NCC - 77447 - B
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Posted on Fri Apr 2nd, 2021 @ 11:55pm by Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn & Amber Omier Dr

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Main Engineering

For Reagan, engineering felt like home. There was something comforting about the hum of the engines and all of the systems working together. It especially had that cozy feeling when you had an excellent team of engineers working in the department and although she had snuck around and given herself a tour of main engineering, she hadn't yet officially met any of the team.

Dr.Omier would be her first stop. As the Assistant Chief Engineer, they would be working closely together and RJ was excited to meet her new counterpart. Especially intriguing was the fact that Omier wasn't a Starfleet officer, instead onboard the Dreadnought as part of an exchange program. The assumption RJ made that her credentials must be impressive to have earned such a high-ranking role on a Starfleet vessel without having attended the academy, were confirmed when she read her personnel file.

"Dr.Omier?" She inquired towards one of the only non-Starfleet personnel in engineering that seemingly matched the physical traits on the personnel file RJ had read earlier.

Amber had heard that orders from above required that she relinquish the role as Chief Engineer. She was fine with it as it would mean more work and less reports. Regardless of her role the fact she was on the most advanced ship in the fleet was credit enough to bolster why she left her Homeworld. Another perk of not being in Starfleet was the lack of need to wear a uniform, instead she wore a professional two piece outfit that presented a somewhat prickly demeanour in an otherwise male dominated environment.

"Lt.Quinn." Amber turned her head to look up at the other woman without stopping what she was doing, clearly adept at multi-tasking, and proficiently.

"I wanted to get with you to discuss the engineering department. Schedules, maintenance, automated and non-automated tasks. I've read all of the ship's specifications and am up to date from a technical aspect, but every ship has its own personality. And clearly done an exceptional job with keeping this one happy so I'd appreciate your insight." RJ was straightforward and honest. Omier had immediately struck her as a down to business type of person so there was no sense in beating around the bush.

"Perhaps you can contact me when you've got a few moments?" She asked as Omier had continued to work without pause since RJ had introduced herself. Whatever she was working on must have been important or Omier just wasn't the very personable type.

Stopping what she was doing Amber stood upright, a flick of the hand to brush an errand lock of hair over her shoulder and then she was ready. Amber looked at the new Chief, young, eager, prepared, researched. Respectable traits, she would have fit in well on the Homework. "Of course." Handing off a padd of information to another engineer Amber then asked. "What would you like to know?"

"Everything," RJ stated plainly, and it was the truth. She wanted to pick every detail from Amber's brain. Understanding where the department currently stood and how it ran was essential before she could truly take over and be an effective leader. "Tasking would be a good place to start I suppose. Do you have certain maintenance activities split up by shift? Any special algorithms you guys are using to run automated tasks?"

Amber went on the explain what she did, how and why she did it. Much of the Engineering staff had worked on, aided in the construction or select specialists from the previous Dreadnought so all had skill sets that the ship needed. She then explained that the Admiral that recently departed the ship made sure that everything was in order and was a very firm hand in its smooth operation, Amber tried to keep that trend going, hoping RJ now would too. There was much emphasis on deligation and trust especially with a department of this size and a ship this size to manage.

Amber did mention that the servicing and maintenance of the U.S.S. Agincourt and the U.S.S. Warspite, otherwise called 'The Twins' was viewed for the most part as the more prized assignments. Amber was one to keep such assignments as a rotation so that everyone would enjoy the much easier and much smaller ship to maintain for a brief while.

"Good to know. Thanks for bringing me up to speed," RJ said as Omier finished her rundown of engineering operations. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't impressed by the engineer's attention to detail and skills in running such a large department.

"I won't take up any more of your time. Any last hints, tips, or general things I should be aware of?" RJ asked as a coverall to make sure there wasn't anything that she missed.

Perhaps the first instance where it was apparent that Females where Amber came from were considered 2nd rate citizens she replied with. "Just don't let the men push you around because you're a woman." Was all she said but meant every word.

Reagan raised a curious brow at Amber's final statement. Sexism was never something she had experienced with Starfleet. Was it a problem on this vessel or something from Omier's pre-Dreadnought past? She wondered but chose not to ask. If it was a problem here, she'd rather see it first hand than start with a biased based on one person's statement.

"Understood. Thanks for the brief." RJ responded with a smile, grateful for the engineer's time in bringing her up to speed. She then turned and walked towards her office to knock out more of the reports strewn across her desk.


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