NCC - 77447 - B
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Putting everything together

Posted on Sat Mar 20th, 2021 @ 7:25pm by Olivia Carlyle & Lieutenant James Bradshaw

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Spa

The shift had been a real ball breaker when it came to the Doctor, she wanted true perfection in everything she laid her hand on and she wasn't afraid to work everyone to the bone to achieve it. James had little doubt that the Captain was pleased with the result but the means ruffles the feathers of many on the team, a few of which had spoken up.

As expected though it didn't go down well, the good Doctor was not Starfleet and yet Chief Engineer of the ship. James didn't know how she managed to wing that one but it was so and nothing he could do about it. Problem was, while she was indeed talented she seemed to struggle with the team interaction side of the position and people were already talking. After the shift was over James left quickly in case he was caught to do a little extra something or other.

Initially he was thinking of eating out since the view and company would be far better than his quarters alone. One shop to the next, one after the other each offering something different and unique. He came across that new shop that a work order had come through for. A Spa therapy place he tried to recall. It was an easy job and the industrial replicators made short work of the fittings that were wanted. Walking in through the doors he stood by the desk that seemed to await any who entered, a sort of greeting desk.

The receptionist was behind the desk, studying the computer schematics for how the reception area was supposed to be separated by frosted plasglass. It would leave her back to the glass, and the water feature the glass was supposed to hold. It would be pretty. It would also be transparent, so that the guests could see out into the soft simulated daylight. Each and every stream and alcove was marked out with small stones and wire settings. "Good evening. Do you have an appointment with Dr. Carlyle?"

"Actually, not really." James replied. "I was just walking by, finished my shift so decided to go for a stroll." James replied. "I was part of the engineering team that helped put it together and wanted to see the end result."

"By all means, wander around and explore. I am sure she won't mind so long as you don't go in the closed exam room."

"Thanks." James was about to walk when he stopped again. "Just out of curiosity, just how long is the wait list to see the Doctor?" James asked, he wondered if after the recent build the business was already walking in through the door.

"At present about 15 minutes" the secretary answered after consulting a small scheduling padd.

"Oh." James was expecting to have to wait days, not minutes. "Have you had any issues since opening? Power, computers, lighting?"

"Some small issues, nothing exciting. Doc was muttering about some delays in powering on of the equipment in room 4."

"Oh...." James was surprised at that bit of information, the sign off should have checked for issues like that before occupancy. "Well I have some spare time now if you want me to have a look at it?"

"I am sure Doc would be thrilled to have all her beds working to take clients." the secretary replied with a charming smile. "The other therapists would like that too, since they're having to share with the beds being out of commission. And you know therapists are possessive creatures. This is the culmination of her life's work you know. "


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