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Your General Practitioner

Posted on Wed Apr 21st, 2021 @ 8:31am by Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr. & Commander Mark Bawden & Commander Ayla Bawden

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Current


Sickbay was busy. The operations began to wind up due to the planetary hospital's planned roll-out to be built, set-up and arranged. The staff complement on the Dreadnought was large enough to staff the planetary field hospital when operations were to begin.

While Ross was more than enthusiastic about planning, he had meetings to set up with Engineering, Science, Medical, and Security.

While all this was occurring, the busy sickbay had a crew complement of well over 5000 to continue physicals and medical updates to crew members and officer's medical issues.

Presiding over the physicals, Gavin was happy to meet with the Family man, the Chief of Security Commander Bawden, and his wife, the Chief of Science Commander Ayla Bawden. Wanting to connect with the two department heads was a matter of having them attend their physicals.

In today's Starfleet, it was not uncommon to have a whole family unit in service and children. Gavin was happy that he could serve not just individuals but practice whole family medicine as well.

"The Bawden's are next in appointments." Dr. Cassidy Yates had informed Gavin as he was attending to a Lieutenant with a fractured arm after having been mountain biking on the holodeck with safeties off. He had roundly scolded the Lieutenant for his foolish behavior and made a note of placing the action on the Lieutenant's file.

Fresh from his gruff attitude, Lieutenant Ross had turned to his colleague and nodded. "Thank you, Dr. Yates. I will be working from Bio Beds 014 and 015. Please set up Family updates for inoculations as per planetary medical prompts 11-009." He riffed off the coding of the typology of requirements the appointment would need.

"Of course, Doctor." Yates had studiously replied, as she had then left back to the ward to prep the biobeds for Bawden's physical.

Ross had reached for his pack of cigarettes in his desk and rubbed the pack, his nerves getting to him. He had a lot to do today, and be damned if he was going to miss his 15 minutes hiding in the cadaver ward to have his daily cigarette. He was trying to quit. A bad habit he had picked up while under stress through his doctoral thesis. It was a century's old habit, yet one that only the dumbest of characters had continued well into the 24th century. He was not proud, humiliated as he was a Doctor spouting Health advice every second he had.

Breathing in and out slowly, he raised himself with his fingers touching the top of his white polycarbonate desktop.

Reaching for his lab coat, he placed it on top of his civilian off-duty attire. Another benefit of being his boss in a giant flying starbase with nacelles. He could hide under a white lab coat while comforted in his crisp white tee-shirt and pair of khaki shorts.

Walking out into the medical deck's central ward, he had already greeted the prompt Bawden Family, who had arrived for their medical. Ross looked at his silver wrist chronometer.

"Ah! The Baldwins. Welcome, glad to see you are on time. An A+ in my books!" Gavin had greeted with a friendly smile. "Please, come in and have a seat on these biobeds." He gestured for them to come and relax on the ward beds.

"How are we doing today?" Gavin had smiled, seeing the children brought along.

Well this guy was certainly keen, Mark couldn't help but wonder how long that would last with a ship this size, remembering a time when he was just as keen when he got on board. "Bawden." Mark corrected, not sure where the 'L' came from, but not the first time or the last it would be pronounced or spelt wrong.

Mark stood beside Ayla who hand on her flank our Daughter clinging to her mother's thigh at the stranger in front of them.

Miracle looked at the Doctor with her nose twitching a bit. "Momma? Why does that man smell like smoke?" Looking up at her mother with eyes wide.

Ayla just closed her eyes, "I'll tell you later Micky," Placing a comforting hand on Miracle's shoulder. Then looking at the Doctor with wilted ears.

“Of course. Bawden.” Ross shook his head. “My apologies.” Taking a look at his padd, he had gestured. “We’ve got two of the houses comfiest beds here.” He walked over and patted at the tops of the beds. “Please have a seat, Chiefs.” Gavin had seen as their daughter was shy, as was the case of some children.

“Hi there.” Gavin knelt to the level of her as he smiled. “Don’t worry. We won’t keep you long, little one.” Gavin then had Doctor Hayes come over with a small isolinear emitter. It was an entertainment emitter. In this case, for the children who visited sickbay.

The emitter then was turned on by Ross’s tricorder. An image appeared of an Isalean Chimer Bunny. The bunny was known to be one of the cutest things on this side of the Galaxy besides a tribble. The bunny chimed soft tunes in its chirp while its white coat slowly radiated energy of pastel colors. “This is Roxy. She is an Isalean Chimer Bunny.”

Seeing as the child was then sitting with her mother on the bed with the bunny, Ross had turned to his work at hand. He didn’t like to see children become hesitant of Sick Bay. They should be welcomed and comforting.

Miracle played with the Isalean Chimer Bunny. liking the way colors changed when she petted it. "Can Iz get one?! Momma?" Looking hopeful.

"You have enough toys at home that you play with for a few moments and then forget about them, Miracle." Ayla looking thoughtful.

Ross had begun the computer scans with the main sick bay computer. Using his medical tricorder to recieve the best scan results, he quickly determined that both Bawden's; Mark and Ayla were in peak physical condition.

Ross replied. "Well. It looks Mark, Ayla you're all conforming to your Starfleet food and exercise recommendations. No problems that I see right at the moment. Both your blood pressures are good. I have a bit of a pique on the cortisol reference for you Mark." Ross paused. "Have you recently been stressed?" Ross hoped it was not from incorrectly pronouncing their names the first time he had met the Family.

"Stress is part of the job Doctor, only the severity changes from day to day." Mark replied. "Being a new ship and all we are all still getting settled in and with the sudden disappearance of Captain Hood its not surprised people are on edge."

"Any relation to Commodore Steve Bawden?" Gavin asked as he scratched at the side of his chin, while moving his tricorder onward to Ayla.

Mark was about to answer when the little one spoke up.

"Hez mez Uncle!" Miracle piped up. "Yooz know him? Momma says that he allowed her to join the ship's crew."

Ayla gave a soft squeak/giggle. "Hez Marks brother." Picking up Miracle and gently taking the toy from her to return it to the Doctor.

As the scans had progressed, Gavin had noted that the biology of the Mousian species was not that dissimilar from that of humans. It was fascinating from a Doctors standpoint. The computers had broke down the genetic analysis from the Mother and Father and that of Miracle, the half Mousean daughter whom took mostly from her Mother Alya.

"Alya, how has the environmental controls been on the ship? There has been some cases of dermatologic rashes on past vessels." Gavin had keyed into the pad, "Has it been too hot, too cool onboard?" The Mousean's did have a lighter sheen of furr on them than that of the Caitian family of species.

Setting aside the Isaelean Chimer Bunny, Ross had smiled at Miracle. "Hello little one. Is your name Miracle? What a beautiful name." Gavin begun his medical tricorder scan now of Miracle.

Mark had to wonder that sometimes he felt too hot at times even at the normal settings, he wondered if it was age or the like but he lacked comparison to the rest of his family who had entire coats of fur.

"Maybe a bit too warm at times. Barely notice the cold, unless I'm in the Cold Storage section in the Sci Department." Ayla spoke softly.

"Well, Miracle looks to be developing incredibly well. All of her medical metrics are quite positive. Her cognitive processes are developing quite fundamentally. You must have been home schooling her for a while before the ships school?" Gavin was impressed.

Miracle watched with eyes wide open as she squirmed as she tried to see what was on the screen the Doctor's tricorder. "Mom makes mez watch history, animals stuff. Then Daddy falls asleep watching the news." Speaks up before Ayla could.

"Education is important." Ayla spoke when Miracle finished speaking.

"An theyz tell mez the shows I wanna watch are too violent when history is full of wars. Animals fighting each other. Newz about whoze killed whoze. Or some scandal about some person cheating on their mates. " Miracle resumed after her catching her breath.

"Smart Mom and Dad. You are lucky to have them as your parents Miracle." Gavin had nodded appreciatively to their child's upbringing.

"Well. I am going to give you Mark, Ayla and Miracle your standard set of inoculations. We have had a Starfleet update regarding the protocols for inoculations as per planetary medical prompts 11-009. We want to ensure that you have the necessary safeguards in place when we interact on the planet, regardless if Miracle remains on board. Just precautionary." Gavin had explained.

Ross had assured them all as he looked to them. "Any questions for me?"

Being unfamiliar with Gavin, Miracle mutters, "First shot is a freebie, after that Iz get to return the favor for each following poke..." Her eyes narrow and ears go flat, as she seen her mother do the same thing for a heated discussion she intended to win.

Ayla shook her head no as she gave a soft squeak/giggle at her daughter's remark. She deftly rolled Miracles sleeve up on her arm to recieve her inoculations and the latest batch of vacinations. Once that was done, she rolled her sleeve up also.

Dr. Cassidy Yates had then brought over a metal cart carrying the vials of inoculations. As to which hundreds of the Dreadnought crew already had begun receiving in preparation.

Taking the vials and then sliding it into the hypo spray, Dr. Ross had turned first to Mark. "This will not hurt a bit."

"Yup." Yay for inoculations though Mark having attended the briefing knew it was for safety and protection. Who knew what was rife down on the planet and he didn't want to bring anything back to the ship and risk the family.

Finally, Gavin had completed his rounds of check ups, and the last set of inoculations for the Bawden Family, including little Miracle.

"I am happy to tell you that everything is complete. You are all up to date, and do not need to see me for anything for the next month. Of course, if anything you have concerns in the meantime, always, my door is open." Doctor Ross had finished with the appointment and had given a bill of clean health for the three Family members.

He was pleased and gave a content nod as he had closed up his tricorder and set it to the side of the bio bed.

Picking up Miracle Mark nestled her to his side. "How about we get something to eat?" Knowing that Miracle would agree, even if she'd just eaten. Looking at Ayla he smiled, Miracles smile could brighten any day.

Ayla nodded as she stood up to leave with her mate and daughter, "Sounds like a plan." She turned to the Doctor Ross. "Have the best day possible."



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