NCC - 77447 - B
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The Word Is Given

Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 9:27pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Ready Room

Ra was sat in his Ready Room pouring over the reports that were flowing in about the ships readiness, he was impressed by the crews determination to duty and being prepared and already he found himself keen to see what they could do. He found himself chewing on the nuts one at a time infrequently as he read, he was glad that he'd made sure an ample supply was brought on board when he was assigned to it as he doubted there would be much time to resupply once they set off. With the Admiral now departed the ship really felt his finally, being the ranking officer on board might have helped that notion set in but he knew all too well that the time ahead of him would be spent proving himself worthy of the opportunity granted to him.

Ra was about to get up and walk to the replicator when his computer console chirped, a secure communication was inbound. Sitting back down Ra enabled the connection with an entering of his code. He was greeted with Commodore Sarah Keets, special attaché to the Diplomatic Humanitarian Division.

"Fleet Captain Morrisaati, a pleasure." Sarah opened with a smile. The two had never met before so she tried to be pleasant. "I hope I am not catching you at a bad time but I have your orders."

"Ma'am, not at all, the ship and crew stand ready." Ra responded as he tried to focus on the display to only realise he was not wearing his special glasses. "Our orders?"

"DHD has been asked to lend humanitarian aid to a planet that is in the aftermath of a brutal and savage conflict. Two sides have all but destroyed each other including major population centres and civic infrastructure. What remains of the population are suffering a matrix of illnesses with make shift power, contaminated water and little food." Sarah laid the situation out for the Efrosian who appeared to take it all in.

"Hostile elements?" Ra asked.

"So far elements of the diplomatic corps have brokered a cease fire, its fragile but holding for now." Sarah answered.

"Security considerations?"

"Though both sides have agreed to a cease fire its thin and barely holding, tensions are high and it wont take much to flare things up again. Its unknown which side if any have large scale weapons or not, so far most of the recent reports prior to the cease fire were guerrilla tactics with small arms and vehicles."

"My operational limits?"

"Your primary mission is to provide aid. A locations was selected in a region of the fiercest fighting prior to the talks, you will need to set up hospital arrangements for both sides while keeping them separated. Under no circumstances are you to appear to favour one side over the other. Your ship is being loaded with enough supplies to construct a hospital complex, shelters, power facilities, food replicators and additional medical staff that have been briefed on the situation and will be beaming to the Dreadnought within the hour."

"What are my orders if operations security is compromised?"

"All equipment and containers have been equipped with secreted isolinear tags within, in the event of total security failure you are to beam up all personnel and equipment. You are permitted to defend yourselves if you are attacked but using reasonable force only, we are here to help, not start the war again." Sarah answered hoping she got the point across.

"I understand, once the supplies are loaded and medical staff on board I will depart at once, am I approved for greater than Warp 5?"

"For the duration of this assignment, yes." Sarah answered. "I am forwarding you the names of the staff that will be sent to you, feel free to put them to use on shift or duty but otherwise make sure they have everything they need when you arrive in orbit."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good luck Captain, Keets out." The channel closed, the Federation logo appeared before the screen went blank like before.

Ra felt surprisingly keen to get going, he had his orders, his task set out before him.

"Computer, relay message to all Dreadnought assigned crew to return to the ship within the hour and prepare for departure. Senior Officers to the Observation Lounge in one hour for mission briefing."

The computer chirped, the message going out to all 6,859 of the assigned Dreadnought crew roster, all bar himself.


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