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Rounding Up Stray Equipment

Posted on Sun Jan 17th, 2021 @ 4:54am by Commander Ayla Bawden

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Dreadnought

Overhearing a conversation from several crew in passing, that a new Captain was taking over the Dreadnought and arriving the next day for the Change in Command Ceremonies. Ayla wrinkling her muzzle a bit in a scowl as she scampered at her usual rate of speed down the corridor.

~ Wonder if Iz can miss that ceremony? ~ Already her mind listing all good reason for missing it. With new equipment would be a good one.

~ Squk! Everything else has more priority than Science! ~ Ayla thought as she scampered around the corner in the corridor, coming up on one of the cargo holds. ~theyz stuff gets delivered first and as an after thought, then Science.~~

She was followed by several other Science Officers to retrieve some very delicate equipment that couldn't be transported by the transporter system. Hand carried or by cargo sled only.

~ That will make everyone's day.. ~~ Ayla gave small evil smile as she glanced back to see several of her team with the empty cargo sled floating behind them and other crew pressing against the wall to make room for the passing cargo sled. ~ Hope wez can get everything on one trip. ~~

"Squeeee!" Ayla exclaimed softly as she waved a paw to Quartermaster and several cargo handlers "Wez here for the equipment, Commander." Coming to a stop beside the QM. "Wez got sled."

The Quartermaster looked pained at Ayla speech pattern as he looked at her group approaching with the empty cargo sled. "Right in here." Opening up the Cargo Hold #3. "You guys help her gast loaded up." Turning to the cargo handlers, then back to Ayla. "I'll need you to come to the office to verify and sign for the equipment received."

"Squeee!" Ayla responded with a nod and followed her crew and the Handlers, leaving the QM standing out in the hallway.

QM gave a huff and followed the group into the Cargo Hold as he was expecting Ayla to follow him back to his office and take care of the paperwork while the crews handled the equipment.

Already Ayla could see that they had brought a too large of a cargo sled for the equipment. She looked at her list and at the stack of equipment. "Iz this all that's been sent?" Turning to face the Quartermaster, waving a paw at the stack.

QM look at his PaDD as he brought it up and began to tap in commands. "There's some in Cargo Bay #7." Looking up at her. "It'll have to be hand trucked. Your sled is to big for the corridor going to Cargo Hold #7." Eyes giving pleasurable twinkle briefly till he saw the thoughtful expression on her face.

"Then make arrangements. Iz sign for whots wez take now. Then sign for the rest on receiving them in Science..." Ayla looked briefly up from the Data PaDD to the QM.

QM once again his expression returned back to the ever presence scowl, only deeper as he thought of his debt he owed Grunge McGruber the Bookie. He had promised some Fleet equipment to take care of his debt. Now he had to find replacements for the Science equipment and pretty quick as time edged toward the appointed time for the transfer of goods.


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