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Welcome Home

Posted on Sun Mar 28th, 2021 @ 4:04am by Briseis Kinsley & Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati

Mission: Guilty By Association

The civilian area of the ship had been impressive. Briseis had spent a large part of the day wandering around, taking in the sites and talking to people. She'd enjoyed a nice lunch in the arboretum, enjoying the simulated sunshine and watching a group of children play hacky sack and then had stopped at the school rooms on her way back to her quarters. Now she found herself wandering around the spacious quarters afforded the Commanding Officer of the ship and his 'family'.

It still seemed so surreal that she was here, with Ra. Their relationship, though well established, was in a new stage, a stage where they were actually able to be together instead of waiting for moments they were in the same area of space. She had gone through and unpacked her belongings already, trying to be mindful that she didn't overwhelm the space they shared with her belongings. Instead, she had started by only displaying the most sentimental of items she had, a few holoimages of them together at various stages of their relationship and the crystal rose he had given her after one of her performances, the night he first asked her for drinks after. The rest of the decorating would wait until she had time to make plans with him.

Almost as if he had been summoned telepathically, the doors to their quarters opened. Briseis turned toward him, a smile breaking out on her face. "Welcome home my love," she said as she moved toward him. "I was just thinking about you."

Ra walked in wiping his special glasses with a cloth, the doors closing behind him and cutting him off from the rest of the ship so that he might once again be a man, not the Captain if only for a brief moment. "Is that so my Wife.." Ra spoke placing the glasses on once again. "Might I ask what you were thinking?"

Bri smiled as she reached up, running her fingertips alongside his face. "I was just thinking about our home," she said with a smile. "Besides, I missed you."

Ra was only a fraction taller than Breseis, yet for all his regal appearance with his long moustache that ended well below his chin or the flowing white hair that could rival most females on board, Bri's beauty still stood radiant as the first day he met her. "I apologise that my duties kept me away for so long." This was but one of his fears about dragging her across the galaxy and away from her profession.

Winding her arm around his waist, Briseis smiled widely. "I was actually just thinking about our home," she looked toward him as she spoke. "I put up a few pictures but I wasn't sure about what else you wanted for decor."

Ra had noticed the change in decoration, especially the crystal rose that he'd given her. Seeing it again as his arm went around her slender waist brought back memories of listening to her play on the stage and the long night of conversation. "Surprise me." He replied to her statement about decor. "Did you manage to wonder about the civilian areas and what it provides?"

Bri laughed, pulling away and clapping slightly. "I spent time today on the civilian promenade and then I went to the school rooms." She looked at him, her smile lighting up her entire face. "I'm going to start teaching music at the school next week, and I'll be offering private lessons as well."

It was good that she was getting herself established so soon, he was worried that this new home would be the death of her musical passion. "The private lessons taught at school or elsewhere?" Ra asked walking the pair to the Kitchen where he fetched himself a much needed drink.

"I found a cute little store front on the civilian promenade today," Bri said with a smile. "I think it will be perfect."

"You should show me tomorrow after my shift, I'm sure we can make all the necessary arrangements." He was glad that things were taking shape for her. "At some point we should meet with my First Officer, socially. If I am to be working with her I'd like to get to know her a little more than what a service record informs me." Trust was also something that had to be developed and while that would take time, it was also dependant on other factors.

"What ever you wish my love," Briseis said with a smile. "I'll cook if you like?" she offered.

"What are you in the mood for?" Ra asked as he brushed errand strands of facial hair into order.

Looking at him, Briseis' smile broke out. "How about we open a bottle of that agave water we picked up on our last adventure, and I can replicate a Charcuterie board for us and we can snack on meats and nuts?"

It was nearing the time for him to eat the nuts he was required to daily, so a selection to accompany wouldn't hurt. "Sounds delightful." He replied. Ra was often at time at least to those that didn't know him to come over as loafty, to see himself above others, but that was simply how Efrosians were. While it was true they were shrewd negotiators and capable politicians they had many other talents too.

It was nearing the time for him to eat the nuts he was required to daily, so a selection to accompany wouldn't hurt. "Sounds delightful." He replied. Ra was often at time at least to those that didn't know him to come over as loafty, to see himself above others, but that was simply how Efrosians were. While it was true they were shrewd negotiators and capable politicians they had many other talents too.

“I spoke to both the chief of operations and the school teacher” Bri said as she moved. I can teach in the classroom as long as parents give permission, and I can give lessons in an empty storefront on the civilian promenade”

"A positive start then." It was good that she was getting traction into keeping her career going considering the risk he'd put it under bringing her to the ship. He wondered at what cost that would later bring but he remained confident that he would be able to work something out that would let her continue to do what she enjoyed.

Programming the replicator, Briseis smiled as she carried two plates to the ta me before returning for their drinks, “so tell me, my love, his was your day? Is the Admiral still being nice?”

"She will be departing the ship shortly." Ra opened. "She was remarkably informed about the ship and its lay out. I have been catching up on routine duties until we are reported fit for launch."

"I spent some time wandering around the ship today, it's huge," she said with a shake of her head. "I can see why it would take a lot of time to prepare for launch. Do you know where we're heading first?"

"A remote region to engage in Humanitarian efforts." Ra answered, it was difficult to answer her given she was not Starfleet and the needs of the service demanded that sometimes even loved ones can't be told some things.

Taking his vague answer for what it was, Bri smiled. "I'm sure the crew will be fine with you to lead them," she said firmly. "They are lucky to have you, your knowledge and your expertise."

"Early days, the crew just lost a Captain and gained an unknown, it will take time for them to adjust." Ra spoke as he went to gather a drink of water.

"And they have gained a friend," Bri said softly. "What has passed cannot be undone, but they have you to guide them forward." She watched him as he moved. "Are you alright my love?"

"A busy day my sweet." Ra spoke as he slipped into a chair again. He wouldn't have thought that a new command and meeting his new staff would be so mentally taxing.

She moved toward him, sitting so she was across his lap, one hand at the base of the back of his skull, fingers in his hair. "I'm glad you're home," she said softly as she watched him.

"Me too." Ra held his Wife close, she always had a soothing, calming effect no matter how stressful the day was. He let out a sigh, feeling her pull the tension from his body now that he was home and free of duties.

Bri sighed softly as he pulled her close, her head resting against his chest as her arms closed around him. "The ship is big," she finally admitted softly. "I found the civilian areas kind of scary. I didn't have you there." She pulled away just enough to look up at him. "I really have missed you."

"Well I am home now, so you need not be scared." Ra smiled, his Wife close, emotions clear to see and feel between them. There would be many changes he knew given this new command but he was hopeful that there would be minimal change to what they were used to doing, even socially given the perks this new, large ship afforded.

"And tell me, how long do I have you all to myself?" she asked, looking up at him from within his arms.

"For the rest of the evening. I report back on duty in the morning unless there is an emergency." Ra answered, glad for some time to not be the Captain after the day he'd had.

"Do you mind if we replicate dinner?" Bri asked softly. "My kitchen isn't working yet, and I really don't feel like going out to eat."

"Of course Bri, eating in will be just fine." He smiled reassuringly.


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