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2 New Chiefs, 1 New Introduction

Posted on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 @ 3:21am by Lieutenant JG Reagan Quinn & Commander Bianca Caselli & Lieutenant Gavin Ross Dr. & Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Captain's Ready Room


***Pre Meet***

Reagan looked in the mirror and tugged down on her jacket. She then inspected the pips on her collar, ensuring they were perfectly in line. ‘You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.’ The quote so often drilled in by her Starfleet parents ran through her mind as she looked over her appearance once more before exiting her quarters.

A familiar figure stepped out into the hallway just as Reagan passed the door. “Let me guess, you were called to meet with the Captain too?” She asked Gavin as the door closed behind him.

Gavin nodded to the friendly, familiar face of RJ. He smiled. "It would seem so." He was silently taking stock of his appearance, having to check for any obvious signs of wear or tear on his duty uniform.

"The Dreadnought is an impressive ship. I think the rooms are even larger than the Shanghai." Ross had caught up with RJ as he continued with her to the turbo lift. "What do you think?"

He was hiding his nervousness about a first meet. It had been years since introducing himself to a new set of commanding officers, yet he was excited. Almost as starting a new year of school.

"Definitely impressive. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little intimidated, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. You know how much I love to get my hands on new engineering systems." RJ said with a chuckle.


As the turbo lift slowed to a halt, there was a slight pause before the doors opened to reveal the Dreadnoughts Bridge's location. One would think such a massive vessel would have a rather large bridge.

Extending his hand outward to the doorway, Gavin grinned cheekily. "Ladies first." In a way, he was happy to let her go to break the introductions, perhaps seeing the XO Commander Caselli in the process.

RJ stepped out and first took a moment to admire the large bridge. The walls were adorned with bright panels of systems statuses and the engineering console called to her, but just as quickly as she was distracted, RJ regained focus. She was here to report in, not to gawk at the beautiful new systems she would get to play with.

"Commander Caselli?" RJ politely inquired as she walked up to the XO. "I'm Lieutenant JG Quinn and this is Lieutenant Ross. We're here to report in." She said with a formal tone and a smile.

Bianca smiled as she stood and turned toward the voices, casting a quick glance over both before holding a hand, first toward Gavin and then in turn RJ. "Welcome to the Dreadnought," she said warmly. "I trust you're both settling in alright?"

"Yes ma'am. Everyone has been extremely helpful which makes the settling in process easy." RJ said with a smile.

"Good good," Bianca replied with a quick nod. "I just left the Captain, I know he's not overly busy right now, this could be a good time to make our introductions to him?" Bianca suggested. "If you would both come with me, I'll walk you over."

***Ready Room***

With his glasses perched upon his nose as he read reports upon the latest arrangements carried out following the briefing he was reviewing the lists of stores that were beamed on board prior to departure. The list was long and the contents extensive which as he expected it would be given the mission and its many unknowns that he and the ship was tasked with.

The late addition of two new key members of his staff raised a brow as he called up the two new Chiefs on his screen. A one Lt. Ross, Doctor, to take over as Chief Medical Officer who arrived with the medical detail and supplies that were beamed on board. The other was a Lt.Jg Quinn, to stand in as Chief Engineer. Ra held little regard for the ranks of these two new Chiefs, what was important was the skills, knowledge and a willingness to put that to use in their service to the ship. He made a mental note to catch up with the First Officer to get her impressions and wondered how Quinn would handle the icy Dr Omier.

He knew well that the Dreadnought was far from the typical class of ship and he knew that with all these new arrivals on board would take time to get used to the way of things on board. While assigning quarters to the score of new arrivals would pose no problem at all, making use of them during the transit would. Affording a ride to the planet was his orders, they didn't say he couldn't put any of them to work in the mean time.

His line of thought was broken when the door chime sounded, it seemed they had arrived. "Enter." He called out taking his glasses off and placing them in the little table top holder.

Reagan entered first and assumed a stance of attention in front of the left side of the desk. Some Captains preferred the more formal introductions and some would rather a handshake than the formal reporting line, but unfortunately preferred greeting or reporting in methods weren’t on anyone’s personnel file. Reagan always chose to default to the more formal option, hoping at the very least it helped to make a good first impression.

“Lieutenant Junior Grade Quinn reporting as ordered, sir.” She stated confidently.

In formal stance to the right of the Fleet Captain's desk, Gavin had clasped his hands together behind his back, his shoulders tall and presenting. A moment after Reagan had spoke Gavin gave a nod to the Efrosian CO. "Sir, Lieutenant Gavin Ross reporting."

Ra could see both were trying to make a good impression, he however would rather see impression made by action and skill. He was being tested just as much as the ship was by Command and he hoped to make a passing grade. "Relax Lieutenants." Ra spoke. "I'm afraid you missed the briefing earlier today but I do not mind to recap. Doctor Ross I understand you are to be my new Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Quinn my new Chief Engineer." He paused but a moment. "Have either of you seen your departments yet or?" Looking at the pair to see an expression or hear a answer.

Gavin took the lead question as such, Regan had introduced herself. “Sir. I have had a brief chance to check in on the Medical Deck main offices. The Valkyrie class medical labs, surgical suites, and dentistry labs are most impressive.” Ross would confidently run a full-fledged Starfleet hospital among the stars. True to his calling and service record.

"Same, sir" RJ replied, almost taken aback by the question. Of course she had been to engineering. It was always the first place she visited. What self-respecting engineer wouldn't check out their new engines and systems the moment they arrived on a new ship? She wondered.

"The systems are impressive and very well kept," RJ smiled and paused before continuing. "Though...I've been reading some of the latest studies coming from the Daystrom Institute and I think we can apply some of their findings to implement an algorithm that increases the efficiency of the plasma injectors." There was always room for improvement in her opinion and being a workaholic, she'd been reading up about the new systems since she found out about her transfer to the Dreadnought.

Ra knew that anything designed could be improved, what is made can be tweaked or fine tuned. "You are the Chief Engineer, if you feel you can improve things then by all means. Just keep in mind she's still new so while there may be much you can do, small steps first."

"That done, our mission..." Ra pulled up the same information he'd used in the earlier briefing. Nothing had changed since then so he gave the same information again to the two Chiefs he'd given the rest of the staff.

Ra admitted to himself that he was keen to see what these two officers were capable of seeing as much depended on them once they reached the surface.

"Fleet, Captain." Gavin had begun one of the largest pauses, which would undoubtedly be one of his career's most extensive operations. "I will assume, Starfleet Level 03 field integration pod structural units being built."

"Forgive me. I have had little information on the latest reconnaissance of the planet. However, for the humanoid population, the services to be offered in a war-torn region. Industrial replicators on board will need structuring supports for operating theatres, sterilization units. Of course, expanding upon for broader support to cover all inpatient services, including maternity, paediatrics, internal medicine, laboratory services, and the emergency room. What type of bed compliment do you foresee the size of the hospital?" Ross had a compendium of questions that needed answering, although he would have to make multiple meetings with the Operations, Sciences, and Engineering Officers.

"Several hundred at least by initial estimates, equally split between the warring factions with security posted at every junction, access and exterior points to keep the two sides apart. We have the facilities to fabricate what is needed but we must maintain an impartial appearance and treat both sides, equally." It was vital this image was maintained, last thing Ra wanted was to be branded taking the side of one over the other. "The security measures are not open for discussion, they come straight from Command with advise from Starfleet Medical. My job it to get the materials and personnel to the surface and let the supplies and additional staff handle the rest."

Ra paused. "Lieutenant Quinn, you will be responsible to replicate additional supplies and materials as needed, our shuttle compliment will handle logistics for what we can not beam down, our fighters will handle defence screen."

"Understood, sir," RJ replied confidently. The task seemed relatively easy, not that dissimilar to a similar mission she had been on recently. Plus it would be a good way to get to know more of the crew and build some intradepartmental relationships.

"I won't take up much more of your time, I know you both have much to arrange in the mean time. I look forward to seeing your potential first hand instead of reading it, welcome to the Dreadnought." Ra spoke in closing knowing that time was a luxury few could afford, least of all, them. "Dismissed."

With that, Lieutenant Ross had given a slight nod to Fleet Captain Morrisaati, turning and leaving with his duties in mind. The Dreadnought would be a fascinating ship to serve.

Reagan did the same and then followed Gavin out of the room. She looked forward to working with everyone that she had met so far and was excited for the challenges ahead.



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