NCC - 77447 - B
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Posted on Wed Dec 15th, 2021 @ 6:59pm by Commander Mark Bawden & Commander Ayla Bawden

Mission: Not All Changes Are Welcome.
Location: Dreadnought: Bawden's Quarters
Timeline: BACKPOST: Prior to departing Earth.

Ayla flopped on the couch, wearing her bathrobe. Hair and fur slightly damp from the recent shower she took. She had her feet on the coffee table before her amidst Data PaDD's scatter around.

Some were on showing numerical data in neat columns and some all jumbled up. A vid on a Sol-3 Saturn V look alike rocket leaving the doomed planet, heading out into deep space, free of the gravitational grip of the blackhole. When it disappeared, the vid would start over.

She leaned back against the backrest of the couch. Eyes half closed with the robe open showing her feminine form, yet still decent if an unexpected guest showed up. Whether it be fellow department crew , guest, or kin.

Soft music that was pleasing to hear filled the apartment as she rested there, enjoying the moment. Soft smile graced her facial features with ears perked up to hear the music better.

It had been a long day and it felt even longer. Mark was glad at last to be done with it and be taking the few steps towards home. Keen for a bite to eat and freshen up after working with his teams to make sure everything, literally everything right down to the consoles being wiped down and clean had to be done.

The Admiral was a driven woman to be sure but now that the new Captain was on board it looked like they were actually going to get underway for a change. The doors to home opened and closed behind me, I saw Ayla on the couch.

"Ah the love of my life." I sighed contently. "I'd give you a hug but with the effort of today I'm sure I'm less than pleasant smelling."

Ayla eyes opened at the sound of the door opening and then her mate's voice. A twinkle appeared in her eyes as she got up. "Iz sure wez can fix that."

She let the robe drop from her body as she reached out to take his hand in hers. "Come this way," Leading him into the bedroom, letting him take a good look at her unadorned physique, swaying hips and her tail making slow weaving 's'.

"You know, it's been a while since that coat of yours had a trim." Mark still remembered the first time he did it, it took a few trims to get the technique right and the spots to be mindful of with knots and such. Not that it stopped him from following Ayla to where she was leading him.

The relationship had its ups and downs just like any other but he was glad that he looked past the physical and embraced who she was.

"Squeee," softly with warmth as she looked at him over her shoulder, eyes twinkling with warmth of her love for him as she led him into bathroom. "Yooz a bit overdressed for that."

Teasing him with glimpse of other feminine charms, till she faced him once they reach their destination. She looked up at him, reaching out to undo his uniform tunic. A soft smile formed as she stood up on her toes to place a soft kiss/lick on his lips.

Ohhh she knew all the tricks, all the right combination to push to get the desired reaction. Mark let Ayla do her thing and deeply enjoying it, his hands came to rest on the curve of her hips as he felt one article of clothing come off one after anther.

Letting the last of her mates clothing drop to the floor, Ayla stepped into the shower, eyes twinkling as her eyes swept over her mates physique. She looked up at him with love, making room for him.

With this new ship and duties that went with it the two of them didn't really get much time to have little moments like this. Now that they were ready Mark reached for the box that contained everything that was needed. "Ready for your trim?"

Looking up at him, Ayla nodded as she awaited his commands. "Squeee." Softly as she took a pose that allowed him access to anyplace on her body. Eyes sparkling in anticipation to what she had planned as she let him trim her fur, liking the soft vibrations. She closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations more.

Armed with trimmer in hand, experience and a still somewhat gentle touch Mark began his work. He knew what to do, how to move about Ayla's various curves while making sure not to snag or pull on her fur coat. Cut strands of fur clung to his skin as he worked, while it had been a while it wasn't messy growth, just natural. Made him wonder if he should shave, a shadow is nice and her fur saved her from the sandpaper effects but wondered if it suited him.

Ayla smiled down at him as he was concentrating on giving her fur trim. It was like old times before their young'uns came along. She noticed the light coating of whiskers on Mark. She ran her finger pads over his whiskers, liking the slight sandpaper feel. "Yooz ought to let yooz whisker grow a bit more." Speaking softly. "Its allowed for you to have one."

"I've thought about it, just wasn't sure how I'd look with it." Mark replied. It was something he'd considered but he'd been so busy with family and duties he'd not thought about himself much. For Ayla having a fur coat was just normal for her, for Mark having facial hair was something of the past. "Do you think it would look ok?"

"Wez see." Ayla looked down and smiled her soft warm smile at him. "Yooz can always remove it later if it don't suit yooz or mez. Or gets in the way." She gently ruffled his hair, letting her claws gently rake his scalp without hurting him.


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