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Checking In

Posted on Sat Jun 5th, 2021 @ 3:59am by Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Counselor's Office

Quinn made her way down the corridor, headed for the counselor's office to knock off the next portion of her transfer checklist. It was one of the items that she rarely looked forward to when moving to a new ship, all of the check-ins with medical and counseling. Fortunately, the appointments were usually fairly quick and painless and she hoped this one would follow the same trend.

Arriving a few moments later, she looked over her uniform to make sure everything was in place. First impressions were always important. She then rang the chime on the door and waited to enter.

Amélie had been pacing her office in front of the large window, pausing occasionally to stop and look at the stars. Her last two appointments had rescheduled so she had taken the time to wind down, listen to some music and review patient files. There had been a lot of new crew joining the ship and she had been assigned her share of jackets to review and schedule for appointments.

"Enter!" she called at the sound of the door chime, turning toward the doors as they started to open, offering a smile to her visitor. "Lieutenant Quinn," she said warmly. "I wasn't expecting to see you today, but visitors and friendly faces are always welcome. Sit, can I get you a drink or something?"

"Oh, no I'm fine. Thanks though." RJ smiled in return as she set a padd on the counselor's desk. "I was just stopping by to bring my files for the transfer." She took a seat and immediately noticed Amélie's extraordinary green eyes that seemed to capture what light was in the room.

"Everyone does in processing a little bit differently. Is there anything else you need from me to complete the transfer on your end?" RJ asked. Other years she had experienced a variety of processes from various ships and departments. Some counselors wanted formal appointments to discuss transfers, others required a quick discussion and some were so busy that they just wanted the padd of data and that was it.

Replicating a hot chocolate, Amélie returned to the comfortable seats in the side of her office and sank down into the single armchair, motioning for RJ to take a seat. "How about we just start with a quick chat, that is, if you aren't too busy?" she suggested.

RJ sighed internally, preferring to get back to engineering, but in truth, there wasn't anything that needed her immediate attention. "Sure thing," RJ said politely. "I guess I should formally introduce myself then. Lieutenant JG Reagan James Warner Quinn, though most people call me Reagan, Quinn or RJ." She leaned forward and extended a hand to Amélie in the chair opposite her. "Might I ask what you prefer to go by?"

Taking the hand offered, Amélie smiled. "Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz, but most people call me Amélie. I don't really buy into all that pomp and ceremony of rank and title. I find it all very impersonal, especially in a medical situation. How are you settling into the Dreadnought so far?"

"Pretty good. I've mostly unpacked at this point. The quarters are fantastic, roomier than my last posting for sure." RJ smiled. "The engineering department seems to be running smoothly as well." Though on the inside I might be slightly overwhelmed with the size of it all, she thought but chose not to verbalize it. It was to be expected on a new ship with such a large size. Besides, that was kind of the whole point in taking more difficult assignments. To challenge yourself, learn, and grow. No sense in complaining about it.

"Any hints or tips I should keep in mind on this ship or anybody, in particular, I should be avoiding?" Reagan asked, curious to see if she might draw some insight herself out of this meeting.

"If you like coffee, I definitely recommend you introduce yourself to Katie down in the civilian area. She grinds her beans fresh, definitely beats the replicated stuff. Other than that," she shook her head slightly. "The crew is good people. I've not had a lot of interaction with the new Commanding Officer," she smiled. "If I'm being honest, I've only said hello to him in passing."

"I do love coffee, I'll have to find this Katie you speak of sooner rather than later," RJ chuckled. "Everyone I've met so far seems to align with your statement that they're good people. What about extracurricular activities? Anything I should look into on the ship?" She asked out of curiosity, but truth be told RJ knew she'd spend all of her time either in engineering or with Gavin.

"There's always something going on. There's a public list of events and activities that you should be able to find in the Computer. If you can't, let me know and I'll link it to you. It's pretty up to date. I guess though it really depends on what you enjoy doing in your off time. My Husband is a chef on the promenade so he often works while I'm off duty. I don't like spending a lot of time alone, so I've gotten to know the promenade pretty well and there's always something going on."

"I can't say I'm used to being on a ship with a promenade, let alone multiple options for chef-cooked meals. Checking out all of the different food options might just have to move to the top of my list. Accompanied with some extra time in the gym," RJ chuckled.

"Maybe you can show me your favorite place sometime?" She had to admit to enjoying the chat with Amélie. How was it that her least favorite departments had employed the personnel that she seemed to enjoy the most?

"Sure," Amélie's smile was genuine. "Though, I'll be honest, once I discovered Katie's and her delicious cupcakes I said I was going to have to start booking extra hours in the gym and, well, let's face it, that never happens." She laughed softly at herself. "Now I have the baby as an excuse, at least for now. If baby wants triple chocolate caramel filled cupcakes with fudge marshmallow buttercream, who am I to say no?"

"Seems fair to me, though I don't know that I'd need a baby for an excuse," RJ chuckled. "Congrats by the way! That must be exciting for you both. Do you have any other kids?"

Amélie shook her head. "This is our first," she said with a smile. "Exciting and scary at the same time. But, she'll be worth it. What about you, do you have any of your own?"

"Nope, no kids. I haven't even been in a relationship serious enough to consider kids, until very recently," RJ confessed truthfully of her past. She had always been too focused on engineering and her Starfleet career to think about relationships. Until Gavin. "But we're still a ways off from that kind of commitment." She hastily added, not wanting to give the wrong impression. They had talked about kids, once, but it was in passing and they hadn't even been dating for a full year yet.

"Anyway," RJ tapped her thighs and stood up from the chair, not wanting to go further in a conversation about relationships. "It was very nice meeting you and I'll look forward to hanging out on the promenade sometime soon, but for now I should get back to engineering. Unless you need anything else?" She smiled at Amélie, having thoroughly enjoyed their chat.

"I don't need anything right now," Amélie replied with a smile. "I'll go through your transfer records and let you know when you need your next eval done, but other than that, you're good to go. It was nice to meet you Lieutenant." The counselor watched as the Engineer disappeared from her office quickly before shaking her head slightly. Everyone was always in a hurry to escape from the counselors. They weren't that bad, were they?


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