NCC - 77447 - B
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Old Shoes, New Fit.

Posted on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 @ 10:00pm by Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar & Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Zan's Quarters

With the departure of his CAG it left Ra with a critical position in need of filling, a position that was vital to the mission he was tasked with and one that would greatly aid in the safety of those on the surface. Records indicated that Zan Luthar was still on board with his engaged partner, Staff Sgt Winters. He'd apparently stayed on board so that he could stay with her. Ra hoped that he'd be able to convince Zan into returning to active status even if it were on a temporary measure.

Ra took a moment to take a break from his time on the Bridge knowing that Zan was not able to access the Bridge since his resignation. If Zan was anything like what his service record indicated then he would be the pilot that was needed in a time it was needed most. Still getting his bearings on board Ra had to have the computer direct him to Zan's quarters, when he arrived he pressed the chime.

Zan had stayed on board for Amanda, now that he didn't have a career he was more than happy to stay on board so that it didn't put her career in a vice. When the door chime sounded though it caught him a little by surprise. "Enter." He called as he closed his book, lay it on the table and slipped his feet off the opposing chair.

When the doors opened Ra took but a step or two inside permitting the doors to close behind him. "I apologise for the interruption, I am Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati."

"Zan Luthar." Zan replied. "What can I do for you Captain?" Getting straight to the point.

Straight to business, Ra could do that. "My current mission is a humanitarian one, my CAG has resigned his commission and I can't understate the need for one for this current assignment. Your service record is impressive, you have all the certifications and ratings, could I ask you to don the uniform again?"

"Why me Captain?" Zan asked standing from his seat. "Surely there are others on board that can fill the role?"

"There are, however none with your skills, experience and honestly I need someone with a proven track record to command this ships entire fighter compliment."

"And if I should choose to do so for just this assignment?" Zan returned. His relationship with Amanda came first since he resigned, while she still served he wanted to be with her regardless.

"Once this assignment is concluded I will then request a replacement for collection upon return to Earth." Ra answered.

Zan had been feeling bored of late and while Amanda had been supportive he knew that he couldn't do nothing forever and a day and deep down he did miss flying. "Full reinstatement?"


Zan took a few moments to consider his options, it would be a surprise to be sure for Amanda to see him in uniform again, she did say he looked good in it. He could only hope she would be ok with it. "Alright, I'll do it." Part of him worried that Amanda wouldn't take it well once all the card were on the table but he could only hope otherwise.

"Excellent Commander, I will have everything forwarded to your office. We arrive tomorrow, read the briefing and the meeting transcript from this morning senior staff meeting this morning. The situation is delicate but I want to be prepared."

"Aye Sir." Zan spoke. Watching the Captain leave he walked into the bedroom and opened the storage where his only remaining uniform hung. A reminder of his service, now a fresh start again.


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