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Posted on Sun Mar 21st, 2021 @ 4:14am by Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Sickbay

It had been many hours since Amélie had woken with a start, bathed in sweat, heart pounding and hands shaking. Despite Alain's comforting presence and his attempts to soothe her, she had found herself unable to get back to sleep, which is why she was sitting in the waiting area of sickbay when Acacia walked in shortly before her shift was due to step.

Jumping quickly to her feet, Amélie fell into step next to Acacia as the doctor headed in the direction of her office. "I know I'm going to sound completely crazy, I mean, totally unhinged, but I need to know something..." she tried to keep her voice hushed as she spoke, but was completely unable to hide the waver of uncertainty in her words.

"You're not completely unhinged." Acacia glanced at her friend and the look of fear in her eyes decided her that whatever it was deserved her full attention regardless. "Step into my office love, order me some coffee and we can talk privately."

Walking into Acacia's office, Amélie moved to the replicator, ordering a coffee and a hot chocolate. She picked up the two mugs as they appeared and handed the coffee across to the medical officer before moving toward one of the seats and sinking down into it.

"Commander Caselli, Commander Bawden, Lieutenant Vixil..." she paused, taking a deep breath. "Are any of them pregnant?" she finally asked. "Is our being pregnant in any way connected with when we were abducted?"

"No, we're the only lucky ones." she murmerred before she put together what the other woman meant. "Custodian grant me strength, No. No. We would have remembered that."

"Unless we don't," Amélie said softly, blowing across her hot chocolate but making no attempt to take a sip. "We never got medicals after, we just assumed we were fine because we thought we could remember everything."

"In that case, why only 2 of us" she muttered continuing with a wry "And I'm not even Human. My pregnancy shouldn't even be possible...rather, it shouldn't have been this easy." A scanner appeared in her palm and s he swept it over the length of her friend, then hovered over her belly.

Amélie bit her bottom lip, holding her breath as she was scanned, then turning an expectant gaze toward Acacia. "Maybe it's just hormones messing with my mind," she said quietly. "I keep having weird dreams."

"You're not the only one. Tell me what you're dreaming about and we'll see if we can't put those fears to rest for you." Acacia rested her hand on Amelie's and then unexpectedly hugged her friend.

Returning the hug, Amélie sighed softly as she pulled away. "I can never remember my dreams, I know they're weird, they make me feel off, but I can never remember exactly what they are. It's like, they're just right there, I can almost see them, I can almost remember, but I can't." She paused. "One of the other counselors said it was normal, that strange dreams and hormones are normal and it'll all go away soon enough."

"Strange dreams are normal, yes. But they shouldn't leave you so paniced that you end up in my office." Smiling gently, she displayed the DNA for the baby. "However, I can tell you that your baby was definitely fathered by Alain. I can even tell you the sex if you want."

"Really? Already?" Amélie was surprised, but also excited by the thought. Maybe she could do something to celebrate, maybe it would be a way to boost her mood after everything else, and it would definitely be make it easier to decorate the nursery properly. "I don't know... I mean, I want to find out, but..." She sighed. "Do you know what you're having?"

"I'm looking at the genes of your child, I can definitely tell if its a boy or a girl. We wouldn't be able to see yet on a visual scan, but genetically? Yes. As for me, I haven't looked. I wont be finding out prior to delivery unless there is need." her smile was soft as her fingertips traced over her lower abdomen. "On Aldea, only the health of the child matters, male or female makes little difference. "

"Health is always tantamount," Amélie replied thoughtfully. "But I think I'd like to know." The corners of her mouth turned up in a smile. "We're decorating a nursery, it would be nice to be able to plan accordingly."

"I'm going to decorate in green I think" Acacia answered with a small smile in return.

"I keep seeing baby stuff in the shops on the promenade, it's all so tiny and so adorable." Amélie sighed, her hands resting over her abdomen again. "I still don't think I've fully gotten used to the idea of having one of our own."

"In that case, pink is the color of choice for your endeavors.". Acacia was a lot teary at saying it, ecstatic for her friend.

Amélie remained silent for a long moment, her mouth turned up in a smile as she contemplated the news. Pink. A girl. Her smile broke into a grin and she leaned forward, hugging Acacia tightly. "Thank you!" she said, unable to help the tears that started welling in her eyes. "I have to tell Alain." She pulled away and stood up, still smiling through her tears. "When we're done with duty shifts, do you want to go shopping on the promenade with me?"

"I'd love to." she promised to her friend, smiling at her joy and her tears. She knew how the other one felt.


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