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A First Meet & First Orders.

Posted on Sun Mar 21st, 2021 @ 12:10am by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati & Commander Mark Bawden & Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather 'Andi' & Lieutenant Commander Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Skovik cha Silask & Lieutenant Karl Scheer & Amber Omier Dr

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Observation Lounge.

"Thank you, everyone, for attending so promptly, time is, unfortunately, a luxury we can ill afford so I will get straight to the point." The Efrosian spoke as he stood at the head of the table before a staff of highly trained officers he had, up to now, never met.

"I know many of you have questions about the circumstances surrounding the sudden departure of Fleet Captain William Hood. I wish I could tell you something that would bring answers to you however regrettably I am not privy to such information." Ra knew that this didn't help much, but he only had little to give. "He was your Captain for a while, you consider him a friend, one of the family and it with that in mind that I aim to keep this family, this unity of individuals intact." Ra paused for a moment as he hoped that those assembled would see that Ra was not here to make sweeping changes, but to keep the team together as best he could while adding his own traits to it.

"My name is Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati and I have been ordered to assume command of this vessel. Some of you may have noticed the presence of Admiral Shyael earlier, her task was to ensure that the ship was ready in all respects prior to her departure. I know this was not the introduction you expected nor the one I had planned to address but duty seldom affords us the little luxuries." Now that it was done, now down to the mission details.

"We have been tasked with the conduct of a Humanitarian mission to support the population." Ra went into the details of location, regional specifics, external factors that might impact the mission.

"We will construct a makeshift medical facility here." A holographic planet appeared in the middle of the table, it lasted for several seconds before a topographical map replaced it. "This area has been negotiated as a neutral spot, located within the area of the fiercest fighting prior to the cease-fire talks. "The hospital will treat both sides of the conflict separated into two wings of the facility. Security will provide facility and staff protection. Our marine force will provide ground location protection and our wing force will provide overhead security." Ra has the computer zoom into the area where holographic representations were added for each component.

"Shelters, power, food replicators and additional medical staff have beamed aboard for this mission and will lend help planetside. Due to the fluctuating stability of the region, all equipment and staff will have on them isolinear tags, to beam up in the event of total security failure." Ra made that point clear, there was a risk, danger, they the away team while the home team had all the advantages.

"It's been reported that the use of biological weapons has been deployed, the war that's ravaged the planet has destroyed nearly every city and total devastation of the planet's infrastructure, even clean water is a luxury. "I have been authorised to use force only as a measure of defence, we are here to help but are not helpless, reasonable force only."

"Are there any questions before I continue?"

Ayla's ears perked up at the mention of bio-weapons. "Squeak. Do the advance teams to the planet have the listing of war grade bios? Thiz way wez... Medical and Science... can coop on antidotes and vaccines while enroute to location."

"Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather Chief of Security Captain, first off let me by saying welcome to the Dreadnought Captain and it is good to meet the Commander of this Starbase with warp nacelles, I never got to meet your predecessor so this is a refreshing change" Andi smiled "in regards to the security arrangements, they seem good, but I will have a Security Officer escort our Command Staff who go down to the planet at all times, I also would like to work and coordinate camp security with the Marines too if that is okay Captain?" Lightfeather asked.

"Do we have any idea of expected casualties?" Nim asked, picking up the PaDD she had carried in and thumbed into it to start making notes. "It would be good to start preparing staff and equipment for our arrival so we can get straight to work, and of course," she paused offering a nod and a smile to Ayla, "to be able to work on other issues."

Ra was pleased to see his senior staff engaged in the task at hand. Questions however required answers. Turning to the unique looking, though would never say such, Commander Bawden. "Unfortunately not, all we know if they have been used but as to the severity, frequency and warheads employed we know not," Ra explained that talks had to be held in one of the least damaged sites just for talks to last long enough to make any headway.

Ra was a little puzzled about the remark about the ship, he wondered if it was some running joke that he was unaware of. "Commander Caselli will head operations down on the surface, I will handle deployment logistics from orbit." Hoping to leave planetside operations to his First Officer since she would be the one going down there.

"Casualties are estimated to be millions planet-wide, in the area we are to deploy there is a population cluster of nearly 30,000. Given the level of damage done, the lack of infrastructure and basic supplies you can expect a wide range of issues, injuries and ailments." Ra answered his Chief Medical Officer.

"Anyone else?"

Mark was listening to the information as it came in, from a tactical standpoint he didn't expect much issue, but security on the other hand would seem to soon have its hands full.

Amber sat listening to the Starfleet officers talk, she had little care for the situation, mostly because of her upbringing and training to which a situation is fluid and constantly changing. What is now, may not be later. While dedicated to helping as she could, where she could she wondered if she'd even be involved at all with her not being Starfleet.

"Sir, will the Dreadnought be staying in orbit?" Nim askes, looking up from her PaDD and staring at the Efrosian standing at the end of the table. "I have some security concerns."

"She will, I intend to position the ship in geoscyncronus orbit of site picked for us to use." Ra answered. "I will leave the security considerations and arrangements to Commander Lightfeather and Major Snyder."

Karl had been following the conversation while thumbing through his PADD of notes. He was confident his people could provide the necessary air cover required but still needed more information. "What kind of threats can we expect from the air sir?"

"From what I am informed both sides still have air capability, to what extent I am unsure but I intend to have two squadrons of fighters on alert standby here and a handful of shuttles on the ground at our facility." Ra answered. "Given that our sensors will be able to detect any air threats early, an orbital launch should permit intercept."

Andi sat back trying to figure out if the Captain had answered her question "I have nothing further" she simply said only partly wondering if she will be stuck on the ship or will be going on an Away Mission, other thoughts were of the latest Promenade issues.

"I may be able to provide in the moment surveillance of both factions communications. It would not be beneficial for the complex to be attacked with our people in it.". Skovik mused aloud, making eye contact briefly with the new Captain.

"Only if you can do so undetected. We are here to help, if we are caught then we put ourselves in a dire position with the potential for hostage situations." Ra liked the idea, but it held a great deal of risk.

"That is a reasonable precaution. I shall ensure my espionage is perfect" answered the Vulcan blandly.

"I have no intention ladies & gentlemen of exposing our people to danger any more than is imposed upon us by the situation. Major, I have forwarded the assigned area to you, pick a suitable number of marines to secure the location. Commander Lightfeather, I will forward you the assigned plans for building layout. It will be divided between both factions so I want security at all access points to keep them separated."

"Lt. Scheer, when we arrive I will orientate the ship port side on to the planet. I will open the starboard side doors out of view to permit immediate launch. I will also have the Defiants prepared for launch but doors closed." Ra didn't want to be caught out, so it never hurt to be prepared. "You will need to escort our shuttles down to the surface, I would not put it past someone to be trigger happy at something to shoot at. You will also provide anti air and anti munition support."

"Lieutenant Vixil, I'd like broad spectrum inoculations for all going to the surface, some protection is better than nothing and we are not sure what the medical situation is down there." Ra knew he had to protect his people, a practical man but one that planned for the best but prepared for the worst.

"Remember everyone, we are here to help, not ignite the war again. Anyone else anything to add?"

Ayla looked thoughtful for a few seconds and shook her head 'no' as she saved her meeting notes. Her mind was already on family matters, new scheduling and rotation of Science personnel for planetary rotation.

Nim shook her head slightly. "No Sir, not at this stage," she added quietly, already running through thoughts in her mind about what preparations they would need to make before hitting the surface. Medical was about to get very, very busy.

"Very well, prepare your departments. Dismissed." Ra was pleased by the professional take of the senior staff, they were a unique group of individuals but clearly together long enough that an effective cohesion had been formed.

All that remained, was to arrive.


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