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Surgically Inclined [Backpost]

Posted on Sat May 29th, 2021 @ 8:44am by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr.

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Medical Deck - Surgical Suites Office
Timeline: Before Hospital Deployment


Having finished his rounds of the departments within the medical deck, Gavin had made his way to the Surgical Suites. The Valkyrie class vessel was impressive, as large as a medical institution. The teams in each department had impressed him. Having just transferred from a Galaxy-class ship, he was overwhelmed with the layers of departmental operations.

Taking everything in stride, he was confident in his abilities. If anything, he was here to learn from the Officers who operated and completed the daily routines. Routine medical examinations on such a vessel were ongoing, thus dedicated surgeons were the norm, ensuring that the 5500 + crewmen of the Dreadnought were well-taken care of.

Stepping into the Offices of the surgical care ward, Gavin had found Lieutenant Acacia Thomas. He had time to read up on the crew while in transfer, learning that the dedicated surgeon was a 38-year-old Aldean female. She had the expertise and exemplary grades in the academy already at the total rank of Lieutenant. His rank. He had felt a little taken back, if not embarrassed, that he would be her departmental commanding officer.

Not one to dwell on rankings or titles, Gavin was interested in her, the person. How was the surgical ward working for her? What did she think could be changed or modified? Or was everything in perfect operations. This was what he had wanted was feedback as he had settled into his new role as Chief.

“Hello.” Gavin had lent a friendly, calm, and usually relaxed-natured smile. “Lieutenant Thomas.” He gestured to her seat in her surgical ward office. “May I take a seat?” He walked in, taking a look around her office. “Forgive me. I’m Lieutenant Ross, the new Chief of Medical on the Dreadnought. It is a pleasure to meet you.” Gavin offered his lame introduction.

She'd cut off her surgical dictation when he entered, and the doctor who was currently sporting locks of a dark forest green to neon green at the tips stared at the intruder. She only relaxed when he'd finally introduced himself. She spared a thought for what had happened to Nim for him to be here, now. "Good morning Dr Ross. Please..." She gestured to the open seat in her office which was a soft cream color with a pale blue stripe 1/3 of the way to the left of the seat. The paintings she had on the wall were ocean scenes, and a miniature palm tree grew from a glass orb on her desk. "Coffee?"

"Thank you, Doctor. I already got one." Gavin had gestured showing his silver mug. Gavin had relaxed in to the seat that was offered and then set down his coffee and padds.

"I thank you for having the time to see me." He then paused and smiled. "Are you using a telex 1109 dictation line?" He motioned to the computer program. Gavin was fond of the telex systems he had used to do his own.

"No, it had trouble with my accent when I was in Medical school, so I use the standard computer with my own personal modification." She chuckled and toyed with a pine green curl.

"So, Lieutenant. Tell me. How have the facilities been onboard? Have you had everything you need to complete and facilitate the load on this vessel?" Gavin had known that the Medical Department was under a lot of stress with so many crew to look after, and now the deployment of the field hospital at hand.

"I have my surgical areas set to my rather precise specifications. Since my specialty is trauma surgery, no-one really fusses about my idiosyncrasies." She chuckled good naturedly rubbing her forehead.

“Good. I am glad to hear that you are comfortable and have a well-developed practice over in trauma.” Ross was happy to hear this and confirmed his reports he has reviewed on patient outcomes and statistics within the Dreadnought medical database in the trauma dept.

“So. Now that I am here. I am going to change everything. I want you to know that.” Gavin had paused. His plain sense of humor broke with a grin. “I am kidding. I wouldn’t do that to you, Doctor Thomas. In here, I like to refer to Doctors rather than rank.”

"Mercy- just call me Acacia in that case. Dr. Thomas is reserved for the OR, or when I'm needed, you know? The difference in formality helps me know what mindset I need to be in." She gave him a charming smile as she sipped her drink.

“I have had a chance to review your operations charting and workups. I have been quite impressed! You develop and augment operations as situations arise on the table to favorable outcomes for the patient.” Ross nodded in all seriousness. “This tells me.” He paused long enough to take a drink from his silver mug of coffee and swallowed. “That you are comfortable in your work and position. I wouldn’t dare change anything. Bravo!” Gavin acknowledged Doctor Thomas’s hard work.

Cocking her head to one side, she nodded at the praise. "Thanks. I'd like to train up another surgeon to be trauma certified if that's possible."

"If you think you are up to the extra headaches, then by all means. If you have anyone in mind, all I ask is that you send me your recommendations for whom and when?" He just wanted to have some insight. It was more a formality, but in this case another trained surgeon would be just cause, since they would be doing a lot of work planetary side. Gavin nodded.

"I have a few ideas, but at this moment they are just ideas. We've got some capable surgeons that need a bit of...lets say encouragement." Her wicked little grin was telling of just what she meant.

"Well. If there is anything else?" Ross had paused, with a gentle smile in return.

"No sir, just a reminder we do have several physical therapists that have been assigned to the spa being built on the promenade, who are Starfleet officers and technically under your purview."

Ross had paused. "I am sorry. I completely eclipsed your comment regarding the Surgeons needing a bit of a prod. If you can forward me their files, I would see about repositioning them from comfortable positions to being placed on the planet when the rollout is completed." Gavin had raised a brow. "Just how lacking are the Surgeons, and how many? Where did they Graduate from which Starfleet facility?" Gavin was biased as he only felt the best schools were from the original SF San Francisco Headquarters of Professorial Departments in Medicine.

"We're not lacking in surgeons persay- we're lacking qualified surgeons who can step in for me at need. I'm only one person after all and I cannot be everywhere." She grinned at her immediate supervisor.

"Wait...." Ross had paused. His mind a mile a minute with preparations of a field hospital along rotations of a starbase sized facility to oversee. Among it all, there was....... "A God damn Spa? We are NOT overseeing a Spa?" He had no idea that there was a Spa Center onboard. Of course there would be, it was a Starbase with Warp Nacelles!

"I must protest." Gavin had a whole new headache forming, while he immediately reached for his package of cigarettes inside his khaki shorts beneath his white lab coat. "We are NOT baby sitting a bunch of Physical Therapists. This is BEYOND. Massage Therapy? There are holodeck programs for that. I REFUSE." Gavin continued.

Acacia's snort turned into a giggle. That giggle then turned into full out laughter which after a few moments had the surgeon wiping tears away from her now prettily flushed cheeks. Everytime she looked at him and his indignant expression she started up again. Acacia had to look away from his face- so that she could regain her composure. A giggle escaped her as she forced herself to breathe evenly and get herself managed.
"They...have a purpose...I promise!"

"I. I know." He grumbled. Ross did everything he could to try and hold in his frustration at the perceived frivolous exercise of running a Spa onboard. He rolled his eyes. "Only... On this ship."

"They.." she wiped her eyes again, she'd needed that laugh. She hadn't realized it until she was done that she felt better than she had in quite some time. "They provide a necessary service, and only a couple of them are Starfleet officers. The spa provides a vital service, and their presence there allows us to refer patients to them for therapy. Can you rehabilitate patients post injury with all your other duties? I assure you it's not MY area of expertise, and I keep my hand in regularly with general medicine. We NEED them."

"I don't negate the positive role that a Spa plays onboard the Dreadnought. We will need a conjunctive stress relief facility. This can be worked in with the Physio Therapy Staff." He reached for one of his padds at the side, pulling up the departmental manifests. "I can easily see a contingent of hospitality officers training for a certification of Starfleet excellence in resource and sterilization management. But this will in no way, compose a broad medical over sight. Moreso, than that of a Health Unit Inspection." He shrugged. "I'm going to the morgue for my cigarette now. How fitting." He smirked ironically. And mouthed the words "I'm trying to quit."

"It's only a few staff members of the mostly civillian staff." Acacia giggled again, shaking her head in reproach of his terrible habit. "Just don't come into my OR smelling of the stuff. I might vomit on you."

"Got it. Vomit I don't want anywhere near the OR... Or me for that.. Fact." Ross had winced, before turning to leave the Doctor's Office.


Lieutenant Acacia Thomas
USS Dreadnought


Lieutenant Gavin Ross
Chief of Medical
USS Dreadnought


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