NCC - 77447 - B
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The Upgraded

Posted on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 @ 3:24am by Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn & Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr.

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Officers Quarters - Lieutenant Reagan
Timeline: MD 03 - 2342 Hours


Gavin was spent. He spent his rounds on the medical deck, checking in operations in an unofficial capacity. Having just dressed down in casual, he didn't want to interrupt its daily routines.

After checking in with the medical assistant and the surgical suite presiding Doctor, he spent more time in his office overlooking the various immediate issues about his position.

He had wanted to check in on RJ after his first day, yet he had never left his offices. He stayed the whole night in his office, drowning in padds and requisitions. Not to mention the 5500 + population of officers who regularly required medical checks and updates to varying issues and ongoing medical initiatives. It was a daunting process.

By the time he had reached the door of RJ's quarters, he nearly was about to fall asleep. Yet, his eyes were tired. He immediately perked up, finding that Reagan was in her quarters. No doubt she would have been hanging on to Engineering like a toy! He was ecstatic for her and was ecstatic himself in the same. Right now, all he had wanted to do was to see her familiar face and sweet smile.

Pausing at her doorway, he leaned his head at the metal-carbon door in his dressed-down khaki shorts and crisp white tee-shirt. "Hello? RJ?" Gavin had called.

Reagan didn't even hear the call as she was completely immersed in a padd, reading up on every system. She was taking notes on which systems might be improved, even just slightly, with updated algorithms and refined power flows. She finally looked up from her padd when Gavin rang the chime.

She looked at the time. It was late, who would be dropping by at this hour? RJ wondered. She didn't even consider that it could be Gavin as she hadn't slept in over a day. Engineering work had consumed all of her time.

"Enter," she eventually barked and the doors swooshed open. "Gavin!" RJ exclaimed, excited to see him. "Sorry I was completely wrapped up in work, I had hoped to meet up with you sooner. I assume it's been the same for you though?" She asked with a smile as she got up from her chair at the desk and motioned for Gavin to join her on the couch.

Gavin was gleeful seeing RJ, as he rushed through the door and then jumped at the couch, letting out a rushed sigh outward. "Oh my GOD.... What a past few days." He bellowed upward to the ceiling. Ross had then turned his tired head laying to the sofa towards RJ... "It is SO GOOD to see you, I've missed you so much." He reached for RJ's hand to hold in to his.

"Same," RJ said as she took his hand. "So tell me about the new medical department," she smiled. She was sure his past few days were just as exhausting as hers, but she knew Gavin, and even though it had been tiring she was sure that he must've been excited about some of the new systems or tools on the new ship.

“It’s massive. We knew this ship would be enormous. But, I mean, it’s a full hospital in space. Departments among departments…” Gavin then stopped. “So tell me. I want to know everything. How fast can we go? What’s our maximum sustainable velocity and all that incredibleness!?” Ross grinned tiredly.

"Well, she's slower than our last ship with a max speed of warp 7.9. Not surprising for a ship so huge. But, multiple warp cores and the department itself is huge. So many systems and personnel, I can barely keep up!" Rj chuckled. "I'm enjoying the challenge though, even if it is exhausting."

"How's Nanook?! Adjusting to the new quarters?" She asked as Gavin's husky as stolen a piece of her heart, she was always curious to know of the fluff ball's wellbeing.

Gavin smiled tiredly, “Not at all! RJ, he is angry at me, not talking. He’s peed in the corner of the room. It stinks SO bad.” Ross states hoarsely, tiredness creeping into his voice. “I’ve scheduled a cleaner. I’m taking him for a walk on the arboretum deck later if you want to join me. I think I will be half asleep walking him. Poor guy, Nan has been bewildered. But he is coming around. Last night he slept at the end of my bed but didn’t look at me. I have heard there was another dog on board. I know. It’s huge! So maybe playdates for Nan in the future would make up?” He gestured to RJ with an ‘I don’t know what to do’ look.

RJ thought for a moment, she hated that Gavin was having such a hard time. Not only was work ten times more demanding on this ship, but to have an upset Nanook on top of it just seemed unfair.

"Why don't you go get some rest and leave dealing with Nanook to me for a little bit? I have some ideas and you look beyond exhausted," she said after a few moment's thought.

Gavin playfully jabbed. "Oh yeah. I see your game now. Hook me in, and then hook in Nanook. Then let me off my leash, hunh? I'd have no hope of Nanook wanting to join me later. Do you know how excited he gets when he senses it is you on the other side of the doorway?" He laughs. "Really? You would do that for me?" Ross was reminded how thoughtful, and kind that Reagan were. She always wanted to help in any way. "Your so busy, not more than me my dear?"

Reagan chuckled. "Don't worry, I'm not trying to steal Nanook and then let you go. I like you both too much to let you go," she smiled. "And yes, of course I would do that for you."

Before he could say another word, RJ stood up and grabbed the blanket that was thrown over the couch and an extra pillow. "Get some sleep, I'll be back in an hour or two." She handed him the items and gave him a quick kiss and then headed towards Gavin's quarters to collect Nanook.

Gavin had paused for a moment holding on to the blanket and pillow. Was he to sleep here? Was he to sleep on the couch... He paused looking at the blanket and then as RJ quickly as she does, went about to seeing her work. "I.. Uh. Ok. I'll... Just stay here then?" Ross laughed. He then dropped to the couch and immediately dozed off.

RJ didn't even hear his last statement as she headed out the door to collect Nanook and go for a walk. Truth be told, she felt like she could use the walk and the non-human company. It was a chance to clear her thoughts. A whole new department and personnel were a lot to take in.



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