NCC - 77447 - B
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Posted on Sat Mar 13th, 2021 @ 10:49am by Commander Bianca Caselli & Commander Mark Bawden & Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather 'Andi' & Lieutenant Midori Kimoto & Lieutenant Commander Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Skovik cha Silask

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Ten Forward

Bianca carried the glass of wine to the table and sat next to Nim before glancing around at the rest of the familiar faces. Each face mirrored the same uncertainty she felt, uncertainty about all of their futures, given the sudden departure of Captain Hood. "Well," she said softly, holding up her glass. "Here's to Captain Hood, where ever he may be, may he be happy and healthy," she offered quietly.

Nim turned her own wine glass in her hand before she raised her glass, following Bianca's lead. "To Captain Hood," she said quietly. "Do we know what happened? The rumour mill has been running crazy, I've heard so many stories. Today so far he got fired for calling an Admiral a pompous ass, he quit in disgust over the black hole incident and he was abducted by the Orion Syndicate."

Midori didn't listen to rumours or gossip. She had been the subject of a rumour herself at one time. She wasn't much of a wine drinker but followed suit with the others as she listened in.

"Squeee.." Ayla spoke softly as she raised her drink of grape juice in a toast. "Whots done iz done. Captains come and they go. At Least wez the crew didn't have to sit in on the Admiral's Review Board, nor give a statement."

Being down in security Andi was always the last to know, she had never met Captain Hood and she was unlikely to meet this new Captain too, on a ship which was essentially a mobile Starbase and not a starship in the typical sense, yes it had warp nacelles and a large warp engine, but it could be just barely classed as a ship as it was so big, but its defensive and offensive capabilities were excellent, coming out of her thoughts she realised a toast was made so she raised her glass "to Captain Hood" she responded then looked at the First Officer.

"Why did Captain Hood leave Commander? I am usually the last to know down in security" Lightfeather asked.

Bianca shook her head. "I don't know, but he resigned. As Lieutenant Vixil said, there are lots of rumours running around, I don't know the truth any more than any of you do." She paused, turning the wine glass between her fingers. "He was a good man, I think that's the main thing we need to remember."

Andi Shrugs "I will take you at your word Commander, I do not pre-judge people I have not met and to be honest, nothing was spoken of Captain Hood down in Security and I realized this ship is nothing like a smaller ship," Lightfeather said.

The Vulcan had been sitting quietly listening to the conversations around him. He'd been curious as to what happened with Captain Hood, but all he could see was the resignation and its confirmation of receipt without comment. For a human, that had to have been a cold reception.

"Has anyone met the new CO yet?" Nim asked, glancing around the table. "I saw him in passing but I haven't had a chance to actually talk to him."

"I've been stuck in Tactical running the tests for the Admiral. She wanted a diagnostic on every weapon individually. A real ball ache to be sure." Mark replied.

Midori chimed in, "I know what you mean." She had made her go over procedures with the flight crew, "I haven't seen the new CO. I heard that he's an Efrosian but that's about it." She had never met one so she wasn't sure what to expect, "But I'm sure I'll meet him very soon. I have the next shift on the bridge."

"Well, I'm assuming we'll all meet him soon enough, we're scheduled for departure soon," Nim replied with a shrug. "I'm sure he'll be by sickbay soon enough."

There was another nod from the First Officer. "Less than 48 hours until planned launch," she added. "I'm meeting with the Captain first thing in the morning to go over details for the launch and our upcoming mission."

"I have been busy sorting out minor things on the Promenade and little of what goes on upon high does not reach me, so I do not concern myself with what happens on the bridge as it is not in my ballpark," Andi said and looked puzzled wondering where that term came from she must have heard it from somewhere as she had never used it before today, so she simply took a sip of her drink.

Bianca looked around the small group and offered a smile and held her drink up once more. "Fleet Captain William Hood. Where ever he may be...May the road rise up to meet him. May the wind be always at his back. May the sun shine warm upon his face; the rains fall soft upon his fields and until we meet again, may the deities hold him in the palm of His hand."


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