NCC - 77447 - B
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First Impressions Matter

Posted on Thu Jan 14th, 2021 @ 6:23pm by Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Temporary Quarters, Starfleet.

Fleet Captain Ra Morrisaati, before today he was a Efrosian man with a reputation for diplomacy, a calm demeanour and efficiency but as of today, in command of the largest vessel ever built by Starfleet. Before him lay scores of information from blueprints, schematics, recent reports, crew manifests and service records. He would not be the vessel's first Captain but he would be the next so he had much to catch up on.

The latest mission reports were where he started off, better to know something by its past, its failures, accomplishments, its struggles. The most recent reports were a troubling read but from what he had read from other reports of the senior staff, it was a difficult mission in more facets than one. He had taken the time to read up on the records of each of the senior staff since he would be working with them, or hoped to at least assuming they would stay on board after the last mission. From what he could tell the group were diverse, each having unique abilities and functioned well as a group. While most of the staff were Human there were those that like him, were alien, for lack of a better term in an otherwise Human dominated group.

Each of them had many commendations, a few had some dark spots but that was expected of any seasoned officer, and these were all seasoned officers. Many of them had served from one Dreadnought to another, in one position or another but stayed none the less. Ra was looking forward to meeting them, working with them to see what they could do first hand for himself but he knew the crew was only half of it, the ship was the other.

The Valkyrie class was as different in scope as it was in size compared to other classes. It had many facilities on board to rival some starbases, it had an extensive fighter wing, mobile command and control capability as well as starship repair abilities meaning it could effect some repairs on other ships so they could make back to dock. No other vessel in service could match what the Valkyrie class could do, to the extent it was capable of. Initially Ra viewed the vessel as a mobile starbase of sorts but regardless, he had a task to do.

His computer chirped startling him for a moment causing him to drop his glasses onto the table. A rub of the eyes with one hand, picking the glasses up with the other he activated the computer to connect who ever it was contacting him.

"Captain Morrisaati, I am Rear Admiral Shyael. I've been responsible for the Dreadnought's lay over since her return."

Ra sat back a little in his chair. "Admiral. What can I do for you?"

"I am lead to understand that you will be taking over the vessel once you arrive. I will be there myself to hand over command to you. She is currently refueling and resupplying which I understand is not much but the opportunity presented itself and was acted upon."

"I understand Admiral." Ra spoke. "Are you able to tell me the status of the crew. I understand Captain Hood departed suddenly. It's bound to effect the crew?"

"Understandably the loss or departure of a Commanding Officer will leave moral low, however they are a dedicated group of officers so I do not believe you will any problems working with them."

Ra nodded, the loss of any command figure in any group was always a blow so he hoped that he'd be able to solidify the group once again. "I understand." Ra replied realising he'd yet to do so. "The ship herself?"

"Operating as can be expected, her size makes her power demands considerable but her additional cores are more than capable of providing what she needs. Her armour has just been inspected and is intact as is all of her primary systems. You should watch out for the Chief Engineer however."

Ra had read about her, Dr Amber Omier. Non starfleet. "Have there been any objections to a non starfleet officer in such a role?"

"There has been some grumbling but she does seem very capable. I think most of it rests that she is not Starfleet and does not belong there. That's a choice I leave to you are its new Captain."

"I understand." Ra had little worries when it came to resolving crew issues though had to admit that this would be interesting with a non office Chief Engineering Officer. A task that would require his meeting her when he arrived to see what the fuss was about. "Thank you Admiral for this update."

"I will meet you on board when you arrive tomorrow." The channel closed and with it Ra was left sitting armed with information about his new ship and crew.


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