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The Date Part 2

Posted on Wed Apr 21st, 2021 @ 8:22am by Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr. & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: Current

[Holodeck 02 - Program GR]

Ross had reached and unzipped his hoodie he had replicated at the entrance earlier. He then suited it around RJ, the cozy cotton. The breeze was beginning to get a bit chilly on the coast as the evening neared. "So, whenever you're ready, we can get dressed for that nice dinner. I think it's high time that I've owed you that!" He had only hoped that it would be what RJ might expect for a formal dinner. The next program certainly had taken some time to get it just right.

RJ snuggled into the warm hoodie. “Yea, it IS high time you took me on that dinner you promised!” Reagan nudged him playfully. She paused for a moment first, just enjoying the view and Gavin’s company, before hopping up. “Let’s do it, I’m looking forward to it,” she said with a smile.

"Ok, sounds good. I will meet you in 10, RJ?" Ross had nodded, they now would get into something snappy to dress and have a good dinner. He smiled, as he watched her face in the sunlight, there was never a bad angle to witnessing Reagan.

“See you in ten then,” Reagan replied, already heading towards the panel to reclaim the dinner outfit she had brought with her. A room appeared for her to change in after she typed in a command. Her dress hung neatly in the corner as she walked in. It was a beautiful navy blue color with white flecks covering the fabric in a way that almost resembled the night sky. The flowy material ended perfectly above her knees and the off-shoulder sleeves and v-shaped neckline worked perfectly together to frame her top half with her loosely curled hair.

RJ finished off the outfit with her favorite silver necklace. It consisted of gears intertwined with sparkling star-like pieces. Together creating what Reagan thought of as the perfect artist recreation of engineering in space. She then threw on her blue and silver ballet flat style shoes and walked out to meet back up with Gavin.

Ross had walked back and was clasping his wrist cuffs of his dark jacket. For a man, there wasn't too much to choose to dress up. He chose a nice classic black suit, along with a cream tie, nestled inside, along with a gleaming watch and good pair of dark leather shoes.

Stopping… Gavin had paused. Since he had first met Regan, they had been casual and relaxed all along. Never in his thoughts, well, did he meet RJ, to see her dressed. She looked as though she could be attending a Ball at Versailles. Not in extreme extravagance, but in elegance, understated. Her glistening blue eyes, the first thing he had noticed when he had met RJ… "Wow." He stated.

"You look fantastic," RJ was beaming as she met back up with Gavin. He always looked good, but he looked especially dapper in the snappy attire he had chosen. "So, where are you taking me?" She asked, curious as to where they were going in such fancy clothes. As much as she loved casual wear, RJ also truly enjoyed getting all dressed up for a special occasion now and again.

"No." He extended his hand to take RJ's confidently along with his. "You look. Wow. RJ." Ross was dumbfounded for expressions at the moment. "Please. Will you accompany me for dinner, M'Lady."

“There is nothing I'd love more,” Reagan smiled as she took his hand.

That's when the program had changed to nighttime. The sky of Paris in the background was sun setting. Above the City of Lights, the orange aurora complimented the now twinkling serries of golden millennium lights on the Eiffel Tower.

Stepping in through the lift way, they had been ushered through past the security. What was now in the 24th Century, a towering monument to Earth's past. A decadence that only a moment in time, such architecture of the 1889 Worlds Fair's exposition, stood a monument of Human Kind's perseverance.

"Monsieur. Madame." The French porter for the elevator greeted them as they were VIP guests. The lift was now taking them a 3-minute ride upwards to the 58th story, second-level, of the central platform where "Le Jules Verne" the zenith of French Haute Cuisine in Paris, with the views to match.

“Gavin, this...this is beautiful! I’m like speechless.” Reagan said with her eyes wide in wonder. The nighttime view of the city was just spectacular. The VIP treatment was just the cherry on top.

"You didn't think I would choose anything like our Burger Joint we role played in, right?" He had chuckled. Happy to see that RJ was surprised.

Reagan laughed, “this is MUCH better than that burger joint.” She felt like the luckiest girl in the world. To be treated to such as wonderful date night. One that Gavin had clearly put a lot of thought and effort into.

Just then, the lift had halted at the top of the restaurant. There were patrons and services already in full swing. The smells of the food, the white linen, candlelit tables, and the French Piano Master playing in the background all screamed high culture. Gavin was someone to enjoy refined excellence, yet he was just as easy to sit and eat a bag of chips for dinner with a good movie and RJ. But this called for seriousness.

As they were slowly ushered through the waiting crowds near the restaurant's lobby, the Maitre D of the Restaurant spoke in all French. Thankfully, Ross had been able to pick up and understand what the man was saying since he had resided in the Canadian School System as a child. French was also a part of his University Education.

“Ici, nous avons pour vous. Notre table la plus spéciale de la maison.” The Maitre D. Then extened the first seat for RJ. And then doing so for Ross. “Je m'appelle Jaques et je serai votre hôte ce soir pour ce dîner. Veuillez vous asseoir.”

"Dois-Je Vous apporter la carte des vins de ce soir?" The Maitre D had turned to Gavin, the man of the table. As such, it was traditional for the Male to entertain the female.

Gavin turned to RJ. "Would you care to start with some wine? Or are you still a bit queasy?" He frowned, hoping that she would not feel as such.

“Oh, no, I’m fine. Wine would be great!” The nausea had only been temporary after the teacups and she felt much better. Even more so since being surrounded by the beautiful atmosphere that Gavin had selected for their dinner.

Gavin turned to the Maitre D. “Monsier. Nous commencerons par une bouteille de Bourgogne Grand Cru réfrigéré. Merci Jaques.” Ross had replied.

“Excellent choix Monsieur. Je commencerai par la spécialité maison des canapés.” The Maitre D, had then gave a slight bow and took the black wine list, and left the two.

"Well, look at that view." Ross had turned to see the sparkling city of Lights beyond the antique metal trusses of the central view of Downtown Paris. He had turned to look at RJ and smiled. "You look so incredible tonight." He smiled.

“Me? This view takes the cake. Not to mention you, Gavin. You look incredible too.” RJ returned his smile.

Just as RJ had replied, the House Chef had personally come to visit them at their table. “Monsieur et Madame, je m'appelle Frederick Anton. Ce soir, nous avons plusieurs options de dîner passionnantes.”

The French Chef Master of the House had begun to proudly proclaim the house specialties, which had seemed like a ritual he enjoyed.

"Pour commencer avec notre menu de sept plats. Nous proposons du crabe, aromatisé au curry, pamplemousse zéphyr. Deuxièmement, nous proposons des pétoncles. Cuit dans un pain grillé Melba, citron et caviar. Troisièmement, nous avons la langoustine. Préparé comme ravioli, crème fumée, pomagrante gelée. Quatrièmement, le plat principal est la morue. Simplement cuite, aïoli. Puis agneau. Rôti, crème de graines de moutarde et raifort, flan aux champignons moelleux. Ensuite, pour le dessert, nous offrons la pomme. Meringue croustillante, sorbet, zéphyr de pomme aigre, pomme et aneth Coulis Ensuite, nous avons pour notre finale le chocolat: Souffle chaud, éclats de cacao, Sorbet, Gavotte croustillante.” The Michlin Star Chef had then finished, patiently waiting.

Ross looked at RJ. "Does whatever he had just said sound good?" He cocked his head to RJ. He grinned, chuckling.

An eyebrow arched on her face as she had listened to the Chef spout out the menu. Reagan didn’t speak French, but as far as she could tell this was a very long menu. “Sure I guess?” She shrugged with a chuckle.

“Excellent. Merci Monsieur. Nous serons honorés de vous faire cuisiner pour nous cette merveilleuse sélection. Merci.” Ross had then nodded to the Chef replying that they would be honoured to have the specialties that he had offered them for the evening.

The Maitre D returned with their wine and filled both of their glasses. Reagan picked hers up and took a sip. “Wow, this is fantastic. Did you program in this selection?” She asked.

Damien had shaken his head. "Are you kidding me?" He had laughed. Taking a drink of the wine and swirling it around in the glass. "I have a friend back at Starfleet. He had pulled out of the Medical Program and wound up here. I confess I had a bit of insight." Damien had winked.

"So tell me, why Paris? Have you been before?" Reagan wondered. She hadn't traveled to the romantic city before, but being here in this program made her want to.

"I have been to Paris, yes. However, mostly on Starfleet work. I never truly had the chance to visit the City proper." He gestured. Gazing to the view around them, the best seat in the house. "I felt nobody else would appreciate it as much as spending this time with you, RJ."

Right after Gavin answered, a waiter stopped by with the first course. He placed it in front of them and said something in French before leaving the two once more. Reagan inspected the dish with curiosity. Some sort of crab dish she thought before taking a bite. The crab practically melted in her mouth and the curry flavoring was fantastic.

"Wow, I didn't think anything could beat the view, but this really pulled out all the stops Gav." Reagan was impressed with his choices, assuming he had a hand in the selections.

"I think Chef Frederick Anton pulled out the stops!" Ross shook his head while tasting the haute cuisine. "I mean, it's not a burger. Not a steak… It's a fusion of tastes, textures… Tout simplement excellent!" He winked and taking the fabric napkin to his mouth.

"God. This wine is incredible. I love it. But then again, I do love all types of alcohol." Gavin had grinned.

“Same, same,” Reagan chuckled before taking another sip of the delectable liquid.

"So tell me, if you had a choice to eat somewhere… Say as extravagant as a place like this. Thankfully we're only on the holodeck to do so. Where would you choose RJ?" Gavin was interested.

“I don’t know, honestly. Maybe here, this might be the fanciest place I’ve ever been! The food is amazing and the atmosphere is just. Well, absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for more.” Reagan gave an honest answer with a smile.

Just then, the Maitre D had returned to bring in the next meal, which was two sets at once. There was plated before them, the Scallops cooked with Toast Melba, Lemon, and Caviar. The second plated dish was Langoustine prepared as Ravioli, Smoked Crème, and pomegranate jelly.

"Oh my God." Ross had looked at the plate. I don't even know where to begin with this.." He lent his face forward to the dish and took in the smells that were coming off the fresh cooking. "Imagine if we re-programmed Dreadnought's replicators only to produce stuff from this restaurant!" He had chuckled. "I doubt many would appreciate it. Some would."

“Who wouldn’t appreciate this luxury?!” Reagan chuckled. “I didn’t even know the replicator could replicate food this delicious.”

Taking the bottle of wine and generously filling up both his and RJ's glasses. Gavin paused, letting his eyes gaze across the flickering flame of the tall taper white candles. The Piano's sounds in the background, beside them to the right, the twinkling bustling action of the Ancient Paris streets beneath.

"RJ…" He stated. "To us!" He lent his wine glass forward with the golden liquid and clinked her glass in perfect time. Bringing it back for a drink.

Reagan watched Gavin as they both drank. How had she gotten so lucky? She wondered before another question entered her mind. It was often difficult for her whole family to get together, but they had a game night planned for the following week where they all reserved time to get on the holographic chatting interface together. She had been dating Gavin for a while now. Should she invite him to her family game night? Officially introduce him to her family? Were they that serious yet?

RJ pushed the thought out of her mind as her glass came back down the table. She didn’t want to go too far too fast and if she felt the timing was right then maybe she’d invite him at the end of the date. Not now.

“I haven’t asked yet, how is Nanook doing?” RJ truly loved the fluffy husky and was always interested in his wellbeing.

Gavin had smiled when RJ mentioned Nanook. "Nanook has been having a tantrum. The dude is smart." He laughed. "I'll tell you that. Nan can sense it's almost time for another bath. He already is pouting and howling and plays mauling my ankle whenever I pass by his leash."

Just as they finished up the course, another came out. "I don't know that I'm going to make it through all of these dishes!" Reagan half-joked, already pretty full from the three courses they had consumed. They weren't large courses, but even small courses added up!

"Yeah. Some of this. I am not too sure about it. I've never had a taste for caviar. Kind of gross." He had let his fork play into the meal. He, truthfully, just had wanted to be there in the setting with RJ.

"Have you ever thought about having a pet of your own?" Gavin questioned RJ.

"I have. We have two family pets. A rottweiler, Admiral Nimitz, who we affectionately refer to as Nim. And a fat tabby named Patton. My parents have Nim and my brother has Patton. I actually had Patton until Cam graduated from the academy, but first assignments are hard and I thought it would be easier with him if he had some company." She shrugged. "I've thought about bringing another pet into the mix, but I'm just not sold on it. I don't know how Nim or Pat would react to a new animal in the family when we're all at home and I love those two so much that I'm not sure I could get another. I guess it's just a little complicated." RJ chuckled. "Maybe I should just casually steal Nanook from your quarters one of these days."

"Nim sounds like an interesting dude. I assume Nim is a dude?" Ross stated.

"Yes, he's a dude. A very big, but gentle dude." RJ chuckled, recalling how Nim was always the biggest teddy bear. "Patton is a dude too."

"Hahaha… A fat cat named Patton. Well, Starfleet certainly does run in the family then. Even the pets are named after famed military leaders." Gavin then chuckled as he took a bite from his plated food and swallowing. "You know." He gestured with his fork. "I think that might be a bad idea. I'd never be able to get Nan to come back! What, with all those fancy treats, you have him addicted too now." He winked.

RJ laughed. "Well, in that case, I should definitely steal him."

"Although, that's not a bad thing. Mean's he'd certainly get comfy in your quarters. Maybe next time I could bring him with me to visit. That's if you're not having any existential modernist, minimalist exhibitions of art going on?" He egged.

RJ rolled her eyes at the minimalist. "I was still moving that first time! Besides, you've been to my quarters since then, you know there's no minimalist exhibitions going on now. It's been appropriately decorated thank you very much," she chuckled. "And yes, you should bring Nanook over anytime. I'd love to have him over." She smiled sincerely.

Reagan continued to take bites here and there but was quickly reaching her limit. "So, this meal, it's amazing....but there's really no way I eat multiple more courses. What do you say we skip to dessert?" She asked, hoping she didn't hurt his feelings by asking the question. She knew that Gavin had worked hard to put the program together and didn't necessarily want to skip anything.

"Of course." He had nodded. "To be honest, I think I'm ready for it too." Gavin had then turned to the Maitre D off to the side of the table. "Desert, please, Monsieur."

"So, anything new and exciting happening in the medical world these days?" Reagan asked as they waited for their final course. Gavin was always researching interesting things when he was on duty and she loved to hear about them. Maybe she just loved listening to him talk. Either way, it was enjoyable.

"Interesting." He leaned back in his seat and then reached for his glass of wine while he had thought. "There have been a few Federation Medical warnings sent out on general advice, some mitro-virus on Unara IV. A research colony in the Deneb system. It makes you wonder what they are working on." He offered.

"As for sickbay itself." He shrugged and faintly smiled. "It's been boring lately—no more beeping from the attenuator interface. Mission-wise, the Dreadnought rollout of the Medical Center goes well, as you know." Gavin appreciated RJ's interest. He enjoyed how they had shared their work and talk about shifts.

"As for Engineering, Chief." Ross gestured. "Have you ever considered working on some Engineering Journals? Your work ethic and unorthodox fixes would be some interesting readings, I am certain, RJ." He stated.

"Engineering journals?" She chuckled. "No. My work ethic and fixes aren't anything more than what you'd find with any other chief engineer in Starfleet. Besides, writing an engineering journal isn't really my thing. I prefer actually doing the hands on work as opposed to writing it."

"You're too bashful, as always. Which is great about you." He grinned.

"You flatter me, Gavin," she smiled and took a sip of the wine.

"Have any of your parents submitted literature to the Federation Research Councils?" Gavin asked. "Your family seems to be quite the team. Do you find yourself asking them for advice on Engineering matters, RJ?"

"No, they haven't. We're all too busy with actual work!" RJ chuckled. "I have gone to them for advice on occasion. Sometimes we just give each other statuses on our ships and provide suggestions. It's nice having a lot of support and multiple brains to pick when I run into a real problem."

"Speaking of families." She paused for a second. This seemed as good a time as any to broach the subject. "I'm getting together with my family next week through the holo chat interface. We try to meet up once a month and play games together. You could join if you're interested..." RJ offered apprehensively. Even though they weren't meeting in person, virtual 'meeting the parents' was a big step, or so it seemed to her. She hoped she hadn't overstepped.

Gavin was a bit surprised. "A game night?" He paused, realizing that Reagan probably did not ask just anyone to visit with her parents. Gavin realized where this was going, and he had smiled. "RJ. I'd like that, sure." Gavin replied just as dessert was coming around.

Just then the Maitre D dropped off dessert. Reagan, who thought she might be too full for dessert, instantly found room as she eyed the delectable dish that was put in front of her. One had a form of apple dessert on it and the other something that looked like chocolate. After a quick evaluation, she dove into the chocolate one first.

"Oh, My God. We could've skipped dinner and three courses of this, and that would've been fine!" RJ laughed. "This is amazing."

"I don't know." Gavin had lingered with the spoon of chocolate crème, was it? Ice cream? "I still say, those funnel cakes were the bomb!" He then slid out the clean spoon and gestured.

"Ugh, funnel cakes," RJ groaned with the recent memory of the teacup ride. "I don't think I can even look at a funnel cake again for a while."

"Is that. Oh, cool." Gavin picked up the small green leaf from his chocolate dessert. "You know." He held out the green mint leaf. "I've seen countless pictures of chocolate ice cream with mint on it, but I've never actually had one on it. Kind of mysterious in itself!" Ross then playfully dropped the mint back on top of the remaining ice cream. "Perfecto!" He imitated a chef.

"It's pretty good. A little strong though," she replied having already devoured the mint leaf with the chocolate dessert.

"Ok." He had nodded. "RJ, what do you consider frivolous? Something that you find is, 'meh,' just a waste. As in, say presentation-wise." He had furthered the minty intrigue.

"See. I would find something like those fancy resorts. You enter your room. You see a towel that is wrapped up into a swan or something." He laughed. "I mean. That's cool and all. But, time spent on that could be cleaning the buffer coils on the in-suite replicator." Gavin shrugged.

"Frivolous? Hmmm..." RJ tilted her head in thought. "Well, for one thing, I don't think those animal towels are frivolous. At least not when you're on vacation. They're fun!" She chuckled. "Anything that you spend time doing that isn't something you really love and that isn't required. For example, your guitar, my viola. We both play because we love it, but if it wasn't something we enjoyed then I'd consider the time spent doing it frivolous. Other than that probably just random junk. I've heard of some people that collect...things. Not like heirlooms or things that are really special, but just like random junk. That doesn't make any sense to me. Why would you collect those things and have them sitting around your house or quarters when you could recycle it into the replicator?" Reagan shrugged, it seemed an almost foreign concept to her since you could literally replicate anything you wanted.

"Collecting Beer cans is not frivolous, RJ." Ross had mocked feign annoyance. "People have to see what I have tried!"

They finished up dessert and Reagan dropped her napkin on the table. She put her hands up. "Okay that's it, I literally can't take any more of this delicious food." She chuckled and then got up and walked towards the edge of the area to get a better view. "This really is gorgeous. One day we should go to the real Paris. What do you think?"

"I would love to see the original Versailles. I hear there is actual ghosts there at night, and we can take a ghost tour!" Ross finished up his self and then took another drink from the wine. Before relaxing back watching RJ marvel at the City.

"Can I ask you something?" A question had piqued in her mind as she thought about traveling.

"Uh. RJ. No, you may not. Ask me Anything!" He then got up from the table, having wiped his mouth on the white linen napkin.

"What's your plan after Starfleet? I'm assuming you have a plan anyway, considering you're always so well prepared for everything." RJ smiled. It was something she admired about him. "But what do you want to do? Settle in one place, travel the universe, something else?" She was curious.

He placed his hands into his suit pockets and walked up to RJ as she stood by the windows. Gavin thought of the question. "I honestly do not have a plan. I'd enjoy teaching at the Academy if they'd have me. But it depends. A universe is a big place, and there is a lot to think about. I'd like to have a family some day."

"Have you thought of plans, I mean. We're not that old." He shrugged. He was smiling at RJ.

She laughed as he asked the question. She had pretty much everything planned. Things didn't always go as planned in between, but usually, the end goal would stay the same. "I've thought about it. I have a tendency to plan out basic milestones for my whole life." Reagan shrugged. "That's just how I operate I guess."

"Well. Before we start pondering life's possible journeys…" Gavin held a hand out, as he had then picked up a padd from a nearby waiter table. "We've got one last wee stop."

[Mexico, Puerto Viarda, Malecon]

The holodeck scene of the Eiffel Tower dining room evaporated, changing to a sleepy seaside shore. The Malecón was a 12-block, mile-long esplanade, complete with a cobblestone shore walk and classical bollard lighting pathways. The breeze was warm, and the ocean's sound off in the darkened evening was a scene for a perfect after-dinner stroll.

"It's one of my favorite places. I love Mexico, also the Malecon. It is an 18th century-old port city of Puerto Viarda. Have you been?" He extended his hand to take RJ's to walk with him.

"I haven't, but this beats Paris hands down," Reagan's face brightened as the scene changed to the seaside shore and she took his hand.

They continued to walk and Reagan slowly shifted her direction. Moving off the path towards the ocean. Gavin may have intended for only a stroll, but you couldn't put Reagan near an ocean and not expect her to at least get her feet wet.

She took her shoes off as they neared the water and walked forward. Dipping her toes into the salty water. "Care to join?" Reagan looked back at Gavin with a grin.

“Why not?” He smiled. This was what he had loved about RJ, she always was doing something that her mind just decided. It was refreshing. Gavin had took off his shoes and socks near the shore, and stepped his feet into the warm, soft white sand washing over with ocean.

RJ went farther into the sea. Going far enough to enjoy the warm water without getting her dress wet. She smiled as Gavin came up next to her and then wrapped an arm around him and leaned in resting her head against his shoulder.

She kept her eyes fixed on the gorgeous expanse of the ocean in the moonlight. "Gavin, this is honestly the most perfect date I've ever been on. Thank you."

“Nothing to thank me for…” He looked into the same direction, enjoying that RJ leaned against him. “Glad that you’re here, with me.”

They stood for a moment just enjoying the view and each other's company. Until Reagan thought the moment was right. "And now..." she said, a smirk slowly growing on her face. "It's time for payback." With that RJ swiftly kicked Gavin's legs out from under him and gave him a nudge so that he'd lose balance and fully fall into the water. "That's for the teacups and funnel cake experience." Reagan laughed.

Reagan had shocked him, in surprise, Ross dropped to the semi-waste high water line of the salty ocean. He burst into a laugh, as he braced his hands to the sandy floor beneath the gentle waves.

“Hahaha…” He smiled, enjoying the water actually. “Yeah… I probably deserved that one.” He eyed RJ from the position, she looked like a sea goddess in the moon light, as it refracted through the waves. God she was striking.

Submersing his self now completely, Gavin had rushed forward through the water like an oncoming shark as he tackled RJ where she were, causing her to loose her balance falling into the warm ocean. The silver water splashing into the moon light. “MMu uhhahahaha..” He growled, as he then reached round her and holding her with him.

RJ laughed. She half expected the move, it was fair play after all. Not that she minded. She enjoyed his playful and fun nature just as much as his compassionate and romantic side. Reagan looked up at him as he held her. His eyes sparkled with a reflection of the water. RJ wanted nothing more than to be with him in that moment. All of him.

[Gavin's Quarters]

Gavin had seen it in RJ's eyes, the point in time where he was longing it to get too. The point where she was completely at ease around him, with him, and now her wanting to be with him. If he had read all signals correctly.

As they had walked back to his quarters, both were a bit quiet as if expecting something... Longing to taste RJ, her kiss, her body. As the door had closed Gavin ignored Nanook. Whose' head roused when they had entered.

"RJ..." Gavin had held her cheeks as he had pulled her in for a passionate, longing kiss, with the lust that said he wanted her to be with him, and only him. "I need you, now." Gavin had walked, rather shuffled while kissing RJ in to his bedroom. Gavin hitting the door control, shutting out Nanook.

Reagan normally would've felt bad for Nanook. Having not even given him a pet as they entered Gavin's quarters, but she was entirely too distracted to even notice. The only thing existing in that moment was Gavin. The desire growing between them as they shuffled into his bedroom. She had waited long enough for this moment.

RJ kicked off her shoes and her hands slid up Gavin’s chest to his shoulders. Her heart burned with a hunger as she slid the jacket from his shoulders. She paused for a moment and gazed into his glowing eyes before her hands began to trail back downward. Unbuttoning his shirt and letting it fall to the ground.

Ross leaning forward, his fingers laced into RJ's back head of hair, his lips kissing along her slender neck, the smell of her intoxicating perfume so perfectly filled his nostrils. Gavin expertly unzipped the top of the back of RJ's evening dress. Slowly zipping the end downward, as he stepped forward, he pressed tightly against her, holding RJ to his grasp, splaying her neck back. Gavin kissed passionately, tasting, kissing every inch along RJ's neck and skin. Then back to RJ's soft, supple lips.

His large, strong hands, slipping his fingers through the straps of RJ's dress top on her shoulder and down her long silky skin arms. Gavin breaking the kiss as he straddled RJ beneath, ensuring his weight wasn't pressed down too hard on her. Her perfection was all that he envisioned. "You're so…" He leaned downward, kissing her body. "So… Beautiful.."

Reagan's body arched slightly towards Gavin as a cry of ecstasy escaped her lips from his touch. She moved her hands over his exposed, powerful body. Exploring every inch until she reached the top. She touched his chin and guided him back upwards before slipping her fingers through the short hair on the back of his head and then pulled him down into another passionate foray of the lips.

"Don't make me wait any longer," she whispered into his ear with a bursting desire. She wanted all of him, now.

Gavin was so turned on by RJ's desired plea, as he leaned overtop of her, his face intently staring back into RJ's. He fully intended to take the relationship to the next level...


"Well, this has certainly been my favorite date so far." Reagan smiled at Gavin as she lay in the crook of his arm, utterly exhausted from the night's events. It had been the most fun, romantic and fulfilling night she'd ever shared with someone. It was perfect.

It had been a perfect night, Gavin felt. He loved every moment he had spent with RJ. Something inside him tingle when he had watched back at RJ as she lay there nestled close to him. Both their warmth together. He had never felt more complete beside her at that moment.

“You asked me RJ last night at the restaurant. What I pictured in my life.” He spoke. “I think… If I ever wanted Children. To bring children into this world, erm, universe.” He looked at her. “I would want you to be their Mother.” He stated matter of factly. He didn’t know if that was too out there, but he had to let it be known how his feelings were shaping up. It was only the truth to be told.

Reagan sat in silence for a moment considering his comment. When she had asked him the question, she meant more in general terms. Though attached to Gavin at this point, she hadn't even thought as far as children. She knew she wanted them one day, but beyond that hadn't been determined.

"If you ever wanted you don't know yet if you want them or not?" She finally asked, curious to expound on the statement. "As a side note, you'd be a great father," RJ added honestly.

"Thanks. I like to think that I'm being trained by Nanook. He's giving me a run for money as you know." Ross chuckled. "What type of family do you ever think you would like? Big, small?"

"Similar to what I had growing up I think. 2 kids, nothing more nothing less. What about you?" RJ asked in return.

"I have had a lot of time around children in Medical. Enough to realize that I probably could only handle one, maybe two." Gavin shrugged. "But life has it's ways of surprising." He rolled to his side and watched RJ lay there beside him.

"One?" RJ repeated, thinking about her own experiences with her brother. They were close, and although that may not have always been the case growing up, she couldn't imagine a life without him. "Did you ever want a sibling growing up?"

Gavin thought to himself, his eyes had searched the ceiling as he thought. His hand playing along side RJ's curves. "You know. I don't think I was ever bored enough to be able to wish for another Brother or Sister." Ross then nodded. "I mean, sure at times I thought. A big Brother would be cool to camp with, or make fires with or go fishing, or play hockey with."

"Dad and Mom mostly had me busy with sports, or working with Dad around the house and yard." It was an interesting question. Being an only child he had known how close RJ was to her Brother, and that she talked about him. He liked that.

"How is your brother doing? What did he think about your transfer to the Dreadnought." Gavin was curious.

"He's doing well, still claiming that being a Starfleet pilot is the best and most adventurous job," she chuckled. "He thought the Dreadnought was a good opportunity, just like I did. What did your family think about your transfer?" She asked, wondering if his family thought similarly to hers considering Gavin's parents didn't work for Starfleet.

"They were happy none the less to hear that I had basically been transferred to a Starbase. Mrs. Ross couldn't quite understand that it wasn't a starbase, but a starship with nacelles. Quite the funny conversation. They are both doing well. Mom has opened up her garden to a party with the local French Theological Society in the La Presse'." He didn't know what to make of it, but she was all in a tizzy about her friends to meet.

RJ had started to slowly dose off to sleep as she nestled into the crook of Gavin's arm. It had been an amazing, but long day. "French Theological Society?" She inquired, noticeably half asleep at this point, but trying to stay involved in the conversation. She didn't want Gavin to think that she wasn't interested in his family.

Gavin had smiled tiredly himself. He was so relaxed and at most comforted when RJ was snug against his body. Only she was the one that could make him feel so special in life, and how he couldn't imagine being with anyone else.

Ross hadn't replied as he gently reached and pulled atop of RJ and them, a light blanket that was gentle and comforting.

"Sleep well M' Lady." Gavin had kissed at the side of RJ's ear gently as to not awake her.



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