NCC - 77447 - B
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To Catch a Rocket

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 2:02am by Lieutenant Karl Scheer & Commander Ayla Bawden

Mission: Broken
Location: CAG Office

Ayla walked, more like barged in, into the CAG's office to find it vacated for the next commanding officer for the Fighter wing. She looked around mystified and uncertain at the absence of Luthar, debating whether or not to call Lieutenant Commander Luther. She gave a small knowing smile as she remembered he was enamored with Winters.

Karl was almost prancing down the corridor to his new office. The excitement of not only being promoted to CAG and the bump in rank to Lieutenant but also the chance to finally show off his piloting skills to the crew had him feeling like he was on cloud nine. Stopping in front of the door to his office, Karl took deep breath. His office. The words kept rolling around in his head. Finally stepping through the door way, the soft hiss of the doors announcing his entrance, Karl was startled to see someone else already in the empty space. The Captain's earlier comment about someone coming to talk to him about his up coming mission came back to him. "You must be Commander Bawden."

"Squeee." Ayla nodded as she turned to facing him. "Yooz better be CAG, Lieutenant. Or mez and the Captain iz gonna have some serious words in sending mez on a wild run through this flying starbase to find out that Lieutenant Commander Luthar had either transferred out, resigned or died suddenly." She was sounding annoyed by the harsh squeal tone to her voice.

Then annoying squeal died to a much more excited tone. "Iz need scans of a rocket that escaped the destruction of the planet. Yooz fighters have vera good scanners..." pulling out the needed Data PADD and showing him what to look for. "... to scan this. Not to interfere with it's flight. Just get scans. Record the scans into different storage file."

The pictured rocket looked the old Saturn V rocket, only much fatter and intact with all three stages still together.

Karl's lip pulled into a slight smile, "Taking all the fun out of things." He joked. Taking the PADD, he began to examine the rocket and the data. Karl noted the speed and direction of the rocket quickly changing his mind on the lack of exactment. "For the level of detail you want the scans to have, the fighters will have to get within ten thousand meters of the rocket."

Karl tapped a few commands into the PADD before spinning it around in his palm and handing it back to Ayla. "Such a scan will not be easy with the rocket's semi erratic course." Karl looked at Ayla, his small smile growing, "Should be fun."

Ayla looked at Karl's plan of operations as she took the PADD back. "Uze four ships to get a complete picture. One on each sides." Glancing up at him. "Independent scans and over lapping." Looking up at him in a way to make the last statement, more of a suggestion.

It was obvious by the way her tail shimmered and quivered with excitement and trying not to give flat out orders. "Sayz a good ten minute scan?" Tilting her head as she looked up at the taller man before her.

Karl nodded. He already had his team in mind for who would fly the mission. "Ten minutes is more than enough time to get your scans. When are you wanting us to head out?"

"Nowa" Ayla eyes twinkled with merriment. "Wez wait any longer, It might get away from uz, and a longer search time for it."

"We'll get it done." Karl turned on his heel and began making his way to the launch bay. Pressing his comm badge as he weaved his way through the maze that was the interior of the Dreadnaught, "Talon flight meet me in launch bay three. We've got a job."


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