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Fermata on Starslight

Posted on Thu Jan 28th, 2021 @ 5:40pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati & Briseis Kinsley

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Captain's Quarters

The transport to the Dreadnought had been nervewracking. It had been nearly a month since she'd seen Ra. Well, to be more specific, a that precise moment in time it had been three weeks, two days, eighteen hours and forty seven minutes as of the moment she stepped off the transport and through the airlock, looking around anxiously for any sign of his familiar face.

Ra arrived on the Dreadnought early to get a feel for how things were going and to meet and talk about the ship with Admiral Shyael. While the official hand over was not until later today he wanted at least to get some degree of familiarisation and home in some kind of shape that was not barren. He was walking the halls of the ship towards the transport that was to bring his Wife to the ship. He rounded the corner where he could hear some chattering as people and passengers stepped off the transport and into the ship.

The corridors breathed fresh air, unlike the over crowded transport she had been on for the journey. Eyes darting left to right, her gaze finally settled on Ra, a smile breaking out on her face. Once she was just a few steps away, she dropped her backpack, and with it any pretense of decorum as she rushed forward and threw her arms around him, hugging him tightly as she breathed in his familar and comforting scent. "I've missed you," she finally murmured as she pulled away, looking up at him. "Are you okay? How's the ship? Are you ready for your first mission?" her questions came in rapid fire, one after the other.

"My Wife." As regal as he looked with his flowing white hair and moustache his Wife broke though that image with a tender and loving hug. Briseis was not much shorter than himself however was much younger, a detail that didn't get skipped by many that looked upon them. "I have missed you also." He called over two ratings who collected the dropped bags with instructions to take them the Captain's quarters, he'd put them away later. "I am fine, and the ship is considerable, much larger in person than in schematics." A wild understatement to say the least but something that would be fully realised the more they spent time on board.

Sliding her arm behind his back, she pulled away just enough to nestle under his arm as the fell into step together. “How are you finding the command?” She asked softly. “I’m sorry I could t be here sooner, I tried but the Betazed government was insists that we play, though it wasn’t the same without your loving smile looking at me from the first row,” she added.

"The change over of command will take place later today once the Admiral has completed everything she needs to. Otherwise the ship is essentially ready." Ra spoke walking along the halls. "Your music is important to you and you are a talented musician. It's understandable they would wish you to play." Ra concluded as they called for a lift to take them home. "Are there any additional items from the planet coming or did you bring everything with you." He took most, but not all on his trip to the ship.

Briseis paused thoughtfully. "There is just one more shipment coming from the planet, it should be here later today," she smiled as they stepped into the lift and she turned to face him. "Just a couple of instruments I couldn't go without," she said as she looked up at him, smiling happily.

To anyone who may have seen them, they would have appeared as opposite as cheese and chalk, yet no one could deny their chemistry. "So tell me more about this ship we now call home," she asked.

"As you may have noticed on the way here, she is considerable in design as well as size. Some may think it is a controversial design but it has function and purpose to it. The largest starship in service, holds the most crew and a considerable fighter wing has been assigned to it. Command and Control Carrier from what I understand." Ra answered recalling details from what he had read. "A slightly troubled past but I am told that things should improve, they hope, now that I am to command."

"I have faith in you my love," Bri said with a smile as she looked up at him before stepping into the turbolift. "If anyone can make this work, you can." She leaned into his shoulder again. "I must admit, I did swap seats with the person next to me as we came in to the shuttle bay, just so I could take a sneak peek. She is definitely impressive."

It was good that she had confidence in him seeing as he had just dragged her onto a ship that would mean sacrificing some of her musical ability and travel. He wondered if such a move would cost her her position, but he hoped not. "I have an appointment with the Admiral later for a tour of the ship, she would like me to see more of it before I take command." The turbolift ride would take longer than he was used to, it was a large ship afterall.

Briseis laughed softly. "I imagine you could spend a month exploring this ship and still not know your way around or see all of it," she said lightly. "What's your favourite part of the ship so far?" she asked, looking up at him, a wide smile on her face, clearly excited to hear everything.

"I've not seen much I'm afraid. More on schematics and blueprints but that is all. I am meeting the Admiral on the Bridge later so I will see more once the tour starts." Ra was particularly looking forward to the tour, he was hoping that the Admiral would be able to give him some insights as to things about the ship that schematics and blueprints do not.

"I was reading on my way here," Bri replied brightfully. "Did you know that the ship has it's own fully integrated and operational hydroponics bay that's fed from the arboretum? It helps to supplement the environmental controls. Oh! And it has a sweet spot! Not a lot of ships now do, but this one does apparently, something about the size comparative with the systems? It's supposed to be fantastic for sound resonation," she added with a grin.

"Seems that I am not the only one that has been reading about the ship." Ra was not surprised, Bri had done this with a previous assignment also. The doors finally opened after a long ride and stepping out Ra knew where he was. Left, then right, door at the end. The doors to home opened and he allowed Bri to walk in first. "I have done little in terms of decoration, tied up with duties as I was prevented me from doing much." Which explained the crates and containers that were still closed and sealed.

She looked around. It was a lot more spacious than she had expected. "Wow," she breathed with a smile, dropping her backpack and turning toward him. "I guess the size of the ship translates into the size of the quarters?" she asked with a laugh.

Without waiting for a response, she turned and started rushing around the quarters, looking at one thing after another, inspecting as she went. Finally, stopping, she turned to look at him. "And this is all ours? Only ours?" she asked, unable to hide the hint of surprise in her voice.

"This is the Captain's Quarters." There was a measure of luxury for sure given his position and the ship did indeed grant a more grand scale compared to other rooms on other ships and there was plenty of scale. "There is even another room that I can have Engineer soundproof for you to practice within." Ra spoke, his offer genuine as he respected the changes she'd have to endure while on board.

Briseis laughed. "I'm not sure how much I'll play now, at least outside of our quarters... but, I had wondered..." she paused, her voice trailing off. "What do you think of the idea of my offering music lessons to the school here? I read you have a comprehensive civilian population and with that comes children, do you think anyone would be interested?" she asked hopefully.

"Speak to the civilian liaison officer, I am sure they will be able to help you in that regard, however, no private lessons here." Last thing he wanted after a difficult shift was to return home and have outsiders present, even if in another room.

Turning to face him, Bri walked across slowly before she reached up, her hand touching against the side of his face. "Do you realise, this is the first time we've ever had 'our space'?" she asked softly as she looked at him. "This isn't a place for work, this is our space, just for us, to be together." She drew a deep breath, straightened her back, held her head high and smiled. "We've never had this, I don't want to give it up now."

"I'm pleased my new command meets with your approval." Ra spoke with a smile. As long as Bri was happy that is what mattered to him and it seemed this ship already was on a positive standing with her.

She smiled, stepping closer and reaching up on her toes to brush a kiss across his cheek. "I don't care about the command," she finally said quietly. "I'm just glad we're finally together."

Ra smiled. "Then how about, you take a walk along the Promenade and see what facilities are present while I try to meet with the Admiral early?" Ra had hoped for a more relaxed end of the day or at least a comfortable evening over dinner.

"Only if you promise me that you're all mine for dinner," Bri replied with a smile. "And then after," she added with a wicked grin as she reached out, her hands wrapping into the front of his shirt as she pulled him in close. "I've missed you."

"I shall endeavour to make myself available to you upon the conclusion of my duties." Ra promised as he hoped the tour would not take all night nor she keep him too long from Bri. "Satisfactory?"

"I'll hold you to that," Bri replied with a laugh. "Now, how about you show me where I can unpack my delicates before you go meet your Admiral?"

"I have left the Bedroom untouched just so that you could have pick of storage." Walking Bri to the door that behind it housed the Bedroom.

There was a sudden swell in Briseis' heart. This was Ra. Through and through. Kind, thoughtful and generous to a fault. She looked up at him, just spending a long moment looking into his eyes and the kind, thoughtfulness that always seemed to reflect from within. "No," she finally said quietly as she interlaced her fingers with his. "This is our first time living together, how about we decide together?"

"As you wish." Ra answered knowing he had a little time at least until he'd seek out the Admiral. "Where should we start?"


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