup for the Medical Triage Facility. I would like to know from the building, logistical, and engineering aspects how and where your landing pad will be built for what craft you will be using from the Dreadnought to complete commutes to the surface and back." Gavin had hoped he had explained his intentions for the meeting well enough.

Midori thought for a moment, “Well, currently, the Dreadnought has a Type 1 shuttle and a Type M Medivac Shuttle. So, the landing pad needs to be able to accommodate the Type 1 shuttle. But I think the Type M Medivac Shuttle would be better for the commute.” She slid her PADD closer to him and leaned in so he could see, “I think this area would be the best place for it. It's closest to where the most critical patients will be kept.”

Gavin reviewed Lieutenant Kimoto’s identified area as the best location for the Medivac and Type I shuttlecraft to land. “Ok. This is good.” Ross had acknowledged the Flight Officer’s best advice.

“As you know, there will be the whole contingent of Marines and Dreadnought Security involved in the operations of the hospital and region for maximum safety for the Patients and Medical Staff,” Ross informed. “I will be applying your recommendations to the site plan. Lieutenant, please update the Marine Commanding Officer, Major Snyder, of the flight coordinates. The Marines will be adding security flights as well as personnel to secure the landing pad.” Ross had leaned back. “Should we have a secondary padd for emergencies?”

"That's a great idea. I wish I had thought of it." Midori looked at her PADD as she mumbled something in Japanese, " It could work. It looks like there's room for a second one right next to the other one."

"Excellent. If you can finish that up and then we should be good to go. Thank you Lieutenant Kimoto!" Ross gave a satisfied nod. As he removed himself from his desk to get the process under way for all the hard work him and the crew were doing for the roll out of the Hospital.



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