NCC - 77447 - B
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Day 1: Therapy

Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 1:21pm by Lieutenant Skovik cha Silask & Olivia Carlyle

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Therapy room 3
Timeline: End of shore leave

Skovik walked into the room, which was no longer as echoingly empty as he'd seen the place had been 36 hours earlier. It seemed that the human was avidly seeking to improve her space. A spa they called it. He had never intended to imbibe in such a thing, but he could see the appeal to some. He was not adverse to the idea of soaking in a pool that was comfortably hot- if the pool was shallow. Vulcans that swam were few, and he was not among their number. There was an area of the spa that looked like it was being set up as a dry sauna. The notion of the kind of heat that was typical of his home did appeal to him greatly.

"I am here to see Dr. Carlyle?" He spoke to the bleary eyed receptionist.

"She is expecting you sir." the woman answered gesturing to the door that was open, with a gentle yellow glow of light emerging.

Dr. Carlyle had just placed the oils on the warmer and placed fresh towels into the room. The faint scent of jasmine was resplendent in the air.

Skovik entered the room, which was more than pleasantly warm and the scent was both intriguing and relaxing for him. It was a novelty to which he was unused.

"Good morning." the doctor said warmly as she buttoned her sleeves up at the elbows with a button that held it loosely in place. Her clothing didn't sacrifice comfort for style or ease of motion, and the leggings she wore under her tunic were a peaceful shade of creamy ivory.

"I am always punctual."

A giggle escaped the young woman, even as she set timers and heater temperature s. "I was not surprised by the fact."


"No, I have yet to meet a Vulcan that was anything more or less than exactly on time." The human woman teased the Vulcan, even though she knew that he wouldn't rise to her jibe. It made her feel better about it. She doesn't often have Vulcan clientele.

"To be late would be illogical, being early is equally illogical as it wastes the time of the other party."

"Too true. Please remove your tunic and lay face down on the bed." She said as she started the warmer that would not only further warm the room, but also warm the oils she would use to ease his muscles at the end of the session. "I have to touch, It helps me to assess where the muscles are damaged in a way that scanning cannot do. A scanner for example cannot palpate the faint warmth of damaged muscles, nor the twitch of a muscle about to spasm."

Belatedly Skovik realized that she was touching him. Her hand upon the flesh of his shoulder without the explosion of emotions that he'd come to expect from physical touch with a human. No echo's of her thoughts, no imprint of her feelings, just the soft touch of her cool hand. "That's refreshing" he murmured quietly, referring to the lack of transference rather than what she was doing.

"Yeah- I'm totally mind blind. A benefit in my work, as I need not be careful about the kind of patients that I take. I can touch as I need, without discomfort to either party." She replied ruefully. Olivia had been told that she was comfortable to be around by receptive telepaths, because there was no mental 'noise' to her.

"I admit some surprise...but welcome indeed to be left with only the clamor of my own thoughts."

Silently she ran him through some range of motion exercises, without any pause between them. Nodding in approval, she saw why Dr. Thomas had sent him.

Skovik was paying close attention to exactly how the motions felt, as well as the muscle groupings involved in each one.

"Part of your issue is congenital." Olivia commented quietly, as she traced the lines of muscles in his shoulders.

"Please explain further Doctor."

"Normally, muscles are designed to be a precise length and width in order to do their designated jobs. Based on one's height and stature, the muscles are supposed to only be as long as insertion to attachment. Millimeters can be enough to throw off the proper function of a structure and cause pain and disfunction. Your defect, is that the muscle attaches at the wrong place. "

His brow knit a few times as he listened to her explanation of the defect. "That is truly fascinating. Would that not have shown up in a scan when I was younger? I had several scans as a child for various illnesses."

"You would have had to have been scanned for symmetry, which isn't something that one normally scans for without reasoning. You weren't having pain or anything as a child, because even Vulcan children will complain of pain. So why would they search for a problem without knowledge of its existance? It is possible that the increasing muscle of puberty actually exacerbated the problem."

He paused to consider her words and subtly relaxed under the logic and the gentle pressure of her hands. The heat in the room and in the oil she was using helped enormously.

"You are correct, on both counts. Muscle measurements are not commonly done for children unless there is a visible deformity. I did not have pain as a child."

Olivia made a noise of understanding, not stopping what she was doing.

"I would have vocalized pain, after all, pain is an indicator that something is wrong, and one's bodies way of telling you there is damage. Vulcan children are taught not to ignore it, control it yes, but not to ignore it. "

"I thought that was the Vulcan way. To not feel it at all, you learn something new every day. Am I hurting you at all?"

"There is no pain in your touch, there is some tingling down my arm, but no pain. It is...soothing." he might even be convinced to say that it was pleasant, once he had moved past the fact that she was touching him and he felt nothing of her mind. Fascinating.


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