NCC - 77447 - B
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Time For A Change.

Posted on Sun Feb 7th, 2021 @ 12:13pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Bridge

Having spent a great deal of time with the Admiral touring the ship and at the same time being remarkably surprised by her knowledge of the vessel he found the tour very informative. When Ra saw the vessel on his transit to it the size of it left him in awe, this was now shadowed upon by its interior. In some sections especially the hangers they seemed to stretch as far as he could see, space was clearly a luxury when it came to its design. When the Admiral mentioned its many abilities out in the field he was particularly interested in its field repair capability. It couldn't fully repair a starship from critical damage but it could effect patch repairs so that it could be attended to under its own power.

For such a large vessel Ra's encounter with the crew seemed no different in occurrence than any other posting he'd had. He understood the vessel was large but for over 6,000 people assigned to it he did expect it to be a little more busy. Ra had many questions for the Admiral and she appeared to answer each expertly which made Ra wonder if she had a deeper hand in its construction or design than her vast knowledge was revealing.

Engineering, Science, Astrometrics and even the gardens and hydroponics were visited. A walk through the promenade was equally as enlightening as he remembered that while this was no traditional style of vessel design it was large enough to accommodate more civilian elements than other ships much like a Starbase could. Shops lined the walls each selling wares of various types, establishments for food, clothing and even art. He did keep an eye out for a venue that would serve as a school but the Admiral's pace for her size was hasty and he had to keep up.

Of particular interest were the two Defiant class escorts that the Dreadnought had contained to the aft section of the ship. Unofficially named 'The Twins' by some of the maintenance crews he was an experience to be able to see such vessels up close and in person. He knew that these two would afford him opportunities that the large bulk of the Dreadnought could not and he was keen to apply the pair. The Admiral was quick to point out that while the two vessels were assigned to the Dreadnought they could be at any time requested to attend a location independent of the Dreadnought. Ra understood this, if the Dreadnought were to be essentially a mobile base of operations, like any Starbase its vessels could be called upon.

The next stop was the Bridge and what a sight it was. Ra had only seen its size on blueprints and schematics and while it was understood they seldom did the location justice, this was no exception. The crew quickly came to attention when they saw the Admiral walk on first but they resumed duties a moment later after a reply from her.

"As you can see Captain, the Bridge is more than what you might expect. While she retains the same functions as any other vessel you are able to coordinate tactical command and control, local space control with your fighters as well as repairs, resupply and refit."

Ra looked to where the Admiral was pointing as she spoke. He could see the holographic table, the upright display that appeared to have an overview of the surrounding area on it. He could see where the Captain's chair was and his gaze was caught by the Admiral.

"Elevated above the others, from there you can rotate and see the situation for yourself unfolding. You can ask for reports but should you find yourself in the heat of battle a personal glance can be more prudent." The Admiral spoke leading the Captain towards the various stations that sat in front of the Captain's chair. "Your Ready Room is to the rear of the walkway there."

Ra looked where the door was, a walkway lead to it from the Captain's chair no doubt to afford a view of the surrounding stations and what was going on.

"Area operations to the front there as you can see. Damage and system functionality panel behind the chair. First Officer, Helm." The Admiral pointed to the two seats in front of them. "Operations there, Engineering, Science, Tactical." The four stations on the lower level that flanked him. "CAG is commanded on the flight deck though you can if you wish view the situation on the area map."

Ra guessed the Bridge itself could easily manage 40 people with all the stations that lined the walls. "Admiral, you mentioned combat. How did the vessel fair under combat conditions?"

"We tested the vessel in a simulated battle with a Sovereign class ship but given the Dreadnought's size understandably she weathered the simulated attack easily while subdueing the aggressor. I should point out that this ship has the latest Type XIII phaser arrays but its her dazzling array of pulse phasers and micro torpedo launchers for weapons, her shields rival most small outposts and bases. Stronger, more durable, latest technology. Simulations indicated a fleet of vessels would be required to overpower the Dreadnought and thats not including her armour."

Ra was intently listening to every detail.

"The vessel is covered in ablative armour, some of which was slated for Stardock class Stations." Indicating to Ra that the armour was very thick. Nacelles are armoured and any area with exposure to space such as hangers have thinner armour plating to prevent internal damage from penetrating weapons fire but your largest tactical ability comes from the large fighter compliment on board. I understand Lt. Sheer is a capable officer, he should serve you well."

"I am familiar with most of the senior staff, I reviewed the service files of each on my way here." Ra spoke.

"Prudent." Was the Admiral's only reply. "Why don't you try it?" The Admiral spoke indicating the Captain's chair.

It was large, looked comfortable, arm mounted hand displays. He took a seat and let himself for a moment relax into its comfortable embrace. Everything was within reach, a view of everything he'd need and in a proximity to everyone he'd need.

After a few moments and to the Admiral's amusement she spoke. "Now that you are comfortable, you may relieve me."

Ra stood up and stepped to infront of the Admiral. "I relieve you Ma'am."

"I am relived." She spoke offering her hand to the Captain. "Computer, transfer command codes to Fleet Captain Morrisaati." One authorisation code later and the Dreadnought was finally his command.

"This vessel is immaculate Captain, keep it such." Then the Admiral left the Bridge leaving Ra to have his moment.


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