NCC - 77447 - B
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Medical on the Move

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 7:34am by Lieutenant Commander Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Karl Scheer

Mission: Broken
Location: Primary Hangar Bay

The walk to the primary Hangar Bay took a lot longer than Nim expected with just a few wrong turns along the way, which did very little to improve her general mood. Walking through the doors, she made her way through the Hangar, walking around, until finally her gaze settled on the individual she had been seeking out.

The sound of her heels echoed through the hangar as she walked across to him, medical kit in hand. "Lieutenant Scheer," she said firmly as she stopped next to him. "Exactly the person I have been looking for."

Karl snapped around. He had been alone in this particular corner of the hanger for a while and the sudden sound of his name being called startled him. Taking a few seconds to gather his surroundings, his eyes fell on Nim's teal uniform. This was one of the moment he had been dreading since coming aboard, "Look doc I can explain...."

Nim raised an eyebrow, her purple eyes glinting. "Oh? I assure you, Lieutenant, there is nothing you can possibly offer by way of explanation that I haven't heard before. Now, we can do this my way or.... well, no, at this stage, there's only my way. Shall we?"

Karl hopped down from where he had been working on his fighter, "Come on, do we really have to do this?" He asked nervously. If there was anything he hated more than anything, it was medical exams. Anything that could take him away from flying he avoided like the plague, "I mean I passed my last physical when I transferred out, isn't that good enough?"

"Nope, sorry, I'm under orders, and now you are too. We can use the office over there and I'll be quick." Nim offered a cheeky grin. "I'll even give you a lollipop when we're done if you're a good boy."

"Great. I've got a comedian for a doctor now. Just great," Karl sighed as he followed Nim to the office.

"Oh relax," Nim shot back, her purple eyes glinting with amusement. "I promise, it won't hurt, much. Now, has anything changed since your last medical? I've gone over your history before coming down here and it all looks very straight forward."

Karl jumped as Nim began her eval, "Other than my pride? Not really." Jumping again as something cold touched him, "Agh! Apparently command frowns upon a helmsman nearly tearing the ship in half."

As he jumped at her touch, Nim sighed and shook her head, rubbing her hands together briskly to warm them up. "Better?" she asked, pressing her fingertips into the side of his neck again. "Eating and sleeping okay?"

"Eating? Yes. Sleeping? When I can." Karl stood there as Nim continued the exam. Having sensed the low mood on the ship, he figured he'd try to figure out what was going on. "I've noticed everyone is kinda in a frustrated mood. What's going on?"

Nim remained silent for a long moment as she continued to scan him, intermittently making notes in her PaDD as she worked. "The planet we're observing is being consumed by a black hole," she said quietly, the tone of her voice becoming darker. "The planet is also inhabited. An entire species is about to be..." She sighed softly, shaking her head. "Just completely annihilated. We have the means to help them, to save them, their history, but our hands are tied."

She flicked the tricorder closed and set it down. "Prime directive," she added before he could respond.

Karl nodded, "That makes a lot of sense." He hated when rules and regulations kept him from doing what needs to be done. Sseing that Nim had sat her tricorder down, he was hopeful the exam was finally over. "So what's the verdict doc?" He asked nervously. "Am I all good?"

Nim nodded slightly. "You'll live, for the moment," she replied with a smile. "I want to see you in sickbay within the next month for a proper evaluation, but I'll clear you for duty today," she offered quietly. "Any questions?"

A grin crept across Karl's face, "Just one. Where's the best place to get a drink around here?"

"Definitely the civilian decks," Nim replied with a smile as she packed away her medical kit. "There's a couple of good bars down there that I've heard are highly recommended."

Karl nodded slightly, "Then I will be making my way there if we're finished?"

"Sure, go ahead. Try checking out The Squealing Pig, tell Patrick that Nim said hi," she said with a smile as she snapped her medical kit closed and picked it up. "Thanks for your time Lieutenant."


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