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Medical Triage Center - Science Considerations

Posted on Sun May 2nd, 2021 @ 6:54am by Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr. & Commander Ayla Bawden

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Deck 12 - Medical Operations - Conference Room
Timeline: Mission Day 06 - 1300 Hours

[Deck 12 - Medical Operations - Conference Room]

Gavin had just finished setting up an offering on the conference table. He had set a bunch of varieties of fruit, coffee, and juices. Some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, which RJ had told him was some of his best baking. Cookies. "Yeah, that's hard to bake!" He grinned to himself. They were his Mother's recipe, and the warm fresh smell always seemed to make a meeting more inviting.

Having replicated himself a silver mug of coffee, three creams, two sweeteners, Ross had tested with a sip. "Ouch... Hot, hot, hottt.." He had reached for a napkin to wipe his burnt tongue.

As they had agreed to a meeting and time, Gavin had set out his medical triage center information, the logistics from the computers, and he was currently going through the planning stages. He had needed to know with the colonists' compliment just how much laboratory would be necessary for any potential science work.

The Medical Labs were a different story. Given the amount of 300 + population dispersed into two segregated sides of the hospital, it would be a challenge nonetheless. The two factions could not see eye to eye and could erupt into chaos if the Triage Hospital was intermixed.

Taking a seat, he had the padds laid out on the glass and wood conference table. Gavin looked at his silver wrist chronometer watch. A gift from his Father, Dane Ross.

Busy going through scheduling when a soft beeping started up. Ayla glanced at the flashing icon on her screen. She wrinkled her muzzle a bit as she tapped the flashing curser. Watching the curser open a window which showed she had an appointment with Ross in the conference room to coordinate lab work.

She grabbed her specially prepped data pad and saved her work after closing the reminder window. She exited her office and scampered out of the Science section.

She entered the conference room, just as Gavin glanced at his wrist time piece. "Squeak! Iz here!" A bit out of breath from her mad dash through the ship, via corridors and turbolifts.

Wearing her typical clothing looking like a peasant woman with a pristine white lab coat open down the front. Data pads sticking out of the many pockets.

"Apologize. Got engrossed in updating the schedules for both ship and planet side." Ayla spoke as she flopped into the nearest seat. "Whotcha got planned?" Ears perked and attentive.

"Commander, great to see you." Ross smiled. He gestured with his large hand in a scoffed wave. "Don't worry. You're not late. I understand how busy things are on this ship. It's incredible how large it is."

"A Starbase with warp capabilities.." Ayla smiled softly.

"Thank you for meeting with me. I had wanted to consult you on the level of laboratory space that will be needed for the medical triage center." He handed Ayla the padd with the potential schematics.

"Given the amount of population, we will service, and the lab size. What and how many types of science computers will need to be stored. How much science staff will we need to stand by. In case we encounter new diseases on the planet. Very hypothetical." He had shrugged. He had no idea himself, which was why Ross had deferred to Sciences.

"Anything new will be placed inna stasis container an immediately sent to the Ship's Labs for farther study and production of an vaccine. Anything new will be introduced from ourz visit. Wez just gotta watch out for the possible mutations from already known microbes that causes the various diseases." Ayla spoke. "Wez even collaborate with Medical Labs already. It's the diseases that been ramped up to become Bio weapons. Fast incubation to infectious stage without harming host till the virus becomes harmful to the host. Sometimes the host whont even notice that they are a carrier due to a strong immune system. When that happens, virus either dies off or mutates targeting the host and then others."

Ayla shuffled through her many Data pads she carried with her to the meeting. "This has every known virus in the known universe. We run a match and then work up a vaccination." Sliding the appropiate pad over to Ross. "upload picture. Run a similarity scan. You'll come up with at least 6 different viruses. Pick the most lethal one. Ninety-four percent it'll be a mutated match spliced to be very useful as BWMD. Then do a DNA match to get the parent virus. If the virus has a high match of an off-world virus. Wez will have a serious problem."

Ayla looked thoughtful, absentmindedly click her claw tips against the table, lightly. "Priority on Bio-stasis containers. At least the small pocket size. Easy to carry and quick transport if needed. Transporter Locks or Tags for emergency for the patients. Fleet and Marines can use their com-badges as transporter tags."

"As for Science personnel, enough to run several studies at the same time. But be available for higher priority that usually shows up least expected. Wez can always beam down more or send the stuff up to the ship. Accumulated information will be periodically uploaded to the ship's computers for an even more intense study and double check the findings planet side." Ayla paused to let Ross talk.

Ross had nodded as he had taken down notes of what Ayla's recommendations were. These were all things that he would add to the to-do master list of the rollout.

"Of course." Gavin had furrowed his eyes in thought as he usually did when thinking thoroughly. "So, we will need a contingent of rotational science teams. If you could go ahead, Lieutenant Bawden, and speak to the Ops Officer with those requirements, I am sure they would be happy to record them in the personnel database planners."

"As for the rest, I would say that's all good. Capacity is something we can rely on heavily when we have a starship, erm, starbase with nacelles this size." Ross chuckled.

Ayla nodded with a twinkle in her eyes. "Iz already sent the Science personnel roster to Ops. I'll be making planet visits unless yooz want me to go with the initial team." Ayla spoke thoughtfully. "Iz have a daughter which kinda limits mez being on a lot of planet side duties. At least the lengthy ones."

Ayla gathered up her data pads and putting them back in the lab coat pockets.

Ross had got up on his side of the table, as the meeting was drawing to a close. "Of course. How is little Miracle doing? You are both wonderful Parents you and the Chief." Gavin smiled remembering how adorable their daughter were.

"Squeee.." warmth filled her tone. "She's like always, a little terror. I'd think something was wrong if she wasn't." Ayla eyes softened with a twinkle and warmth.

"Good. I am glad to hear it Ayla." Ross had packed up his things as well. "Well, see you soon and we shall meet up again no doubt during the rollout." He added before leaving the meeting room.

"Of course. Iz gotta do last minutes checks to make sure the portable Science Lab is all there. And properly marked. Don't want hazardous chemicals getting loose." Ayla letting Doctor Ross go first.



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