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The Date Part 1

Posted on Thu Apr 15th, 2021 @ 9:41am by Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr. & Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: Current


[Officers Quarters – Gavin’s ]

Gavin had finished setting up the various programming of the Holodeck. This was his promised date with RJ, and one he had taken a lot of time fine-tuning to make it fun, spontaneous, and classy. The Holodeck was portioned into three timed scenario segments.

The first segment requested casual, comfortable clothing for “an outing.” This was timed to be around an hour. The second portion of the date consisted of the Dinner and Formal Dress. Think classy. The third portion was the final touch of the date. As Gavin imagined, it would be a fitting end for an incredible night to just be spent with RJ and him. They would not have to change for this last portion.

His reservation padd sent to RJ titled “A Dinner Date for RJ and Gavin.” RJ, your honorable presence is requested for an evening date with Lieutenant Gavin Ross.” Instructions were given on the type of clothing and the requirement to change after the first portion for the more formal dinner date. There were no ideas presented as to what the plans would be. RJ would have their formal dress attire checked in at the start of the Holodeck archway and then rematerialized when change rooms were provided before their second portion of the date.

Even though Gavin had the first portion of the date considered casual, he had still wanted to dress showing respect for RJ, and how serious he was in this date to be with her.

“How do I look, Nan?” Ross turned to see Nanook sitting on his bed, with a lazy leg laying over the side. Nan let his open mouth open, motioning his head upward, then letting his large husky tongue fall out while breathing.

Gravin was finishing buttoning up his navy plaid dress shirt, wearing a nice pair of crisp straight leg khaki pants, with tan boot cut shoes. Tucking in his shirt, he suited on a nice leather belt. Ross finished combing up his short dark crew cut hair. Clasping on a nice large silver Breitling wristwatch, he had splashed on some polo blue aftershave.

Taking one last look in the mirror, he double-checked his breath in the mirror, giving superior brush cleaning. “Minty!” He winked at Nan, who was now again in a quiet gazing mode back at Gavin.

Checking his watch, Ross was ready to leave a bit early. He would be meeting RJ at her quarters to accompany her to the Holodeck. Just before he had left his quarters ready to go, he then kneeled to the ground. The large black and grey patterned husky, with glistening blue eyes, heaved his self off of the bed, and sauntered to meet Gavin for a last goodbye greeting, as Ross patted his back and gave his large head a nuzzle. “Here we go! What we got?” Ross then gave Nanook a peanut butter doggy snack, one that RJ had got Nanook addicted.”

Chewing the pieces, Nanook’s eyes glazed over in pleasure. To stop and look at Gavin as he was about to leave, Nanook let up a sharp bark and lent his left paw upward.

Looking a bit confused, Ross then remembered. “Right, Right!” He turned to his side shelf and then placed on his pair of dark-shaded aviators. He shot Nanook a pose, as he wore the glasses on. “Funky!!” Gavin grinned. He then dangled his pair of blue navy sneakers to the doorway, leaving his quarters to meet up at RJ’s.

[Officer’s Quarters – RJ]

What to wear for a casual outing? Reagan wondered, staring at her selection of clothes. Looking for something casual, but still nice since it seemed like this date might be a little more formal than their previous outings. Her hair hung in waves around her shoulders instead of its usual ponytail, but she had a hair tie on her wrist just in case. She finally settled on a pair of white slacks with a vertically striped shirt, a navy blue button-up jacket, and a pair of chucks.

Reagan quickly looked at the time after putting her outfit on. With ten minutes until Gavin arrived, she made her formal wear selection for the second part of the date and threw it into a bag. The replicator would rematerialize it without wrinkles so she didn’t feel a need to fold it up nicely.

One final look in the mirror and I’ll be set. RJ thought to herself as she made her way across the room, just as the chime rang. He would be early, Reagan chuckled. Not that she minded. His promptness was just one of the many qualities she admired about Gavin.

Ordering the doors to open, she met Gavin in the living room. He looked dashing, as always. “I’m ready to go,” Reagan shouldered her bag and smiled. Thinking she was truly the luckiest girl in the world to be spending the evening with the handsome figure that stood in front of her.

Gavin had entered the doorway. “You look great!” He smiled. He was more than excited to start the date as it was a long time coming. As he then gallantly ushered along with RJ, extending his forearm out for her, allowing, hoping she would take hold of his in return.

"Thanks. You look great yourself." She smiled in return and happily took the arm that he had extended for her, ready to see what awaited them for this date that Gavin had planned.

[Holodeck 02 - Program GR]

Arriving at Holodeck 02, Gavin had entered the program and initiated the run sequence. Walking through the arches, there was a nice boardwalk along with a sunny Californian coastal sunset. In the near distance was an Ocean Side Carnival of booths full of games, treats, buskers, and of course, the large winding metal and wooden roller coasters.

“Care for some fun?” Gavin walked inward. It didn’t take them long, a short walk along the winding wooden boarded walkway, along the Beach of the coast, to the entrance of the Coney Island Style Amusement Park on the Beach.

Reagan’s eyes lit up with excitement. If she had to pick the perfect scene for a date, this would have been it. “Like you really have to ask,” she jokingly nudged him. “This looks amazing. It’s… it’s perfect.”

“Say…” Gavin had this crazy look on his face, energized with a twinkle in his eyes, having been with RJ right at that moment. “Let’s try every Coaster they have. Right now. No waiting in lines.” He reached, holding on to RJ’s hand into his, and then broke into a run through the crowd of carnival-goers, ending up at the start of the largest roller coaster. “The Sea Triton” stood imposing, a large wooden, tall, winding, looping, and death-defying drops. As Gavin led RJ up the long wooden railed pathway, there were sounds of absolute screams, terrifying and exhilarating, passing near them. The Coaster’s wooden beams vibrating as the Coaster powered through its course.

As they entered the coaster concourse, many people exited off the one side while Gavin rubbed his chin. “What you think? The very first car, or the very last car?!” He watched for RJ’s preference.

“First car,” RJ quickly responded. It was common knowledge that wood coasters could get jolty, and the last car was the worst unless you actually liked the feeling of whiplash.

The attendant led them to the front car and they both sat down and pulled the lateral bar over themselves. “I’m so excited!” Reagan said with a giddy demeanor. “When’s the last time you rode a roller coaster?” She asked right before another attendant walked by to check the restraint system.

Gavin had laughed. "I saw them in movies. I actually have NEVER been on one!" He shrugged, placing his hands on the metal bar that had locked in place across both RJ's and his lap. "Interesting. RJ how bad can these things be?" Ross questioned. His eyes watching for a reply, until he felt a sudden jolt forward.

Not a minute after Gavin’s response, the coast jerked to a start. It slowly rolled out of the bay and then began to creep up a steep slope. Reagan looked over the edges of the car, watching the ground get farther and farther away. “You’re not afraid of heights are you?” She jokingly inquired.

"No. Not really. I always thought that rock climbing was fine for heights, eh?" He nudged RJ. "Corduroy should have joined us on this, seated in the back." Gav snorted, not realizing his nerdiness at times.

They could barely see the extensive track diving straight down in front of them as the coaster slowly rounded the top of the drop and almost seemed to come to pause as if allowing the suspension to build. Then it plummeted, building speed as it went. Reagan was sure that her stomach had moved into her throat as she became momentarily weightless in the fall.

The ride went through twists and turns before dropping once more. Each section of the track bringing a thrill. Once she caught her breath from the first fall, she practically couldn’t stop laughing from all of the fun. She was still giggling as the ride pulled back into the bay and came to a stop. “That was amazing!”

"THAT was an ABSOLUTE curse!!!" He bellowed. Shell shocked by the wooden monstrosity. "You don't think that thing was safe in real life, do you? How many people died on these things, holy hanna!" He laughed. "Where's the next?!" Gavin clasped his hands rubbing them, excited just as much as RJ. Her excitement was infectious, exhilarating at times for Ross.

They exited the car and she quickly grabbed Gavin’s hand, dragging him towards the next coaster. “Let’s try that one next!” Regan pointed across the way. This time to a metal structure even larger than the wooden one they stood next to. The coaster cars hung from the track, which had a variety of loops and barrel rolls.

"The Razorback!" He laughed. "Don't you notice how these things have the most lethal sounding narratives! It's crazy!" Ross ended, up pushing through the holographic line-ups of people, simply not having the idea of waiting in line. Not on the holodeck. "Com'on RJ! M'Lady... A special seat for the Razorback Queen!" He ushered her to the hanging set of manufactured seats hanging from sets of rails and hydraulics.

Reagan quickly slipped into the seat, pulled the restraint down from above her head, and then buckled the seat belt that connected the overhead restraint to the seat. Just as they got secured an announcement went off, listing items that needed to be safely placed before the ride started.

"What the hell is cell phones? PDA's? Wallets...Wait. I heard that one before, well that makes sense, but the rest, why would you bring those to a Fair?" He narrowed his brow, scoffing.

“I think they’re old communication devices. People didn’t have combadges back then. Though I have no idea what a PDA is.” RJ chuckled. The attendant checked that all of the restraints were locked and a moment later the ride started.

Ross let his legs dangle enjoying as the ride began its climb almost in the same fashion as the wooden coaster, yet this ride seemed more ridged, more technologically advanced than the prior ride. "OMG... " He suddenly blurted, as they suddenly felt the range of motion siding around 90 degrees, and then full 360-degree upside down and then looped through a section horizontally, gaining speed and G-Force as it went... The wind bursting through them both as the ride went onward. Gavin's hands clinging to the metal frame that was locked between them. "ISSSsss THISSssss as fassttt assss she goes?!" He taunted.

“Faster! Faster!” Reagan laughed as she chanted. Each loop, twist, and turn was thrilling. RJ couldn’t remember the last time she had this much fun. They had been on quite a few dates at this point, but none of them topped this.

Just as fast as the ride had started, it had begun a finale of spiraling series of drops and loops, suffice to say that Ross had almost lost his pair of aviators off him. His mouth and teeth firmly clamped together hard... "Thisssss Is a peiceee offfff OMGGGGGGGG!" He closed his eyes, as the final drop edged the tramway just above the shoreline of water before they had begun a gradual slow down with the assisted hydraulics.

“I think I liked that one more the wooden coaster. What about you?” Reagan asked as the ride came to a full stop and the restraints released them from their seats.

"Baby, I love my heavy metal!!" Gavin had imitated a striking pose air guitar... He laughed.

They walked off of the ride and RJ looked around. There were so many rides to choose from and they each looked enticing as did the carnival games. “Why are there a bunch of stuffed toys hanging from the games?” She asked, wondering if Gavin knew. It seemed like an odd choice of decor to her.

"These things are notorious for deception. All these games are meant to look easy, but if you have skill... Which I am betting you do!" He winked. "Then you can get your best fuzzy you want!"

“Interesting,” she said. “Shall we give it a go then? That basketball one looks easy enough. We just have to score a goal it looks like!” Reagan loved basketball, so she figured it would be an easy win.

"You can take the basketball one... I..." Gavin looked around. "I'll be taking the shotgun range!" He laughed. "I've got surgeon hands and eyes... That might do." He had paused.

"Say, we should make a bet out of this? This might be fun!" He rubbed his chin, coyly eyeing RJ. One of the great things he enjoyed about RJ was her incredible willingness to compete!

“You’re on,” she accepted the challenge, unable to refuse a bet.

"Step righttttt up, step righhhtt uppp!" Gavin had walked with RJ up to the booth full of colours, and lights and games all around. Inside the booth was hanging every kind of prize. "Welll Welll... Will this Fine Young Lady be willing to take a shot at my Magical Nets?!" The Carney preached.

“More like make a shot, not just take one,” she smirked and picked up a basketball.

"You're looking at the best wrist shot, this side of the Federation!" He puffed up his chest and then nudged RJ.

“Wait, what are we wagering?” Reagan looked at Gavin before shooting her first basket. “How about loser is at the winner’s whim for an entire hour to do whatever they want. You can make them cook dinner, give massages, walk around shirtless…” She chuckled, thinking about how much she’d enjoy that when she won. “Deal?”

Gavin had grunted and crossed his arms. "Shirtless. I was about to revise that Bob Ross idea, of presenting your painting to your lovely parents." He cockily smirked. "Although..." He rubbed his chin, grinning... "Shirtless would be an interesting idea..."

After shaking on the deal, RJ swiftly picked up a ball and eyed the distance to the goal. Then she expertly threw the basketball. The only noise is made was the hollow ‘swoosh’ of a nothing but net success. “YES!” RJ exclaimed. “So I won right?”

“Not so fast,” the carney quickly pipped up. “Ye have to get three in to win one of the grand prizes.”

“Oh,” RJ’s shoulder’s slumped slightly before perking back up. “Okay. I got this.” She whispered as she grabbed the second ball and fired it away. Another perfect no-rim shot into the basket. She smiled and picked up the final basketball, throwing it in the air similarly to the others, yet this time the ball hit the edge. “Oh no…” She said, fingers crossed in anticipation as the ball bounced from one side of the rim to the other. After a few moments of teasing, it finally fell into the net.

"WHOAH!" Gavin right-fisted into his left hand, watching the exciting play... "That was awesome!" His eyes gleamed. "We better put you on the circuit, make a lil Latinum eh?" He laughed.

After picking the largest, fluffiest unicorn hanging from the booth’s walls, they headed to the shotgun game for Gavin’s turn. “Good luck,” Reagan said, secretly hoping he would lose.

Ross shot back a deadpanned look to RJ. "OH... I am SURE that was sincere, I can hear that genius mind of yours already wishing.... Wishing me to win hunh?!" He laughed.

"Uh huh," Reagan replied sarcastically with a chuckle.

Walking around, Ross had eyed a few booths, before he found the one he had in mind. It was a standard shotgun, shoot the balloons on the wall. The different cultured balloons indicated different win points.

"Ahhhh... You have the skills do you?!" The Carney taunted. "Let's see how well you can do here, in front of your Girl? Show her all you've got?!" He laughed.

“Yea Gav, show me what you’ve got!” Reagan nudged him playfully and smiled.

Gavin ignored the taunts, as computer generated as they were, they still were annoying. "Photon's say what?" He said.

"What?" The Carney cocked his head.

Gavin chuckled, as he leaned in to check the few set up carvinal shotguns on display. They were of the older classical mid-western, shotgun style. He had played numerous holodeck western games in the past knowing they were formidable and had a good recoil to them.

Setting the butt up to his shoulder, and kneeling in close, he used the range finder, as crappy as it were, his eyes fixated, knowing the depths of his own vision and sorting the distance vs. aperture usage. Closing his left eye, and using his right, his thumb had slowly flexed the shotgun trigger. "Ok..." He muttered.

Just then the shot had burst the yellow balloon that was the closest to his sights. The first of them able to determine the worthiness of the setup and his own skills. The balloon burst.

As it were the easiest, the Carney taunted Ross some more... "Come now... Even the smallest of muggins can get that shot, show your girl something impressive Son!" He crooned.

"Yeah, just step in front of the sight..." He mumbled back to the Carney, as Ross had then started his scoping a bit more of a degreed axis towards the shiny red balloon, just in the upper left corner of the stable.

"Red rabit red rabit red rabit..." He called before he had then burst out the rifle shot, bursting the second balloon off the wall. "Hah!" He muttered.

Reagan raised an eyebrow, impressed with Gavin’s skill. “Nice shot!” She said.

"There be one more if you want the top prize, the purple balloons are the top prize, if you think your wor-" The Carney had begun his trist...

PHHHHSSSSSStsstttt!!!! The purple plastic of the balloon had burst all around from the top center of the stand... "Hmnnnnnn..." Gavin had then moved his head upwards from the sight finder, looking at RJ.. "Looks like our bets become a stalemate so far..." Gavin had grinned cockily.

“Damnit! I was really looking forward to that hour,” Reagan laughed. “Fair is fair though. I had no idea you were so skilled with shooting.”

"I'll take... " He searched around the hanging prizes, many of them similar to the booth that RJ had expertly shot her baskets earlier... "That... That Unicorn up there!" He winked at RJ.

“Awww now we have matching unicorns!” She laughed. “What to do next?” RJ mused, looking around at the various options until she sighted the Teacups. A contraption that seemed to endlessly spin its riders, with a wheel in the center so that the participants could make it spin faster than the default speed.

A smirk spread across RJ’s face. “I say we get a funnel cake and then hop on that teacup ride later.”

“Oh!?” He crossed his arms playfully. “Funnel cake and sit in the teacups while we try and eat and get sick?!” He burst out laughing. “If you want a barf fight, then you’ve got yourself a good ol’ fashioned fight on your hands!” He snickered.

“Oh, no I meant like we should eat a funnel cake, then later ride the teacups. Not at the same time!” Reagan said, but Gavin didn’t seem to hear it as he had immediately headed for the funnel cake stand.

As they had received their funnel cake treats. Gavin had begun wolfing down his portion while trying to talk. “This will be epic! I can't want to see who gets it first!” He was always one for wild things.

“Oh my God, Gavin, no! This isn’t a barf fight!” RJ quickly interjected as they entered the line for the ride, hoping they could turn around before it was too late.

“What…” He stopped wolfing. “What do you mean this isn’t a barf fight?!” He shot RJ an astonished, confused look. “NOW... Here I wolfed down all that cream and sugar!”

“I meant we should have some funnel cake and then, you know, WAIT a while before hopping on the teacup ride!” She exclaimed, exasperated.

“It’s TOO late now! We're already here!” He grabbed at RJ’s hand and rushed up the ride platform towards one of the circular teacups as he jumped the rim into the ride. He wiped some of the creamy desserts off of his chin and face. “I haven't been on one of these things since they were the tilt a whirl in the carnival back at home!” He clasped his hands down on the large metal turn-able center in the cup.

“Oh no, no no no no.” RJ shook her head with regret as they climbed into the teacup. Her stomach was usually iron clad but right after eating a sugary funnel cake? She wasn’t so sure. Even if she did manage to hold it together, if Gavin let go, she would lose it for sure.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsss!!!” He shouted, hollering. “Start these babies up!!!” He burst into laughter, seeing how scared RJ was if he was going to yarf all over the ride together. “You're not getting out of this ONE!” He laughed.

Reagan’s head sank as the ride started. There was no getting off now, she thought, as the ride slowly kicked into gear. She kept her hands clear of the wheel in the middle of the cup, purposely trying to keep from accelerating their spin.

Gavin had relented. He was only joking thus far. In reality, he had a pretty steel stomach. Having completed a few autopsies in his day, Ross felt not bad.

Fortunately, the ride didn't last too long. “Ugh, thank God!” Reagan exclaimed. She felt slightly queasy, but all in all still intact. “We are never doing that again.” She said as the ride came to a stop.

"That was wow.." He laughed. "The teacups." Ross raised up from his side, finding a rush to his head.

Reagan hopped up as quickly as she could, wanting to exit the ride as fast as possible. Though the sudden movement made her slightly dizzy. “Well, that was officially the worst idea I’ve ever had,” she chuckled slightly as they cleared the ride area. “What are we doing next? And don’t tell me it’s anything that involves spinning.”

"Hey.." Ross, reached for RJ as they exited the platform. He had felt bad all his playing around. Gavin reached and held close to RJ, helping to secure her waves for a split moment. "It will ease up... Just give it a moment." He paused. He spotted a nice grassy area under some shaded park trees. Walking with RJ across he then took her and sat down with RJ in the grass. In the middle of the fair, they were now seeing a bit of the Californian sunset starting to loom on the horizon. The glow of the coloured fair lights, musical sounds, and bustling all around. Taking a breather, he had chuckled. "Yeah, I think we've had enough of the rides for one day?"

“Yea, maybe that would be best. Though we’ll have to come back sometime. There are a few more rides I want to try, but I’d rather try them pre-funnel cake.” She chuckled and then leaned in towards Gavin as the air had chilled.

To be continued....



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