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Social Suggestions

Posted on Fri Oct 22nd, 2021 @ 2:02pm by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: Backpost- Just after planetfall.

Quinn couldn't remember the last time she felt this hungry as she entered the mess hall and punched in her order on the replicator. She had completely forgotten to eat lunch and as such had entered the mess hall at an odd time. One could tell that it was no longer lunch hour by the fact that there was only a handful of personnel still present.

A savory bowl of cajun alfredo appeared on the replicator surface and it was all she could do to keep from wolfing down the entire bowl right there. Although RJ didn't mind eating on her own, she knew it was to her benefit to meet people on the new ship and looked around for a suitable table. Eventually settling on one occupied by a tall, beautiful woman with bright hair.

"Do you mind if I join you?" RJ asked as she approached the table.

The words interrupted her woolgathering, and her ridiculous thoughts of using her connections to find where Jack was in the universe. That was fool hearty, and it was beneath her. While she wasn't above fighting for what she wanted, there was a time and a place.

"Not at all, please." she answered shoving a chair out a few inches with her booted foot by way of invitation. "That smells spicy, what're you eating?"

"Thanks!" RJ took a seat and immediately took a bite of the perfectly balanced dish before answering Acacia's question. "It's a cajun alfredo. Basically cheesy pasta with spicy kind of can't go wrong with that combination in my opinion." She chuckled slightly in between bites.

"Please forgive me, I was just so hungry I'd forgotten my manners!" RJ put the fork down and wiped her mouth with the napkin before extending a hand. "I'm Reagan Quinn. Most people call me Quinn or RJ. Can I ask your name?"

"Ooof. Im not sure I could handle it now, but maybe in a few months." she chuckled wryly at the apology. Reaching over she shook her companion's hand firmly, without squeezing overly hard or being limp handed. "Acacia Thomas. What do you prefer to be called- Quinn or RJ?"

"Honestly, it doesn't matter to me. I'll answer to either," Quinn smiled. "So obviously I'm new here. Any recommendations of things I should check out on the ship?" She asked, eager to learn from anyone willing to share about the new vessel.

"There's a restaurant on the promenade called Potemkin that is utterly amazing. " She replied after a moment's thought "I get their takeout sometimes. I also heard that the as yet unnamed spa will be opening in a few days. THAT will definitely be worth checking out. It's gone in astonishingly quickly. "

"Oh yea, I've heard ALL about the spa," RJ said. "Did you know they wanted to put one on the planet? Gavin about had a fit over it," she chuckled, not even thinking about whether or not Acacia even knew Gavin. "I'll be interested to see what the ship side one is like though. Are you going to check it out once it opens?"

"Who wanted to put what on the planet?" she asked puzzled, for her meeting with her chief had not in fact covered that. She knew that the Civilian owners of the spa did NOT want to go planetside.

"He was probably just talking about the one on the ship, now that I think about it," RJ tilted her head in thought for a moment. Recalling her conversation with Gavin. "I think he was actually discussing the medical facilities on the planet and then the topic changed to the spa. He wasn't terribly excited about it either way." She shrugged before taking a quick sip of the drink in front of her.

"I assume you've met him? Based on the blue uniform," Reagan nodded towards the portion of her acquaintance's uniform that typically dictated one's department. "Unless you're assigned to the science department?"

"Yes, I've met him." recalling the brief encounter, she shook her head, making the emerald curls shiver. He'd thrown basically a temper tantrum...and she hadn't been so overly pleased with that occurring in her office. "He wasn't terribly thrilled when I told him about the spa either. I rather like the idea, personally. It takes a lot of weight off of my shoulders."

"Don't take this offensively, I have zero knowledge of the medical world, but I'm just curious. Why is a spa needed on a Starfleet vessel? Couldn't people just visit a spa on the holodeck?" RJ didn't want to belittle what good a spa might do but never had quite understood why they'd want to build one instead of just utilizing current resources. Perhaps it was her engineering brain trying to rationalize the use of space that seemed inefficient.

"There are a number of reasons. The Spa is staffed by trained and licensed physical and massage therapists. I cannot discuss treatment options, or opinions with a hologram. No matter how well programmed it is, there is no substitute for an actual mind. Especially not a mind as dedicated to their craft as these people are." Acacia gestured with her glass at the other woman "Nor is there an adequate substitute on any holodeck to being worked upon by a person. While it offers the novelty of being able to b appear to be anywhere, it isn't real. When everything around you is artificial, there is a deep fundamental need for touch. Human beings, and many other cultures require touch to thrive. Human babies will die without that touch, the warmth of a caring heart perhaps. The holo-matrix no matter how sensitive or sophisticated cannot truly reproduce that."

"I guess that's fair," RJ shrugged. It seemed a little opulent and unnecessary to her, but then again all RJ cared about in general was engineering and running it as efficiently as possible. Along with her relationships.

"And, you should also take into account the feeling of luxury indulging in such a thing brings to someone. Self indulgence is in some cases healthy and warranted."

RJ just nodded. Self indulgence wasn't something she liked to participate in, with the exception being a good cup of coffee or the occasional cupcake. One of her dad's favorite quotes came to mind.
'There are no secrets to success. It's the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.' It was a quote that RJ lived by and perhaps followed too closely.

"So, you're medical, and a spa would take a lot of weight off of your shoulders...." Quinn tried to put the pieces together. "I'm guessing you deal with injuries severe enough to need therapy after repair then? In some capacity?" She was grasping at straws with her incredibly limited medical knowledge.

"Well, I do on a regular basis, being the only Certified trauma surgeon. Not every doctor in sickbay does however. I wouldn't ask many of them to do what I do, they aren't equipped to handle it." She cocked a shoulder in a half shrug "I'm the one who asked the spa owners to come, precisely to do what they are doing."

"Ah, got it," RJ replied, still having no real concept for who would need therapy and why, but she trusted Acacia had her reasons.

"People that are less stressed heal faster. They've been proven to lower cortisol levels in the blood stream, which in turn manages to lower blood sugar, increase sleep both in depth and length and the increase the body's ability to self repair." Acacia continued stroking her fingers through her bright hair "He might consider trying it, or at least researching it thoroughly before he blasts it to everyone on the ship as a waste." her tone said just as much as her words about her opinion on the subject. She was a little disappointed in her new boss and his apparent lack of foresight.

Reagan raised an eyebrow as Acacia finished her sentence. She was clearly not a fan. "Huh, I didn't know all of that. Thanks for educating me on it. Learn something new every day." She chuckled slightly. "As a side note, I don't think he's blasted it to everyone as a waste. To be honest, until he talked to me about it, I don't think he had even been anywhere other than sickbay and his own quarters. Regardless, last I talked to him he had changed his mind on the topic and seemed to be in favor of the idea. He probably just needed time to process the benefits." RJ shrugged and did her best to defend him with what she knew of the situation.

"Anyway, what do you do for fun around here?" Quinn asked, searching for more ideas on how to spend her free time on the new vessel.

"Depends on what you like." she giggled a bit and leaned back in her chair. She didn't want her food to not agree with her, so she ate slowly. "There are some lovely shops on the promenade, the Spa I told you about already, there's quite a nice gym on the upper levels that has a climbing wall that leads to an incredible view out the forward windows. "

"Oh, that climbing wall sounds exciting! I'll have to check it out." RJ said before continuing to consume her meal. "Do you have a favorite shop on the promenade?"

Acacia turned scarlet at that question and grinned almost embarassed at the other woman "I do at the moment, won't interest you unless you're expecting."

"Oh, congrats!" RJ replied having not clued in earlier. "Can I ask when you're due?"

"I'm not exactly sure, hybrid pregnancies can be unpredictable. " She grinned "We're kind of making this up as we go along."

"Oh, well, congrats to you both. I'm sure it's an exciting time for you guys," RJ said before consuming the last bite of her pasta. "Any other recommendations in general before I head back to engineering?" She asked.

"The Varsity and the Damocles house. Phenomenal places to eat. " She enthused her eyes alight. "Otherwise, there's a holo-sports place on the 3rd level of the Promenade called The Arena."

"I'll have to check them out," Reagan smiled as she pushed back from the table and picked up her tray. "I suppose I'd better be getting back to engineering. Thanks for the suggestions!"

"Oh my pleasure. Do let me know if you take any of my suggestions, I'd love to hear what you thought of them."


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