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Everything In It's Place & A Place for Everything

Posted on Sat Jan 16th, 2021 @ 2:37pm by Amber Omier Dr & Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati
Edited on on Sat Jan 16th, 2021 @ 2:38pm

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Main Engineering

Amber was busy running final checks on the various systems throughout the ship, report after report came in with updates from the efforts the Admiral was making to get the vessel ready to hand over to the new Captain. Amber didn't really get to know Captain Hood very well having met but a handful of times at most but it seemed to most that his departure was a saddening one. She guessed it was a perk of not being Starfleet that she didn't really attach as others did but all she cared about was doing her job and proving herself.

Admiral Shyael was efficient, if something was needed she got it. If something was needing to be replaced then once the case was supported, it happened. Amber was pleased to see another woman that held so many similar talents as herself. While Amber held no ambitions to be an Admiral or command a starship, she did strive to prove herself which was spurred on by the traditions of her homeworld which she opposed. A firm believe that a woman could just the same as a man it was why she studied so hard, all her effort saw her where she was today.

The last of the fusion reactors had just finished cycle testing, everything came back as expected. Reports indicated that refuelling would be completed shortly, the ship had gone through scores of tests that barring a fresh coat of paint, she could have come off the production line. Very few of the engineering team opted to leave the ship but change happened and Amber didn't let it bog her down with the duties she was expected to do. Questions aside about if she had heard about who the new Captain was, which she didn't, much to the disappointment of those that asked her she pressed on.

Everything was routine, routine at least until the Admiral walked into Engineering. It didn't take a wizard to figure that by the pace of her walk that the Admiral was on a mission. "Dr Omier, a word with you if you please?"

Amber was on the upper level at the time and so walked to a lift and rode it to the main floor. "Admiral."

"It has been several hours, I'd like an update." Shyael spoke as she observed those around her.

Amber spent the next minute or two briefing the Admiral on the state of affairs, ranging from Engineering systems, computers, weapons, power grid and defence systems. Everything was operating properly and Amber was sure to not that to date the ship had not really needed to put many of the systems under any sort of stress.

"The new Captain will be arriving tomorrow, I would like everything 100% by the time he arrives for hand over."

"I will see it done Admiral." Amber was confident that would be the case, with such a large staff she was able to split the team into groups and assign them to various parts of the ship and work forward. She even made sure that the hanger doors for the two Defiant class escorts affectionately called 'The Twins' was checked, rechecked and certified as operational by two different teams after what happened before to one of the doors. The two escorts themselves were off board and being checked by other yards before they would be loaded again in the aft section of the ship.

"It's a pity you did not join Starfleet." The Admiral spoke falling into step next to Amber. "Have you thought about it?"

"Is my position here at risk?" Amber asked coming to a stop. "My being apart of Starfleet or not holds no bearing on my ability." He gaze turning slightly cold towards the Admiral.

"That's true but you have done some commendable work here and especially in preparing the ship. Being part of Starfleet I could least afford you the recognition rightfully deserved."

"Perhaps." Amber spoke resuming her stride.

They Admiral had to give some leeway in the Doctor's attitude, she was not Starfleet and while this was a Starfleet vessel a little cold shoulder from a non officer was hardly anything to kick a fuss up over especially from someone talented. "I will leave you to continue, I would like a report in the morning so I can hand it to the new Captain."

"As you wish Admiral."


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