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Running Late!!

Posted on Sat Sep 24th, 2016 @ 2:03am by Major Samantha Snyder & Staff Sergeant Amanda Winters

Mission: New Faces and Terror Beyond
Location: Marine Deck

With only herself to blame Samantha came hurtling into the Barracks at speed, she was late for weapons training. She had to shower, dress and dash in record time leaving Annabelle at home. She hated to 'love and leave' like that but duty and pleasure should not mix, and caution taken when one interferes with the other.

Which it just did.

She was supposed to be observing the recent additions for specialist selection thanks to SSgt Winters's recommendations. SHe was angry with herself for letting this happen, swept up in the moment and now the price had to be paid. She'd just managed to fix her hair by the time the doors had finished opened.

"Winters." Samantha greeted. "How are the new recruits?" She asked trying to salvage what ever impression of Major Snyder that still remained.

"Major," Winters turned to face Snyder all professional like. With a quick glance over of Snyder, she picked out twenty gig in her uniform out of habit. And if this was some recruit, Winters would've blasted the poor soldier with hell. "I'll let you see for yourself, since I have to be there to administer the final phase testing. And afterwards we can go over their records."

SSG Winters had a slight smile and a twinkle in her eyes at the situation Major found herself in. "Lucky I was here to cover for you. Colonel Frost is on the warpath about some report that was suppose be done and gone over with you." Winters poked her head out into the hallway and motioned for Snyder to beat feet with her to the training area of the Marine Section.

Troops they passed on the way, kept their expression neutral, but you couldn't hide the merriment in their actions. Ole' Iron Major Snyder was late and it made their day. But they gave Winters the nod to signal that coast was clear and Colonel Frost was busy else where.

SSG Winters hurried through corridors with Major in tow. "I can cover for so long. She better be worth the arse chewing when Frost catches up with you." She whispered through barely moving lips, just audibly to be heard by Snyder.

"I suppose I should have expected this when you saw me in Ten Forward with her." Samantha also expected it to have already swept through the troops about the unexpected female/female hookup of the Majors. "Though to be honest I'm still trying to figure it out myself."

Winters looked at Snyder with a brief glance that lingered for a few steps. "Whom am I to judge. I've made a few mistakes in my past. Just you're married to the Corp, first and for most." Then dropped the tough Marine act when they was alone in a stretch of corridor. "But who can say to having affairs to satisfy certain needs. Besides you look a lot more in control and relaxed. Not ready to bite off someones head and take a crap down their exposed throat." Giving a soft chuckle.

Is that really how people saw her she had to ponder. "So I hook up with Annabelle and you hook up with Zan. Have we been marines too long or have we just lost touch at what being a woman is about when it comes to love and partners?"

Amanda gave thought to the question and nodded, "Yeah, a bit of both, Major. Gotta be tough when around the troops or they will walk over us, regardless of our rank and gender. We chosen a tough career, yet it is rewarding. We've made our sacrifices and now we need to look towards the future."

Next few hours, SSG Winters put the new bunch of Marines through their paces of the testing process. Some of the troops were a bit rattled in having Major Snyder hovering in the background watching. It was bad enough with SSG Winters and her testers cutting them no slack. In the end of the testing phase and the few troops that were left, released back to their respective squads and platoons..

SGT Winters looked over the reports on the testing. "What do you think, Major?" As they walked back together to the Offices. "Of the new members for the Elite Unit?" Knowing that the one that passed Elite Q-Course, their request for transfer to Winter's Elite unit would go across Major's Desk before the final approval from Colonel Frost.

"If you feel he would be a good addition to the team I don't see why not, see what the Colonel says." Samantha smiled. Winters had her unit and protective of it she was it also meant she was also on the look out for new talent. It seemed today she found some.

"Just these two for sure," Winters highlighted the two she really wanted and to replace the two who transferred out before the Dreadnought took off on its new mission. "I could start up another platoon of elite commandoes for the rest. But then that would leave the other platoons short of personnel."


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