NCC - 77447 - B
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Adapt, Action, Overcome.

Posted on Tue Dec 29th, 2020 @ 10:33am by Fleet Captain William Hood & Commander Bianca Caselli & Lieutenant Karl Scheer

Mission: Broken
Location: Ready Room

The resignation of his CAG came not only as a surprise to Will but also a shock. Up to this point Zan had been an exemplary officer and pilot, losing him was indeed a blow but there was little time to let the situation settle and he had to find someone else to fill in. Enter Lieutenant Scheer.

Scheer was a new addition to the ship, a talented pilot but there was a marked difference to commanding a small wing to over 140 fighters and other craft. Will could only hope that Scheer was up to the task because he suspected the Lieutenant would be needed shortly.

Will tapped his console. "Commander Caselli, Lieutenant Scheer report to my ready room." He asked for his First Officer knowing she would arrive first as she was on the Bridge, he wanted her input on the situation prior to the Lieutenants arrival.

Arriving at the ready room door, Bianca didn't bother with the chime, instead just using the override to gain access. "Captain," she said calmly, coming to a stop in front of his desk, hands clasped behind her back. "You wanted to see me?"

"I do." Will spoke. "Commander Luthar has just submitted his resignation which suddenly leaves us without a CAG. I have invited Lieutenant Scheer to join us, I wanted to get your thoughts about him before he arrived." Knowing they had a few minutes before Scheer turned up given the size of the ship.

Bianca found herself caught offguard. While she had wanted to talk to him, the CAG was the least of her concerns, especially now. "I'll be honest, I don't know that I've had enough to do with him to make an informed opinion Captain," she stated simply. "He seems well equipped to do his job and his record certainly doesn't raise concerns."

"Yes I read that in his record. It however is a major step up from usual position assignments." Will sighed. "Most ships don't carry the compliment we do." No ship did, and Will knew that. "Still, he's next in line. If his record is anything to go by then he should do well. Sink or swim as they say. He should be here shortly."

"Do you have any specific concerns about him?" Bianca asked, sliding into the seat across from him. "Or is this more just a general thing?"

"More a general thing. This would mean as well as a positional advancement but a promotional one as well." Will answered.

"I haven't seen anything that makes me think this is a bad fit," Bianca replied calmly. "He seems to be adapting quite well to life here on the Dreadnought, certainly better than some."

"Indeed." All they had to do now was wait.

Karl was in the hangerbay working on his fighter when he received the call. Startled slightly by the suddenness of the call, he had jumped in his seat, nearly hitting his head on the canopy. Hopping down from the fighter, Karl cleaned his hands, buttoned his uniform back up and made his way to the Captain's ready room. 'What have I screwed up now?' He thought to himself. He had a sinking feeling that he had just been called into the principal's office.

"That would be him now." Will spoke hearing the chime. "Come." The doors opened to reveal the man of the moment. "Lieutenant, please take a seat." Will wanted to get straight into it since time was short and a luxury he didn't have much to spend. "How have you been settling in on board?" The Dreadnought was hardly the typical ship of Starfleet in many, many ways.

Karl gladly took the seat, "Things are good sir. She is definitely larger than my last posting." His foot began to tap in a nervous tick that Karl had not noticed. His eyes wondered around the room noticing both the Captain and Commander looking at him. "Alright, what did I brake this time?" Eager to get whatever he had done out in the air.

"Break, nothing." Will opened. "If you had I'd have heard about it from our overly vocal Chief Engineer. No...." He gave a brief pause before resuming. "Commander Luthar, the CAG has elected to resign from his post. I'm aware that you are new on board but I'm sure you understand the need to keep the chain of command intact. Do you feel upto the task of the position?"

As the Lieutenant said, the ship was larger that his previous posting but if his record was anything to go by Will had confidence that he'd be able to fill the vacated spot.

Karl had a look of shock on his face. He had not known the Commander long but gathered he was a good person. "Me CAG?" It took a moment for the words to sink in. His short career had not had the best marks, from causing the destruction of a runabout during his final exam at the academy to nearly pulling the Tesla apart during her shake down run. Yet here was another person willing to give him a chance.

Karl looked back up and met the Captain's gaze, "I would be honored sir." A small smile started to grow. If only his instructors could see him now.

Bianca smiled as the shock became a distinct expression of pride and achievement. "I would suggest, Lieutenant, that you take some time to review your staff and see who you're going to be working with. You'll need to appoint a second in command to work with you. If you like, once you've had a chance to review the files I can make time to sit down with you and run through who you have and your thoughts on them?"

Karl nodded, "I would appreciate that very much Commander." He stood, turning back to the Captain, "I really do appreciate the opportunity sir. I know I have not been on board long, but I want you to know that I won't let you down." Karl offered his hand as a sign of good faith.

"Before you go, one other thing." Will reached down into a drawer. "Something to go with your new position." Opening the small box and turning it towards his new CAG. "A rank more suited...Lieutenant. The First Officer and I will review your performance at a later date towards your next promotion eligibility." Slipping the opened box into Scheer's hand. He knew that by the time Scheer got to the CAG's office, his first mission would be waiting for him that was outlined by his Chief Science Officer, Ayla.

Karl was dumbfounded. The idea of a promotion in rank crossed his mind when he was offered the job, but not to Lieutenant. "Th-Thank you sir." Karl was still staring at the small box in his hand when he came back to reality. "Thank you Captain. I'll get to work right away."

"You will have a mission overview waiting for you when you arrive, you launch in 30 minutes. Small detail, 4 craft should do it." Will spoke. "Congratulations CAG, I look forward to seeing first hand what your record presents."

Karl nodded before heading out of the ready room. Making his way to the CAG's office, no his office, he very eagerly put his new pip on his collar.

Will watched the new CAG leave eager to see what the Lieutenant was capable of. He knew he'd have a challenge before him as the ship was far beyond the norm and the size of the department was considerable.


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