NCC - 77447 - B
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Plan The Work, Work the Plan

Posted on Fri Apr 9th, 2021 @ 6:17pm by Major Samantha Snyder

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: MCO's Office
Timeline: Current

Sam was in her office planning what seemed to be a colossal task. She had to defend a large area from a desperate, opportunistic, determined enemy. The size of the Hospital itself was large considering the requirements made upon it and a perimeter which also housed all the infrastructure to keep the Hospital running. The list of equipment was considerable and each held a security device in case of seizure or recall.

Marines were tasked with everything external to the 'wall', Security would be handling the rest internally. While this meant that Sam and the Marines could focus attentions it also meant that if Security got overwhelmed then they could be facing a foe in front and behind. Initial reports were vague at best about what kinds of threats they could expect and while Sam could depend on constant overwatch and air cover, that didn't do much for land threats that could spring up anywhere, at anytime.

Commanding a contingent of 800 marines including herself she had every intention of using all of them for a variety of tasks. She had ideas of advanced recon parties, checkpoints, covert observation points. Any advanced warning of an incoming threat would be helpful and Sam didn't want to depend on the Dreadnought for eyes in case of any sensor jamming or unforeseen situations that arose.

All of her marines had the skills and she had to be honest with herself that many would enjoy some solid real dirt under the boot instead of carpeted deck plating with real air.

Hearts and minds of the people...that was the saying. Sam had to wonder that when everything is taken away, when even the basics are a struggle and life and death are common play each day. Is there any heart left? What does the mind make people do to ensure survival?

Sam knew that desperation would make even the most rational people do irrational things all that could be done was to wait and see what that very thing was. Sam also knew that while Starfleet was trying to maintain a peace, they also had to ensure that the peace didn't come at the price of the lives of those trying to help.

There would be hundreds of Starfleet officers and ratings on the surface surrounded by the remnants of a warzone and the needs of the many. Sam was no stranger to conflict, trained in war, honed by skill but the situation they were being thrown into was something that would test all and ringed with a need for restraint.

Knowing that Stun was going to be the primary setting she knew that she had the authority to change that if the need arose. They were there to help, not become the victim.


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