NCC - 77447 - B
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Too Short a Tour

Posted on Thu Apr 22nd, 2021 @ 2:37am by Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather 'Andi' & Commander Bianca Caselli

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Various
Timeline: Current

[Promenade Cafe]

Andi was sitting at a cafe on the promenade, she still thought it funny that a starship had an actual promenade, as she sat there drinking her tea she thought to herself what was she doing on this flying Starbase, yes she was the Chief of Security, but it was a different form of security than on a smaller ship, she thought a mobile Starbase would be easier, but it was not and so she had put in for a transfer off of the Dreadnought, she had realized this type of posting was not for her, she had given her reasons and reluctantly Starfleet had agreed on understanding that such a posting was not for everyone and she came to the realization that she fell into that very same category sighing heavily she began to write up a notification letter to the First Officer and Command Staff of her decision.

She sent word to the quartermaster and arranged to have her things packed up, there was a transport leaving in a couple of days and she only had a short time so she had a lot to do, Andi figured that she would have to speak to the First Officer, so she put that on her to-do list, finishing the tea she stood up and headed to her Security Office to collect her things from the Security Office. It was quite a walk back to the security level, but it would give her time to ponder things.

[Security Office]

Eventually, she arrived at Security and entered, she walked past the staff nodding to them as she entered her office, she sat down behind her desk and begun to type instructions and such for the next Security Chief and put in some Points of interest on events that have happened during her time here. When she was done she called in the acting Deputy Chief.

"Lieutenant Jensen, please come into my office" she called and in walked Jensen, he was medium height, brown hair and grey eyes, he was one of those individuals who would blend in anywhere he would go, she smiled at him as he entered and only looked away to lock her bottom drawer before looking back up at him.

"You wanted to see me, Commander?" He asked a little unsure of what was going on he noted that the Chief was a little off today.

Logging off her computer she stood up "On the computer system I have left something for the next Security Chief, I am being reassigned back to earth, personal reasons, but on the computer is for the attention of the next Chief, so until then you are in charge of Security, any questions?" Andi asked, the Lieutenant gulping shook his head no. "excellent, now dismissed I have to notify the First Officer of this" she added and watched Jensen leave the office.

When she was alone she tapped her Commbadge "Commander Lightfeather to Commander Caselli, have you a few moments spare, I have something urgent I need to speak to you about" She said.

A few moments later Bianca appeared in Security, making her way directly to Andi's office. "You wanted to see me Commander?" she asked as she stepped in. "I happened to be nearby so I thought it would be easier to just pop in and say hello."

Looking up a little surprised at the First Officers location with a shaky smile "Yes Commander, I wish to let you know I am being reassigned back to earth for a lengthy spell, it was my own personnel request, I figure I was duty-bound to let you know, I have left instructions with Lieutenant Jensen for your next CoS. If I am honest Commander while I enjoyed my short time here, I miss the smaller ships I have served on, but for the immediate future, I will be returning to the Cherokee reservation on earth to visit my family and decompress" Andi said and fell silent.

Bianca paused for a long moment, absorbing the information. "I see," she said quietly. "I will say, Commander, I know you haven't been aboard the ship long, but you will be missed. You have been a fine officer. But, I also understand the need to do what's best for yourself. Just know, you will always be welcomed back here at any time." Bianca smiled gently. "I trust your family will help you find your path again."

Andi smiled "Thank you, Commander, I will remember that when one path is lost the one that lost it must leave their current path to find what was once lost and thus is my position" Andi paused as she handed the bottom drawer keys to the First Officer. "In the bottom drawer I put in a small chilling unit and there is a bottle of Antarian Brandy, a Bottle of Terran Malt Whiskey the non-synthehol version, the real deal and a bottle of 2209 Romulan Ale, it would be unwise to ask how I came by that, but all three bottles are yours to do with as you see fit, just do not let the next Security Chief know about the Romulan Ale" she laughed lightly dropping the keys into the open hand and added "All those bottles are unopened," she said with a mysterious smile.

Bianca's hand closed around the keys. "I'll hand them onto the Captain," she said quietly. "Perhaps he'll find a good use for them." She stood up, slipping the keys into her pocket. "Fair winds my friend, I hope our paths will cross again."

Without waiting for a response, Bianca turned on her heel and walked silently out the door. Her next stop would need to be the Captain.

Looking at the First Officers parting back "you too Commander" the First Officer could not have heard her, but picking up her travel bags she said and left the office pulling out her Padd which bleeped she looked at it, all her stuff had been sorted, sighing heavily she headed straight to the ship departing this flying Shopping Mall with engines. It took her a bit of time as the ship was big, but she made it to the ship with moments to spare, she stood on the ramp took one last look around and with a small smile entered the ship with the ships hatch closing behind her.



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