NCC - 77447 - B
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A Gathering

Posted on Sun Jan 10th, 2021 @ 5:07am by Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Constantine Ravenloft & Staff Sergeant Amanda Winters & Annabelle Fontaine

Mission: Broken
Location: Dreadnought : Lounge

Ayla meandered into the lounge, signaling one of the waitress that worked there for her usual orange slushy as she moved to the viewport to look out into space. Off to one side was Sol-3 showing the dividing line between day and night. She stared out the viewport lost in thought with a brief interruption to receive her drink.

Winters stood up and moved next to Ayla when she spotted her standing there. Seeing Ayla looking off into space, held her council and stood next to her, also looking out the viewport.

Annabelle entered the lounge, giving a sigh of relief as there was just a few patrons in the lounge. She ordered her drink, taking in the usual d├ęcor of the place. Receiving her drink, she moved to the viewport to see what had caught the Marine Staff Sergeant and the Senior Science officer's attention.

Constantine, just coming off shift, didn't want to go to her quarters just yet, entered the lounge and moved through the room. She moved to the viewport to stand by the civilian female and the other two.

"Expected the Captain to last longer," Constantine spoke softly to invite conversation, yet if the others preferred the quiet companionship of the others. It was fine with her after leaving the noisy bridged with all the activity.

"That's news to me," Annabelle replied politely, glancing at the woman in red. "What happened?" Assuming the worse towards Captain Hood, even though she never met him, but heard the commands he had to enforce. The rocket that they had brought back that was launched from the doomed planet.

Amanda glanced at Snyder's lover, "We don't know yet. But it'll sure hit the scuttlebutt routine if its juicy enough." She took a another drink, enjoying the soft bite of the alcohol as it went down, followed by the pleasant numbing effect it had.

"Even CAG tendered his resignation," Ayla glanced at the other three in turn. She moved to the nearest table with the others following to occupy the table. Being Senior, she got first choice of seats.

Amanda grimaced at that. "Putz," She muttered as she hasty took another drink.

Constantine looked at Amanda, "Was it over the loss of life to the blackhole?"

Amanda shrugged. "He didn't say a word. Just packed up and was gone by the time I got off duty."

Annabelle looked down and fidgeted a bit. "Probably he felt strongly about not doing anything to help those doomed people. Which I felt that we should've made the effort to help."

Ayla looked up at the other three, then around the room. She spoke in a soft voice that it would not carry. "Wez caught a rocket from the doomed planet. It was carrying DNA of majority of the species on that planet. Plus a repository of all their history, accomplishments, Data files of pictures of their art." She gave a slow wink. "It's advantage of being the Senior Science Officer."

Constantine nodded, "I remembered something blipped on the scanners, just didn't know for sure what it was. Thought it was some debris being flung into space or a passing asteroid that didn't get caught by the blackhole."

Annabelle perked up. "They successfully got a spaceship launched to escape the blackhole?" Looking interested at that piece of news. "Does any of other crew know about what you know, Ayla?"

"I dont know. Only the CAG and the fighter pilots who went out and retrieved it. Plus the Captain, who authorized the mission." Ayla spoke. "Plus the Science department I assigned to get what they could. I was figuring on letting the rocket continue its journey unmolested. Let it find its own new location for colonizing from the ground up."

"Now Fleet has it, everyone aboard the Dreadnought will have to sign a discloser of silence on it." Amanda grimaced, slamming her glass to the table. "Even though very few people knew what was brought a board."

Ayla shrugged. "Itz outta mmez.. ourz paws at the moment." Ayla took a sip of her orange slushy, "If the crew found out about this. There would've been a major mutiny. Alot of the Command crew felt totally helpless with all this technology involved.." waved a hand paw about to indicate the ship. "...I'm sure we could've covered it up as long as we didn't go to far outta our way to find a new home for them."

"How you feel about that situation?" Annabelle asked curiously as Amanda and Constantine looked disinterested, but were listening intently for Ayla response.

"Theyz was fated to go. Its the way of nature. Iz strongly supported Captain Hood in his decision of sticking to the Prime Directives. Its sad to lose any life, just as I lost a daughter to something that even Medical Science couldn't handle." Ayla looked away from the others and stared out the viewport.

"Kinda cold blooded," murmured Constantine into her drink, then took a sip of it.

"Deities giventh. Deities taketh." Ayla spoke softly. "Besides who are we to play gods on who or what lives and dies?"

Silence ruled the table as drinks were consumed, each to their own thoughts and demons.


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