NCC - 77447 - B
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Murals and Mosaics.

Posted on Fri Mar 26th, 2021 @ 8:24pm by Olivia Carlyle & Owen Quinn

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Spa

Nothing could have prepared him for the oasis he'd found when he walked into the space he'd thought was still under construction. It was under construction he could see places where the fiber-mesh under the rock formations was still visible, and uncovered by the finish. There were gaps in the flagstones that made up the path, if he looked closely, but the materials to fix that were close at hand. It looked like Olivia had the thought to place mosaic tiles in between the flagstones to give some hints of color to the path.

"Olivia this is inspired..." he said when he was close enough that he knew she could hear her.

Olivia jerked upright cursing quietly as she'd not heard him enter. She had been focused on getting the flagstones set so that they could seal the water channels and get water flowing into the pools. "Christ Owen, could you move any more quietly? You scared 5 years off my life."

"I've seen you sketching this place for years, but there is something special about seeing it in person. " His smile was warm, suppressing amusement at the woman's startled response to his approach. He hadn't been quiet by any means.

"But, you like my idea so far?" Olivia's smile was soft as she gazed around the bay, watching her own creativity come to life.

"I especially love the spiral. Are those individual soaking pools?" At her nod he continued to emote about the place. "It's brilliant Olivia, utterly brilliant! It allows for privacy as well as intimacy without the possibility of true sexual encounters as most wouldn't venture out in public like that. Unless you open after hours..." His smirk turned on the pretty woman who was now his business partner.

"Disgusting" she shot back with a smile, as she raked back her hair sending mud streaks through the golden blonde. "I already thought of that and made preparations. People are going to be intimate here, and I think I have taken adequate precautions to deter people as this isn't a guarantee of privacy."

Owen's laugh echo'd in the room "You've built an oasis, what honestly do you expect people to do? Ignore it in favor of the holodeck?"

"They might just do that. Some people just don't enjoy their own reality. Speaking of, I recruited Mia Anushka." She held up a hand to stop the man's objection. She KNEW they didn't like each other. She also knew that they were both exceptional at what they did. "I know she rubs you the wrong way because of her demeanor- but she's extremely adept with therapy and I need her. She was positively wasted on that Starbase."

"The woman's terrified of basic social interaction." he griped, raking his hand through short but shaggy hair. His face twisted in disgust at the shaggy almost shabby nature he'd allowed himself to affect.

"She's shy." Olivia defended, her voice heating up.

"It's more than that and you know it!"

"Is she a good therapist?"

There was a long pause before he finally answered in the affirmative, in a slow tone that made it seem that he was actually pained to speak the "Yes" that emerged from his lips.

"Then what are you worried about? Let me deal with her and you help with the business end of it. I've never heard a complaint on her service, and her bedside manner is impeccable. No-one cares that she doesn't leave her quarters afterwards but the counselors. She's still Starfleet and she has to contend with that arena where we do not, thank all the gods. Let her be and work to your strengths. I am certainly going to need them." Olivia grinned, brushed off her hands from the dust of her work and poked his black shirted belly.

"You never were any good at pricing and services." he teased back, slinging his arm around her and kissing the top of her head. "Thanks Liv... I can't tell you what this and your friendship means to me."

"You earned it." she said with a whisper of sadness in her voice.

His eyes closed against the pain in her voice, even as his own heart ached. It ached even as it burned in rage against the sorry witch he'd married. "Tell me what your vision is would you?"

"My vision, only the most sublime relaxation here in this place." Olivia couldn't help but laugh at herself as she twiddled her fingers in the air to suggest mysticism. "So, lets start in the back. There are 3 pools, the hottest at the top which cascade into tiny waterfalls which fill the pools below. The largest is warm, suitable for swimming or relaxing with a drink. There is a small bridge that will connect the path to the hottest pools, to the tiles around the bath pool, allowing access from the main center as well as those who choose to relax on the ground rather than in the water."

Olivia's eyes were alight with enthusiasm even as she continued. "There will be both an underwater access between the bottom pool and the great pool, but the great pool will extend underneath the balcony. That is the outlet for the therapy rooms that specialize only in massage. That assumes full mobility in their clients, and allows for ease of access to the outside, in case clients aren't interested in the other amenities. The PT clients that I take will be on the ground floor just behind the reception area, because it might be a little much to expect them to have the mobility to climb the stairs. The private soaking pools will also be on the ground floor, so I can send people to soak after therapy. They start at the spiral here. There are even shallow stairs worked into the spiral so all can access it." She tapped the spiral which was drawn in at the base of the paper, to the left hand side of the reception area, which was already built. Frosted glass offered a hint of the oasis that was behind it, and the water feature was now working. "Each individual pool has a temperature setting, and regulator at the outlet so that the general water temperature isn't affected by the preferences of the individual ones. They also have showers of sorts, should people want the rainfall setting. Those need to be tested more, as I am not sure they're calibrated correctly."

"Offer a discount to the people willing to test the systems." Owen suggested absently, his eyes trained on the spiral of pools which were being settled into the ground by a small team of fabricators.

"That's a brilliant idea. I'll do that. Tomorrow. Right now, I need a bath and to let the fabricators actually do their jobs. I might be getting in their way." Olivia's blush lit her cheeks as she touched the dried mud in her hair. She had an appearance to maintain after all.


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